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Dedicado a mí: Que todavía creo en los sueños y los hago con los ojos abiertos. Que necesito un abrazo de verdad pero no una palmadita en el hombro. Que ante el amor pierdo las máscaras y la lógica. Que no puedo decir te amo fácilmente, pero si lo hago es verdad absoluta. A mí, que odio a la gente que se victimiza. Y sufro si me compadecen. Que odio las traiciones pero también sé perdonar. Que no puedo ser mala tanto como me gustaría. Que no me pongo en el mismo plan que quien me hace daño buscando venganzas. Que soy exigente conmigo misma y que aguanto los fracasos. Que soy incapaz de pedir ayuda, pero sé darla. Que siempre me pregunto "por qué" de ciertas actitudes. Que no tengo miedo de expresar emociones. Que soy demasiado tolerante, incluso con quien no lo merece. Y a las que como yo, que sueñan con una felicidad delirante.❤️ • • • • • • me blessed girls likeforlikes like4likes like likefollowers livestyle live lifestyle life love loveit goodvibes vibes mood yourself selfie woman womanstyle motivation instagood instamoment mexican stronger momstronger world

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Amazing round at Dallas with Kassy Thornton and Georgie Grace we came 3rd 🥰🥰🎉🎉🎉🎉 No go pro vid as I wasn’t allowed to wear it 😭 although I took fudge I ended up swapping with kass in the warm up as my little arms couldn’t hold her in a snaffle but Minnie was amazing! Fair play to you though kass thanks for swapping with me, some jockey you are, her first time even riding her had a little pop in the warm up then to take her roundreally appreciated it haha 😂 c-section that hasn’t healed properly and strong pony’s don’t mix lol but wow some pony she is even jumped a few 100 fences Sooo happyyyy 😀 Minnie was absolutely perfect lovely to all the fences not strong at all and at fence 10 she even took me to the biggest fence which I had no intention in jumping 😂 we got the pen absolutely spot on and lovely and synchronised 🥰Minnie is still for sale 🙈 although don’t know how! Not that I’m bothered but shh don’t tell Alex that 😂😂 horseofinsta horsesforsale pony horse horses teamchaser teamchasing teamchasers fun love

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Coexist🧡 We need to learn and understand to live together and love each other. We need to preserve our mother there coz there is no where else for us to go. Start doing good deeds. Things will get better🌼 environment nature nursery sustainability green ecofriendly earth sustainable gogreen savetheplanet letsplantlifetogether teacupplants airfreshner plasticfree eco love plastic water naturephotography worldenvironmentday plants succulents photography reuse conservation life vegan sustainableliving bhfyp

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Bem simples.

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hiii so sorry for the lack of posts! i have been super busy lately and school is starting so i am trying my besttt haha but please tag payton! - - - -dt: tagged -ac: idk - - - - - - - paytonmoormeier vividmanagement tiktok famous videostar videostarpresets hot cute edit lilhuddy chasehudson avani payvani followforfollow gaintrick elmersglue love life varli babyariel jacobsartorius shakepreset transition iitspayton iitspayton iitsfaithh iitsfaithh vividmgmt joanne_moormeier paytonmoormeier paytonmoormeier paytonmoormeier

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Good morning IG fam 🥰

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🌴Let the sun shine into your heart ☀️😎 Are you a morning's person or a night owl? ~ 🌃🦉 Vs 🌞🌅 ~

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You may have some huge similarities with somebody else but there is nobody else 100% like you in the entire world. You are a specific, singular and unique combination of a mind and a physique. Only you can be you, nobody else can. At birth, each one of us received some wonderful blessings from God called gifts in a very unique and precise combination. Precisely because we are supposed to use those specific gifts to fulfill our common purpose,which is toGIVE, TO CONTRIBUTE, but in a very unique way that no one else than us can. That's the trick. In a world where everybody tries to copy someone instead of looking for his trueself, it would be wiser to ask yourself 2 crucial questions :«What are my gifts?» (because everybody has many of them) and «How can i use them to contribute to the great good?» Right away your imagination will show you several ways to do so. Indeed, the first ones may often look totally illogic , unrealistic or crazy but remember something: all the great creators in human history had crazy imagination; some of them were sure that humans could fly (the Wright brothers invented the plane), another one thought it was possible to bring peace without fighting and promoting hate (Gandhi).Other people like Mandela, Tesla, Henri Ford, Steve Jobs, Graham Bell, Leonardo Da Vinci etc embraced their gifts and used their imagination to contribute in their own and unique way to the great good, so could we. Trust your imagination to answer those two crucial questions then start taking actions according to the answers you will receive. That's how you will achieve your true purpose in life and find your unique and singular greatness. Share this post with someone who wants to contribute. Have a nice evening:)

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Un gran músico y persona hace cosas tan bonitas como estáspero es solo el principio Cover de Ocean de karolg entera en su canal de YouTube Diego Caride enlace directo aquí: ➡️⬅️ Podeis seguirlo en Instagram : caridediego Y en su página de Facebook: DiegoCarideSax video pic photo photooftheday photography photographer music cover ocean saxo sax saxophone saxophone voz karolg instagram saxplayer man woman style romantic love galicia paradise covers lovemusic cute galifornia movie videooftheday piano

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♚ color model ♚ . Blue black 🗝 × Bittersweet 🧸 . 一緒に働いてくれるスタッフさん大募集❤︎ 資格、履歴は問いません! 気になる方DMでご連絡お待ちしております🌱 再投稿 instagram instagood instalove kawaii beautiful love happy cute photography photo fashion 気になる人は follow followme followforfollow follow4follow f4f フォロー フォロバ フォローミー 相互フォロー 美容師 美容室 モデル サロンモデル 撮影会 おしゃれ おしゃれさんと繋がりたい いいね返し

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Enamorada totalmente de este trabajo de una de mis Alumnas del Curso de Maquillaje Social Profesional ♥️✨👑 . QUERÉS APRENDER A MAQUILLAR ?? 👆👆 SUMATE A LOS CURSOS DE YFProfessionalMakeup ✔️Clases personalizadas ✔️Trabajamos con productos de laboratorio ✔️Te enseñamos todo tipo de makeup ✔️Se entrega certificado y apuntes ✔️Trabajamos sobre modelo ✔️Muchas clases de práctica Las esperamos en nuestro estudio 🔝🔝 🚩 Juan del Campillo 1452 📲 3425272255 (wpp) . YFPROFESSIONALMAKEUP love makeup skin girls eyes contouring highlighter Strobing alumnas class ayeliner lashes inlove night work

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High hopes ✨