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🥀 [outfit video in story] As we walked through the Joshua Trees in Lancaster, we came across a raggedy old couch in the middle of nowhere. People passed by it without a second glance. It looked like the habitat for the furry (or the not so furry) critters ready to pop out on a moments notice. ———————————————— On first glance I noticed a cigarette butt hole and an old food stain. But upon closer inspection, I started to notice its beautiful but faded velvet teal material. The couch must have had its glory days in which it was a beautiful accent chair in someone’s living room. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the couch: cast away, sitting in front of these trees as it faded away in the bright sunlight. I took a step back and noticed the art it created. The way the couch was placed in front of these gorgeous trees somehow reminded me of me. A worn cast away still sitting amongst the beauty in this world. 👈🏻 Like this chair, I still hope to gravitate towards the beauty this life can provide. Positioning myself so delicately among kindred spirits who may be scarred but refuse to let it suppress their beauty. On this Wednesday, I continue to examine my perceptions and paradigms, for beauty comes in all forms, even a chair in the middle of the desert. 🙌🏻Half way to the weekend, fam! If you’ve been having a rough week, hang in there and remember, I love you guys, always. ♥️

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In case you forgot, I have a SoundCloud. If you like music, maybe go check out a couple tunes. Link in bio okbyeeee

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Hope you’re enjoying “Happening” — can’t get over all the love I’ve received in the past 5 days. If you haven’t heard it yet, link in bio CYGNUS our 5/31 via doomtriprecords 📷 sevenhareproductions / 7hares independentartist darkelectronic california losangeles losangelesmusic losangelesmusician doomtrip doomtriprecords independentlabel independentrecordlabel diymusic diymusician popmusic synthpop darkvibes baltimoremusic baltimoremusician baltimoremd losangelescalifornia

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Underprivileged raised east L.A. poor drastically Dale, upon Easter Monday severely enormously, avaricious affluent little beach town Cardiff-by-the-Sea off Highway 101 at Cardiff State Beach near Seaside Beach. and Cardiff Reef beach end of the entrance of the San Elijo Lagoon. cityofencinitas encinitaschamber Across the lagoon is San Elijo State Beach, where the top richest camper families pretend to be “camping” in their extravagant plush sky-high, exorbitant recreational vehicles. When I’m around you I can see why my Pacific Ocean is endless and why people love the horizon I can see why waves are always attached to feelings— crashing into our very soul. Virgos are complex, creative people with deep feelings and strong convictions that guide their lives. Encinitaslocal SanElijoLagoon SwamisSurf sandiego_ca encinitaslife encinitas101 leucadia101 Encinitas Californialiving allthingssd republicofencinitas Californiareggae 805Music Sandiegomusicscene Californiaroots sessionguitarist CardiffbytheSea LosAngelesGuitarist socalmusicians CaliforniaCoast CaliforniaLiving MusiciansLife CaliforniaDreaming SanDiegoLiving Leucadia LeucadiaLove LosAngelesMusician SanDiegoLife LosAngelesMusicScene LAMusic sdmusic

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Just got the sneak peek for the “Speak Fast” video can’t wait to roll that out buuuut Just want to make sure I’m good with the final edit 🎬 before the 4 play begins proudintrovert tuko tukoiam alternativernb rnbmusic alternativernbartist rnbartist rnbmusic rnbplaylist newmusic2019 masquerades losangelesmusician singersongwriter indieartist newrnbmusic introvertmusic speakfast singlerelease spotify distrokid aaliyah staticmajor missyelliot soundcloud applemusic youtubemusic

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Let the fear grow as if it was a twisted tree Stare at it need no whisper It has stood there before the universe was created Smile at it Telling it I loved you but I own the entire forest after all I grow all senses you’re not my only - Hsin 📸: lonfom

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10 days, 9,900 miles, 9 shows . What a fun, positive experience all of it has been! Thank you NYC and Nashville friends for sharing your time, heart, and ears with me! You know who you are! So grateful for all of the friends, old and new, I got to meet and connect with meet while on the road! Thank you miwagemini mackenzie_kamala and jhabbs for sharing your homes with me and for hanging too! Thank you jtrudawg mathiaskunzli treatcharlie iamdrewdixon sistermanband audreymacalpine jessedavidc helloimpatches caitlineadie taylorddukes pianocreations miwagemini loser.cruiser elanasj emilyvictoriamusic philrobinsonmusic hollyredfordjones austintheantoine for sharing the stage with me, for hanging out and being a fabulous part of the music community, and for being supportive of my vision and music too! Thank you sofarnyc sofarsounds roomfulofsky pianosnyc highlandparkbowl thelocalnash truemusicroom thegrooverecords for opening up your doors and stages so I share what I love to do most - music and bringing folks together! Thank you to my loving man pianointhewild for being so supportive of my endeavors and dreams and helping me with travel! I love you ✨🎶 This year’s not over yet got some things to share super soon so stay tuned y’all! 🎶✨ . photo by msa_photography . brendacaseyart brendacarseymusic artist singersongwriter alternativesoul progressivepop lamusic nycmusic nycmusicscene nashvillemusic livemusicnashville livemusic losangelesmusic womeninmusic tourlife giglife naturalwoman lamusic losangelesmusician womenwithtattoos middrift blackandwhitephotography grateful werk

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This is a tough song to pull off live by yourself! Im definitely no Robert Plant! There are a few rough spots but I made it to the end. From a performance at a gig in East LA. guitars guitar music guitarist rockmusician guitarplayer guitarporn guitarra guitarsolo guitarsdaily guitaristsofinstagram musicians guitarcover acousticguitar rocknroll love guitare guitarists talentedmusician guitarstagram musicianshowcase ledzeppelin jimmypage classicrock liveperformance hollywood losangelesmusician realdiaz

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Sometimes you just need the hand movements to make a point— right? Anyways, excited to announce I have a show coming up themintla April 30th ✨ Doors at 7:15pm, on at 10pm! DM me for ticket deets ✨

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Happy Monday! It's easy to get on social media and see other musicians doing awesome things in music and to feel like you have to compare yourself. I think it's natural to feel this way. I’m guilty, I’ve gone on instagram and thought “wow there are so many great guitarists out there, so and so has more chops in his pinky than I do in my whole body”. Don’t compare yourself. Here is an exercise you can try to see how far you have really come as a guitarist from day one. Try this out if you are ever feeling a little bummed about your 🎸 playing. It's an instant gauge to give you perspective. I don't usually do videos like this but I thought I would share this cool exercise. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below ⬇️. Do you have any exercises you do when you feel bummed out about your playing? See the full video on Youtube at the link in bio! 🎸 🎶

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Arms by The Paper Kites. Happy Easter everyone

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Wishing everyBUNNY a HAPPY EASTER! 🌸💗🌼We hope you are enjoying your day with family, friends and loved ones! easter2019 happyeaster springtime

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Almost soaked 👡👡🌊 . I’m born as an islander. I’m born in Taiwan. I miss my close friends and worried about my country’s independence everyday. There’s nothing I can do to the division of people there. I chose to escape, escape to another foreign country where I still need an ID to buy cigarettes, a foreign country that I was traumatized by the system, a country I cannot resist the calling to be a grown up. Whereas, also a country that my talents are expected and I as a liberated spirit am respected. I’m an islander from Asia, I speak English now 24/7, who am I? Who I want to become? immigrants islander onmyown losangeles losangelesmusician losangelescomposer independentwoman femalecomposer femalemusician retrospect bestrong strongwomen growingup recordlabel indie indiemusic independentmusician igerslosangeles

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*squints into the sun with sunglasses on* 🕶

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Today's 2-pt TLDpajamajam (by request of abitdicier) is countingcrows' catahartically-yelly "Angels Of The Silences". I remember a time in highschool when I wanted to cover this, but my voice just wouldn't go that high. Sure, there are still a couple of yelps, but with years or practice I've managed to turn back the clock on pubertyladies. Also, I had to throw in the nod to nofx's "Linoleum" near the endbases were just loaded for that one. Also also, sorry for the wretched cut between the two parts; it was the only way to get it all inladies ::|:: . TheLastDomino OneManArmada pajamajam singersongwriter indiemusician losangelesmusician playalong guitarsolo countingcrows angelsofthesilences recoveringthesatellites altrock alternativerock 90srock rockofthe90s adamduritz davidbryson danvickrey imgone ladies

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blues practice (120Bpm) rhythmic and guitar solo

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“Aries” is a work in progress of the talented colindeanemusic. I still have work to do on the ram’s horn but here’s a sneak peak with the model! “Aries” is a 7-foot tall Pyrograph on mahogany hardwood from andersonplywood created from life with bernzomatic1876 blowtorches.

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When something comes to you through sacrifice and pain, it holds such a strong value to your own heart! —— Thank you toyotasocal for bringing me so much joy with my NEW CAR And you know what? I’m so goddamn grateful to be working my ass off because everything I desire and I attain will come through my own work. —— If you want a ride, let me know 🙋🏻‍♂️🥳🤠 📸 steveoreo_

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CYGNUS - my debut full-length album - out 5/31 via doomtriprecords - preorders open now. 🦢🖤🦢 . Listen to the first single, “Happening” on all streaming services now. Link in bio Album photography by Danny Siebenhaar 7hares independentartist darkelectronic california losangeles losangelesmusic losangelesmusician doomtrip doomtriprecords independentlabel independentrecordlabel diymusic diymusician popmusic synthpop darkvibes baltimoremusic baltimoremusician baltimoremd losangelescalifornia

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We are all the way up to "Inside the Harmony Ep. 10"! Today's lesson is on spread triads moving in 7ths through a C major scale. The chords go C, Bdim, Am, G, F, Em, Dm, C. In this series you can learn all about chords, scales, harmony, fretboard knowledge, comping, and just get doses of chord inspiration. If you are a fan of players like Ted Greene, George Van Eps, Lenny Breau you are going to want to check out these tips. Full episode live on YouTube link in bio! 🎸🎶

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one beautiful thing about being an artist ~ being a songwriter ~ is that you can take the ugliest, hardest, most inconclusive, painful, confusing, distasteful parts of your life,,, and turn them into sacred, earth-shattering art. you know? you know. ✌ WildHumSpirit SongwritersLife PoeticSoul killer shot by rachelward.photography indiesinger poeticsouls poetsandwriters poetscommunity avoicefromfaraway bostonmusic songwritersofinstagram independentartists unsignedtalent unsignedartists recordingartists discovermusic musicdiscovery newmusiccoming newmusiccomingsoon newmusicontheway liveyourlifenow takeachance tobevulnerablyhonest rawart rawartists phoenixmusic nycmusician losangelesmusician lamusician lamusicians bostonmusicscene

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For the longest time I wasn’t sure if LA was ever going to grow on me. It didn’t. I grew to to meet it instead. After being fortunate enough to have moved and lived in so many different cities, the one thing that’s for sure is that I could be unhappy anywhere. Of course the environment could impact me differently in its own way but the bottom line is if I had kept on chasing a city that would make me happy, there wouldn’t be a single place for me in this world. I often felt as if I was running in circles just to eventually fail in the same manner. Maybe it’s a few months or a few years where I find myself sitting on the floor of my bedroom thinking “how did I end up here AGAIN?” Well something clicked the other day. It occurred to me that every success or victory feels different from the last no matter how big or small, and it’s the recognition of that difference that will help me recognize that those failures are also different. That I’m not running in circles. Rather, I’m just facing the obstacles that are placed along a linear road 📸 by hey.mickie

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Today's 3-pt (+ blooper!) TLDpajamajam is depechemode's spellbinding classic "Enjoy The Silence". I couldn't help but add the higher octave that christianmusic performed in anberlin's cover of the track, complete with end vocal run referencing jeffbuckleymusic's "Grace". Whole lotta music geekery goin' on here ::|:: . TheLastDomino OneManArmada onemanband singersongwriter coversong songcover depechemode depechemodecover enjoythesilence violator davegahan_dm davegahan martingore andyfletcher anberlin stephenchristian jeffbuckley jeffbuckleygrace loopartist looppedal falsetto choral acousticguitar indiemusician losangelesmusician newwave wordsareveryunnecessary

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Hadn’t been able to sing much the last week cause of a dumb cold that caused me to lose my voice. Felt very grateful to fully have my voice back yesterday❤️⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ musicianlife singersongwriter singersongwriterlife womeninmusic musiciansofig musiciansofinstagram singersofinstagram grateful sonyalphasclub sonyimages sandiegomusician losangelesmusician songwritersofinstagram musiclife songwriterlife discoverla instamusician instagoodness createmusic artistsharing impactyourworld art lyricist

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Current mood | something in A

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An old photo for you all while I handle life

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Seeing double there is always a contrast between who we think we are and who we truly are. The true vantage point being an amalgamation of both coming together to propel you into who you can become. doublejeopardy 🎨 jvmesjet proudintrovert tuko tukoiam alternativernb rnbmusic alternativernbartist rnbartist rnbmusic rnbplaylist newmusic2019 masquerades losangelesmusician singersongwriter indieartist newrnbmusic introvertmusic speakfast singlerelease spotify distrokid aaliyah staticmajor missyelliot soundcloud applemusic youtubemusic

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People who do caffeine free Mondays amaze me. More coffee pleaseee

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carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. a legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you ~ shannon alder / working to be someone who commits my energy to sincerity, honesty, full-hearted attention toward others, and sharp-minded faith in a better world. shoot me a beacon of your inspiration ⬇️ MusicisLove MusicisPower IndieSinger indierockband humanexperience humanperformance musicislove musicforthesoul musicforpeace originalsongs bostonmusicians oldsoulmusic indieradio youarepowerful learningtolovemyself womenforwomen lifteachotherup beboldforchange empoweredwomenempower soulwork phoenixmusic nycmusician lamusic losangelesmusic losangelesmusician lamusician lamusicians bostonmusicscene bostonmusic discovernewmusic

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Understand this. A man, the right man- will do anything to help, fix or anticipate a need in a woman's world. The right man doesn't need much from her, just for her to be his backbone when the world attacks us men. A woman who loves purely can receive the best gift a man can give- his love. But BOTH have to have the same state of mind and want the same. Both need to match each others efforts and most importantly love with no reserves Losangelesmusic losangelesmusic losangelesmusicians losangelesmusicscene losangelesmusicagent losangelesmusician clouet stclaude oldmckenzies quietside neworleans dallas houston rap realrap 2018 bars songwriter music newmusic atlantamusic atlmusic houstonmusic newyorkmusic miamimusic dallasmusic detroit cali philly recordlabel