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👉 Avouez c'est trop ça, moi perso je le fais tout le temps 😂 . 👉 Like et tu seras tous tes contrôles à l'avance . 👉 Tag 1 pote à toi qui l'a déjà fais . ● ● ● ==========Hashtag========== tropdrole jpp humour humournoir chelou lol mdr ctro jesuisperdu 2019 louche jadore humourdemerde funny blaguedrole like bien rigolade omg photo rigolo tweetdrole omg likeforfollow marrant videodrole blague jaimetro likelike chelou . Pense à liker et commenter la photo sa m'aiderais énormèment 👍😉🔥.

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It is this devastatingly handsome man’s birthday today! Here are some pictures of him bringing super handsome and excited about a few of the things he loves most: rocking a tweed suit, dancing, eating authentic Chinese food (in China!), sipping boozey craft cocktails, and, luckiest for me—me. ❤️❤️❤️ Happy birthday, my person. I love you, I love being married to you, and I am so glad you were born. 😘 happybirthday birthday myoldman lol lovehim caitandbriansittinginatree chinesefood cocktails disney disneyland carthaycircle californiaadventure wedding cinnabon myperson • wedding 📷: lizvalentinephotography

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It’s on like Donkey Kong 😈 is there anything more magical than a recorder? I think NOT 🖤 credit unknown! magic hilarious tbt

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Every cat ever 😅😅😅 Swipe ☞☞☞😂😂😂

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april_castillo19 what an amazing design 🙏🙏 so well executed 💯

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Gangplank splash art (2015). I have fond memories of this project which was part of a bigger in-game/lore event revolving around the Bilgewater faction. GP needed an update and we used his presumed death in the story as an opportunity to bring him back with a vengeance. The challenge was to keep the quirks that people loved about the character but to repurpose them to fit the vengeful barbarian pirate lord that was the new Gangplank. Especially because this was paired with a new skin that retained his classic tone, I wanted to make him dark and angry as hell. You can see him imagining what he’ll do to his betrayers as he crushes a beloved orange in his new mechanical hand, which may or may not also be a metaphor for the champion update itself. 😉🍊 illustration leagueoflegends leagueoflegendsart gangplank lol digitalpainting pirate vengeance fantasyart fantasyillustration gameart scurvy citrus bilgewater

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Don’t forget to have a good day today.

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Renaissance ✨ Doodles clear my anxiety and give me life🤞🏻💕

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