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Beautiful cakes by nuvolalittlebakery for a secret day, we're so lucky to have such talented and creative people in Tooting. They are delicious and went down very well. A very sumptuous cake and incredible raw cheesecake. Catering and love for everyone. ❤❤ nuvolacakes creativetooting supportinglocalbusiness shoplocal loveart lovetooting

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Biagio Cerbone Richiamo d'amore Olio su tela ( 70 x 50 ) cm anno 2019 Scoprire dal tuo canto che sei là ,appena nascosta dal fogliame e mi aspetti per seguirmi in un mirabile, acrobatico volo. napoli art italy oilpainting colours light amazing contemporaryart happy loveart artcollector instaart sun artlovers fineart artgallery omero colours light contemporaryart loveart artcollector instaart sun artlovers fineart artgallery arte painting paint canvas freefire popsurrealism figurativeart fiori roserosse

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here’s tsuyu Asui! Swipe for the time lapse of coloring her :)) This is the first post I’ve made with my new art style. I’m probably going to stick with this one bc I like it a lot! I have playing around with different styles so that’s why my art looks so different all the time :) anyways all character credit goes to kohei horikoshi. :) ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ art dailyart sketch color artistsofinsta artistsofinstagram followme ffm loveart arty artist cute anime chibi style instagram inspired watercolor positive traditionalart artislife youngartist artsy explorepage

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Loving my makeshift studio in Finland 💙🇫🇮 🌱🌷💚 detail - underwater series, 33x41cm💙 - Follow for more valimaki_studio

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Mr Vliegen and some of our students had an extra stop this evening: an outdoors opera. When in Vienna opera proudteacher loveart

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Andrés Ramirez, (Here focus) "D2 A", 2019 ; "SGH-X", 2019 ▪ "Down in the park.", duo show featuring novel works by andrésramirez and Hendrik Hegray at galerie_valeria_cetraro now on view till June 29 ⚡ . || 💡 • 🕋 • 🚀 || contemporary wallart abstractart wallsculpture sculpture mixedmediaart 3D print etching minimal visual artofvisual modernism architexture artdesign design aestheticart artwalk artwatchers_united loveart artspotlight artlovers artcollectors arts greatartist potd aotd newartwork artnews

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Who are you? Pretender. Performer. Yourself. Society has taught us that pretending and developing defenses or stratagems will provide us with self-esteem and confidence. However, this can cause loss of spontaneity and loss of self and aliveness. Don't replace authentic feelings to fit a role as a certain type of person or feel how you're "supposed" to feel. This will only destroy your authentic self and feelings. Give up on illusions and have openness. art artistoninstagram color pencil faces portrait surreal surrealism feelings pretense authentic openness loveart cursive caligraphy draw drawing lapiz sentimientos arte retrato caras dibujo

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এই মেঘলা দিনে একলা ঘরে থাকেনাতো মন, কাছে যাবো কবে পাবো ওগো তোমার নিমন্ত্রণ৷ myart artlovers artist drawing sketch artgellary art pencildrawing pencilsketch blackpensketch like3dmagic like share putmeonyourstory lovepainting loveart indiaart followforfollowback indianart instalike instauplode instaclick instafineliner Instagram instaart instapic instadaily instamood

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Dzień Matki 👩‍👦pragniemy uczcić niecodziennym obrazem. Surrealistyczne płótno pt. “The Enigma of Desire, or My Mother, My Mother, My Mother” z 1929 roku przedstawia śpiącego artystę z wyciągniętym jak balon ciałem wypełnionym słowami “ma mere” (moja matka). Autorem dzieła jest oczywiście Salvador Dali, który nie tylko wspomina w ten sposób stratę ukochanej osoby, akcentuje jej znaczenie w swoim życiu (Matka jest w pewnym sensie częścią jego DNA), ale i piętnuje swojego ojca (lewa strona obrazu), który ożenił się z ciotką Dalego po śmierci żony. Ciekawostką jest, że obraz przez 36 lat wisiał w gabinecie pewnego psychoanalityka, by w 1982 roku zostać sprzedanym za astronomiczną wtedy kwotę 807 408 dolarów Salvador Dali - The Enigma of Desire, or My Mother, My Mother, My Mother (1929) . We wish to celebrate 👩‍👦Mother's Day in Poland with an unusual artwork. Surreal canvas titled "The Enigma of Desire, or My Mother, My Mother, My Mother" from 1929 presents a sleeping artist with a balloon-like body filled with the words "ma mere" (my mother). The author of the work is of course Salvador Dali, who not only mentions the loss of his beloved person, accentuates her meaning in his life (Mother is in a sense part of his DNA), but also stigmatizes her father (left side of the picture) who married Daly's aunt. An interesting fact is that the painting for 36 years hung in the office of a psychoanalyst just to be sold for 807 408 USD in 1982 Arts Artstagram VisualArt ArtLover LoveArt ArtistLife ArtGram Art_Empire ArtHistory IGArt Galleries ArtInspiration ContemporaryArtists ContemporaryArt ContemporaryPainting ArtDaily Surrealism MothersDay DzienMatki DzieńMatki Sztuka SalvadorDali Dali Surrealizm AbstactArt Abstraction Dream

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Avb avbfood avbcooks  loveart  promo team avb.custom for your custom art 🇨🇦🇭🇹🇺🇸AVB.CUSTOM A BRAND YOU CAN TRUST Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come VictorHugo🕔 Live a CUSTOM Life style Avb.custom design  trusttheprocess  Welcome 2 avb.custom Follow avb.custom  for your daily  dose of art If you  need a  design, murals,plaster, painter simply email Avb.renovation  avbcustom  avb  designer montrealart Montreal Canada art realcity quebec toronto  city draw Artwork queen king draw  snapback  custom  blessed  glory to god miami artistsoninstagramfollowme

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Hey lovelies. So I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that these giveaways are real 💝, I’ve won this set off 60 artezaofficial watercolour paints from alearts02 giveaway 🥳. Most people msg me to say don’t enter as it’s just so they get followers, you’ll never win and maybe it is, however I have won and I’ve found a great artist with such a great page ❤️. So honestly it’s worth a go, you have nothing to lose I now need to buy some different artezaofficial watercolour pads 😍 any recommendations please comment below ⬇️Lx art arte artistsoninstagram artist art_realistic artaccount artistic_support arteza artezawatercolors artezagouache artezacolors won sketch pencil paint watercolor watercolourpaint paints paintset painter paintersofinstagram painters love loveart traditionalartwork drawart drawing

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- 🙂 Натюрморт с птичками. - - 🔴 Все публикации с этой работой можно посмотреть здесь 👉 натюрморт_с_птичками_бав - - - _ - 🎨 Холст, масло, 60х80 🖼Живопись в интерьере. 🎁 не знаете, что подарить? 🎀 Самый лучший подарок на любой праздник. 🎨 Портрет на заказ. ❤️Украшай свой мир вместе с нами. 🎈Уют в деталях! ✋ Ручные чудеса - - vertex_art - - 👉Нравится работа? 🔥 Ставьте лайк! ❤️ 🙏 Вам не сложно, а мне будет очень приятно 😌 🖌 И обязательно что нибудь напишите. ✍️ 🔴 Я читаю все ваши сообщения. - -