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WARNING Falling in love May cause: cuddly feelings, making eyes, butterflies, and, moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. bf love lovethisman lovehim cmoney_777

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ONE DECADE. Ten years married to this man. A decade of loving him and knowing him. Bringing babies into this world and growing in the Lord together. I’m blessed that he’s mine. tenyearanniversary lovehim marriage bestfriend

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Stress Urinary Incontinence is not uncommon in women, especially if you have a prolapsed bladder, smoke, have given birth, or are currently pregnant. It's easy to feel embarrassed by it but, luckily, there are simple treatments for it that you can undergo to help you with this condition. Check out the link in our bio!

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Always super grateful for everything that my man does for him/me/us. It's when you expect nothing that the surprises happen. Even after a day of misunderstandings and irritations, all of that gets pushed aside in the process of doing a selfless act of love and generosity. I'm very lucky and always so grateful for you streeterandrew. I don't show it enough and I'm sorry for that - something I must work on more. Keep being your awesome self. 💕

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Brett & I are very excited to announce we have bought a block of land together. We are both very excited for this new chapter in our lives. I cannot wait to build my dream home with the man of my dreams. 🏡❤️ mortgagelife lovehim excitingadventure newchapter

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A Home Angels acredita na importância do convívio familiar em pacientes que aguardam seu restabelecimento, para aqueles que necessitam de gerenciamento constante de suas atividades ou para indivíduos que precisam de cuidados paliativos, como auxiliar na recuperação. 👪 Por isso contamos com profissionais altamente capacitados para trabalhar com fisioterapia e reabilitação na sua casa. 👨⚕️👩⚕️Deixa que a gente cuida bem de quem você ama. 👶👦👧👨👩👴👵💜 respeito love couple toptags cute adorable forever gf bf bff together photooftheday happy me girl boy beautiful instalove lovehim pretty fun smile xoxo cuidadordeidosos cuidar cuidadores amorpelavida saude respeito cadeirantes cuidados trabalho

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I love that I am showing this guy how fun and beneficial it is to have an active lifestyle. He’s always wanting to run or bike or even do workouts with me 🚴🏻‍♂️

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{crap quality photo, but a high quality relationship. Over the past 8 months this guy has shown me what it’s like to be truly be happy in a relationship and what a healthy relationship is all about. I honestly don’t know what i would do with out him in my life. Because after all, not every photo can be a good but every photo with him is a good one.} • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • lovehim boyfriend instagramlessben snapchatsawitfirst

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" Friends First " Material things didn’t impress her, A man had to be creative if he wished to finesse her, How could I not yearn to caress her, But I was nervous my life might stress her, She deserved a man that wouldn't try to test her or undress her, So I asked God to prepare me so I could Bless her, All i needed was one chance with her, My vision displayed a life of romance with her, Forever my soul would dance with her, After overthinking I told her how I felt, I had no idea how much my words made her heart melt, She took my hand and told me lead the way, Now I think God He sent me Her love everyday, I know this much is true Love, The older I get the more you make me feel new Love, Even if they don't I Do Love, Because there is no love in my life without You Love🍷❤⚘ NotYourTypeWriter HisStoryTellHer friendsfirst bestfriends loveandfriendship loversandfriends feelgoodfriday thismuchistrue blackloveart blacklove blackisbeautiful ourculture poetryandlove poetry fridaynightwrites warmvibes warmthoughts goodenergy friends lovehim loveher

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During the roaring 20’s, Webster Hall was THE notorious NYC space for all of the best gay events earning it the nickname “The Devil’s Playground”. Join DJs MARK KNIGHT, Ralphi Rosario, Alyson Calagna & Nick Bertossi for a playground like no other for this WorldPride as we bring you DIES3L Solidarity Pride Main Event Tix: pride gay gaystagram gaypride gaynyc gayboy gaydaddy gaybears gaybeard gaylove love loveislove lovehim loveyourself lesbian lgbtq lgbtpride lgbtcommunity equality diversity solidarity instagay nyc nycpride worldpride brutparty solidaritypride dies3l hustlaball briankentproductions

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