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As promised, we continue with individual introductions for each of the featured artists from ATFX001 DUALISM. First up is zocca_music from Switzerland. If you dig this sound, you can find the link to the album in our description. Enjoy! 💥 • • • minimal microhouse techno dubtechno dubhouse rominimal atfxmvmt artefax zocca swisssound bandcamp music electronicmusic switzerland russia forestsound forestsoundcollective VA firstrelease atfx001dualism berlin london amsterdam utrecht sunwaves londonsound romaniansound romania

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Guitar. I've had a nice little bit of a guitar solo and aside from the uaudio 1073 I've really grown to like the newer version of the Tape Echo that is now called Galaxy isn't too bad either. 😃 Actually, it's really nice and I like how you can make either subtle ambience or crazy sounds happen with it. Definitely needs mute or volume automation for those though. If you don't know them, check them out. mixing guitar solo rock metal progrock production

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The boys! Have you pre-ordered kongodiantotilamusic new album yet? Swipe to look at the spectacular double vinyl lp and CD 🐾 Link in bio to order 🔥

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So We catching a flight to a party and catching one back for another party Friday 12th April let's pop over to Amsterdam for 1 night only Catch MIXMASTERS djing at this event DjLife PartyLife MIXMASTERS MixMastersInDaMix MultiGenreDjs Dj WorkMode UkDjs LondonSound Host Clubbing BestLife Levels Dripping Sauce RnB Dancehall Reggae Soca House HipHop GoodTimes InternationalDj BestOfRightNow ClubBangers London Europe Multitalented Multitalented For bookings DM us Listen to us on: Follow Us djmasterj_mixmasters kodistarr_mixmasters kingterra_mixmasters mixmasters_uk

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عندنا خبر ليكم! Freedom Music هتطلق سلسلة حفلات بعنوان "Freedom Music Sound" ــ هتكون جولة من 6 حفلات وحفلة لكل مدينة! جايبين لكم كل الرقص و المزيكا اللي هتعملكم قلبان! فـ حاجة زي دي مينفعش تتفوت! و من ضمن المحطات اللي هتقف عندها الجولة هي لندن FreedomMusic LondonSound

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There it is again, the uaudio Curve Bender on the mix bus and this time in combination with the trusted UAD Pultec. They sound very differently and I wanted a bit of each and, therefore, decided to put them together. I'm really enjoying what the Curve Bender can do with the mids, definitely an EQ I'd like to have as hardware too. The Pultec I like because it's quick and simple control over highs and lows and usually sounds good anyway. Together they made a nice combo this time. mixing progrock weekend session acoustic music production

2 days ago

Today, I've used several wavesaudio API 560 on group busses to see how I can still affect elements of an almost finished mix and am really liking it (for now). It's maybe not the most flexible EQ but I've always liked the quick results of this one, especially when you dig in. Let's see if I still like it tomorrow morning but happy for now. 😃 mixing drums bass guitar singer vocals progrock ep

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SPREAD THE POSITIVITY⠀ .⠀ What a beautiful thing to be greeted by this today- group of girls from Holloway out on a Saturday morning to just spread positivity! The imatter movement made us write down something we love about ourselves It’s harder than you think to give yourself a compliment💕⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ gongbath overnightgongbath soundtouchchange byamandajane healing ceremony spaceholding spaceclearing londonevents aho soundhealer soundtherapist londonsound soundtouchchange change

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🔥360° ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT🔥 . Finally we have a release date! 360° is out 10th May 2019 Pre-order double vinyl, CD or digital download through bandcamp or pussyfootrecords website (link in their bio - special pre-order prices await!) 🐾 . We are loving the amazing new artwork by benjy_nug 🖌 KongoJazz africanjazz multigenre jazzfusion worldmusic worldsound worldbeat ukjazz vinyllove vinyllover londonjazz londonsound fusion fusionmusic africanfusion afrojazz Africanmusic africansound africangroove kongo congo congolesemusic pussyfootrecords pussyfoot newmusicfriday benjynug kongodiantotila 360 360degrees

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Vocals. Working on some vocals and trying the uaudio Fairchild 660 once again. There's something magical about this one and how it colours. Not for all music but sometimes perfect. I've had the pleasure with real ones a few times and, even though the plugin is not the same thing, it has the same vibe and the advantage of having lots of them (plus wet/dry). Having the hofa_studios IQ de-esser before it is also good to clean that 🐍 nicely. Just saying. mixing singer vocals progrock ep production weekend mix session

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