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ROUND 8🔥Relapse is out😭😭😭 My fav album but its ok. Kick one out👇

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なーーんか毎日眠くて眠くて頭がふっわふっわすると思ったら頭の中、白いちっさいもふもふに寄生されてもうてましてん( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ )どうりでふわもふに目がないわけだ☆めでたいやろうだっ ナメスタグラム スタ練 頭の中の住人 練習しろ もふもふに目がない バケモノの子 気づいたらそこにあった YU1 singersongwriter music taylor Gibson J45 アコギ カバー 弾き語り guitar japanesemusic youtube mac macbookpro logic finalcutproX DTM

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Seriously? 🤔

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For example: Can you tell the difference between a strengthen question and a most strongly supported/soft must be true? Do you know you only need to strengthen by a little but don’t need to prove the conclusion? Do you know how to strengthen cause and effect? Analogies? Surveys and studies? Do you know that the common incorrect answer choice is one that weakens the argument?

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Tag logic 😂

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Salve! Anuncio hoje minha primeira Turnê Internacional, Entre Julho e Agosto estarei no Chile junto com minha irmã sativanderimaokulta em várias cidades que receberão o Lançamento do Álbum Zepa de SativanderGround e Psycoprata, Wena mis washitxs chilenxs, Daaaaale Tamo chegando. Gratidão! Zeeeepa producer music studio Homestudio rap hiphop akg mxl behringer focusrite krkrokit akaimpd beat cubase flstudio abletonlive protools logic daw miccheck waves beatsforsale neumann gangsta underground rapforlife planetabrasil

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Kendrick interview 🐐🔥

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Come get this what?!?!

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Kenny and the wknd

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"I'm Biracial" Logic's Card! Do you agree or disagree? Who do you want to see next? Let me know your thoughts 👇

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🙏 jcole says that there is no limit to money so you will never be happy if you go into something just for the money This is straight facts⁉️ : hiphopcomeup is here to Hussle and Motivate. Follow us for more great videos.

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Get your dancing shoes readythe Silent Disco is back! 💃🕺 Limited General Admission BottleRock tickets are still available. Grab yours and join the fun! Buy tickets at 🔗 in bio!

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What Does It mean To Be An Audio Engineer? ================================== Looking To Hire an Audio Engineer? a Session Musician? or a Music Studio? 1- Head to Noisesharks.com (Link in Bio) 2- Find The Talent You Are Seeking Under 3 Minutes 3- HIRE PROFESSIONALS! ==================== Singer DJ Musician Producer Songwriter Guitarist Production Drummer MusicProducer StudioLife Vocals FLStudio Djent BeatMaker RecordingStudio Mixing Bassist Pianist Logic Composer ProTools MusicianLife MusicStudio AudioEngineer Mastering MusicProduction VoiceOver Cubase SoundEngineer AudioEngineering

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Get your dancing shoes readythe Silent Disco is back! 💃🕺 Limited General Admission BottleRock tickets are still available. Grab yours and join the fun! Buy tickets at 🔗 in bio.

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I used to play with my Cubes and Create my Website during free times when I was working as an Intern at GreenPark, Chennai 😂😂😂😂 Working in the HR department was fun, had a lot of free time 😂😂 This was super fun.There was also this ancient Computer there running Windows XP on a beat up IBM monitor (the last pic) 😂😂I actually loved working as an Intern there. My first Internship💓💓 It's gonna be almost a year now since I worked there I'm posting this after along time. Should have earlier 😁😁😊 rubikscube cube rubik collection programmer programming coding internet coders logic coding bitcoin blockchaintechnology blockchain ethereum ethers coderlife crypto altcoin cryptolife cryptoinvestor cryptomining webdeveloper web webdesign developers programminglife internet algorithms math https

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Throwbackkkk. I released The Return last year with my bro thisisunusualshop on the beat! This shit really energized the fuck out of me when I heard it. Instantly hit up D and was like “yooo I need this” lol. That’s how “The Return” was born. Available on via link in my bio!

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momenti di trascurabile felicità. 🌄