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Un de mes endroits préférés quand je suis à Londres. Je squatte souvent Brixton,un quartier caribéen/nouveau bobo/tout ça tout ça. Il y a une petite galerie Avec plein de petits resto et bar,dont cette pépite avec sa serveuse adorable et le cuisto toujours de bonne humeur. Après ils ont également un large choix Vegan tout ça. burnttoastcafe londonfood londonlife brixtonmarket brunch

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Hampton Court Palace.

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What a privilege to sit in the House of Commons on the day that The Right Honourable Theresa May resigned her position as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 🇬🇧 “I will shortly leave the job that it has been the honour of my life to hold” 🇬🇧 Her tearful speech was heartbreaking and I feel she was in an unwinnable situation with Brexit. I hope history is kind to her.

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Miss this 🐥 Thames river in all her glory.

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Jungle vibes 🍃

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London 2019 🇬🇧 Surely the money that’s out there can help people get a basic bed & roof for the night? Give their dignity back. Contribute to society again. No brainer soapbox

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Hope your weekend is as delightful as this all pink tea room! 💕

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Good Morning! ☀️LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE mansacleaningservices today.☺️👍🧹🧽 ——————————————————————————— Clean Less, Live More. We clean so you don’t have to! ——————————————————————————— 📩info ☎️020 7923 9960 💻 cleaning contractor cleaningservice domestic commercial services mansacleans home business interiordesign regular housekeeping oneoff carpet endoftenancy deepclean afterparty afterbuilders airbnbcleaning windows office schools restaurant london uk londonliving lifestyle londonlife happy freequotes

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Been craving this gorgeous burger all week! The yummy Luchador meatandshake. Nothing more satisfying than a juicy burger with all the trimmings, after a long day of fasting. Love my 🍔 . And let's not even talk about the dirty fries. Sooooo good. YUM! ☕ 👪 🍴 🍔 🍟 😋 teasolveseverything_blog food foodinsta foodie foodporn tasty burgers fries londoneats eatingout halal halalburgers halalfood halalfoodie ramadan2019 ramadan iftar fasting london londonlife londonfoodie mummyblogger momlife family parenting lifestyle blogger

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“I am dead because I lack desire,
I lack desire because I think I possess,
I think I possess because I do not try to give,
In trying to give, you see that you have nothing,
Seeing that you have nothing, you try to give of yourself,
Trying to give of yourself, you see that you are nothing,
Seeing that you are nothing, you desire to become,
In desiring to become, you begin to live.” ― Rene Daumal streetart graffiti streetphotography arte mural искусство contemporaryart kunst artlovers artphotography banksy londonstreets londonart londonblogger londonlife londonartist londongraffiti londonblogger graffitilondon londonphotographer londonphotography womenempowerment inspirationalquotes wordsofwisdom philosophy bookaddict higherconsciousness poetsociety qoutesandsayings desire

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The new 10 years anniversary menu at calloohcallaybar is wicked just ask my mate Will and also try it cos you’ll see 👌🏼

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Los frutos externos son el reflejo de una semilla interna 🌳 • • Mas el fruto del Espíritu es amor, gozo, paz, paciencia, benignidad, bondad, fe, mansedumbre, templanza; contra tales cosas no hay ley. Gálatas 5:22-23 📖 • PortobelloRoad London UK Underground England 🇬🇧 Photography Earth Travel Tree 🌳 Nature God Creation Perfect 👌🏻 PicofTheDay LondonLife Nature Blessed Photo Camera 📷 NaturePhotography Instagram Vacation 🎒 Beautiful Blogger Wonderful PhotoOfTheDay Travelling ✈️ instagramers Awesome 🌍 World GodIsGood 🙏🏻

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Fue maravilloso conocer la ruta de Paddington. 🐾 🎥 La estación donde se filmó parte de la película, 🏫La tienda oficial, 🏠La casa de los señores Brown, 🏪La tienda de antigüedades que sale en la película, en Portobello Road, 🏛El museo de historia natural que fue parte de la filmación de Paddington 1 🎞Todo fue increíble. Amo a Paddington 🐻 ♥️ Viajar a London 🇬🇧 desde México 🇲🇽 y conocer a Paddington es hermoso! paddingtonbear alicesportobello • Señor, delante de ti están todos mis deseos; y mi suspiro no te es oculto. Salmos 38:9 📖 • Paddington Bear 🐻 MichaelBond ✍🏻 Movie PaulKing 🎥 London UK Blogger Underground 🚅 England Londoner London_Only Travel ✈️ LondonLife Photo Love ♥️ Memories Vacation 👌🏻 Camera 📷 Dreams Photography World 🌍 Instagramers Travelling 🎒 Instagram PhotoOfTheDay PicofTheDay 🎞 Awesome Wonderful GodIsGood🙏🏻

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El hermoso Tower Bridge 🌉 • El Espíritu de Dios y la esposa del Cordero dicen: «¡Ven, Señor Jesús!» Y todos los que estén escuchando digan: «¡Ven, Señor Jesús!» Y el que tenga sed y quiera agua, que venga y tome gratis del agua que da vida eterna. Apocalipsis 22:17 📖 • London England UK TowerBridge Underground London_Only Awesome Construction Architecture Amazing Beautiful Londres Vacation Travel Photo Moments Photography PhotoOfTheDay LondonLife LoveLondon PicofTheDay Viaje Travelling World InstaLike Instagramers Camera Love Memories GodIsGood 🙏🏻

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Las hermosas cabinas de teléfono son un clásico de Londres ☎️ • Este es el momento oportuno para buscar al Señor. Ahora que está cerca es cuando deben llamarlo. Isaías 55:6 📖 • England 🇬🇧 UK London Underground Telephone ☎️ Lady Travel Vacation 🎒 Photo Beautiful PhotoOfTheDay Blessed PicofTheDay London_Only ♥️ Photography World 🌏 Travelling Mundo Viajeros Sugar InstaViajeros Viaje Londres Londoner LondonLife Instagram InstaLike Gitl Instagramers GodIsGood 🙏🏻

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Esta es la casa donde se filmó una de mis películas favoritas “Un lugar llamado Notting Hill”, con mi actriz favorita Julia Roberts juliaroberts , y esta es la famosa puerta azul 🏠 Surrealista, pero encantador 💙 • Que el Señor los lleve a amar como Dios ama, y a perseverar como Cristo perseveró. 2 Tesalonicenses 3:5 📖 • London NottingHill Movie 🎥 JuliaRoberts PortobelloRoad House 🏠 Underground Station 🇬🇧 UK England Travel ✈️ Travelling Love Romantic ❤️ LondonLife Romance PicofTheDay Photo Photography Camera Londoner Instagramers Happiness World 🌏 PhotoOfTheDay Husband Vacation Viaje Instagram GodIsGood 🙏🏻