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¡Te invito a seguirnos risas compartir felicidad . 🌟¡GRACIAS POR SER PARTE DE ESTE ESPACIO!🌟 . armonia equilibrio bienestar sanacion Contamos con maestrias certificadas y diplomas 🎖📝 . ✔Reiki Isui ✔Reiki Karuna ✔Reiki animales ✔Radiestesia ✔Registros akashicos ✔Mindfulness . ⭐y mucho mas 🤗⭐ . ¡¡LOS ESPERAMOS mi_verdadero_ser 🤗💜 Escribinos a infomiverdaderoser 🕯🙏💞💫 instalove love lovely yoga felicidad registrosakashicos amor  caba barrionorte recoleta capitalfederal vivir meditacion confianza energia chakras equilibrio sabiduria followme f4f

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😍😍😍 Que coisinha linda! Porta jaleco para Nutricionista 👩‍⚕️🍎🍐🍓🍊💖 Varias opções de estampas! Forro impermeável e alça removível. Todos os porta jalecos acompanham uma linda bolsinha de brinde! 😍 lovely Lovelyartstore nutricao nutri Nutricionista nutri lovely lovelyartstore portajaleco jaleco jalecando foconojaleco fisio fisioterapia nutri nutricao enfermagem enfermeira estudante hospital popart esteto estetoscópio personalizados artesanal portajalecopersonalizado portajalecoimpermeavel elo7 Portajaleconutricao portajalecobordado bordado Maça frutas

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Song of the day: Clair De Lune - Claude Debussy . A timeless piece from Claude DeBussy and an ode to the moon this evening. I love the exemplification of a body of light adapting to darkness while faithfully shining the light within until it becomes so radiantly full it lights up the sky. I love the moon and I love this song as well. I challenge you to listen to more classical music and symphonies if you might be missing that component in your life. It does a body good. Have a beautiful Friday night, Team. 🌝✨ . song songoftheday sotd claudedebussy claudedebussydf clairdelune naturalbeauty moon heart soul emotion adaptingtolife nightskies innerlight beautiful lovely momentous piano enjoy team progresspatches 🎼🎹🌟

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Here are a couple phone videos from last night at pyramidschemegr. The first is one of my original tunes 'Between Galaxies' featuring one of Grand Rapids' finest vocalists, hrgravestones. The second is a live edit of an _illadin_ tune 'Fire' with an original verse written and performed by nathanpurchasephoto. Chris and John from desmondjonesband on Guitar and Drums, elbrandinospumoni on sax. Last night was a dream come true to hear some of my music come to life with the help of such amazingly talented artists. I am a lucky boy. Thank you for everything 💕 blessed grateful jam livemusic liveband concert grandrapids manifest manifestation happy eroy grandrapidsmi lovely vocalist feature desmondjones electronic dj producer ableton soundcloud memories gratitude

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It’s official 😁🤓🧠 last week was a great week! On the 15th if March l went in to take my exam and this time around l passed it Now l can go back to my “work/love”, fitness and home routines And creative endeavors ☺️and of course Capoeira training 😁 Thank you so much 😊 for you kind words!and know if there’s anything l can help with l am here for you! 😁 to aid in establishing those health directed nutritional and training habits! Love 💕 ya all selflove youareworthit habitsofoptimalhealth funfitandwell aaaestheticfitness mindyourbody feedyourbody mindovermatter ACEcertifiedHealthCoach yourbodyisamiracle smile lifeislovely musclesornt lovely sanfrancisco California love lifeiswonderful nourishit AmazonaABADA

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Volume up! ⬆️⬆️ Philipians 4:8. Your world and life is a summation of your thoughts and actions. Whatever you pour into yourself is what will come out. If you want to live for Christ and help the world see His love and goodness, you must fill your thoughts with the Things of God. Don’t let the enemy plant a seed of negativity and strike in your mind. Reject those thoughts and replace them with the promises of God. (God has a plan for you; plans to give you hope and Future[Jer 29:11]) — jesus jesuschrist holy holyspirit faith psalms praisebreak praisethelord dailydevotional devotion devotional kingdomculture thankyoujesus lovely pure true honorable just praiseworthy

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered my sticker giveaway and shared my art. I really appreciate it! I also thoroughly enjoyed reading your responses to the prompt: Where would you put the stickers? The top responses were water bottles and computers, but really the possibilities are endless. You could put them on your car, a vinyl purse or backpack, your phone case, planner or notebook, coffee mug, lunchbox or even your kitchen appliances- your instantpotofficial or rice cooker would look awesome dressed up in stickers! The Giveaway winners are 1) coleyyburt & 2) leslieonbeat If you didn’t win, but you really want some stickers you can find them in my online shop Use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY for free shipping ($5 off any order over $5.) cactuslover pricklypear pricklypearcactus cutestickers cutestickerdesign bluelover desertdreamer arizonadreaming arizonaartist arizonasticker desertsticker cactussticker madeintucson tucsonlocal tucsonartist phoenixaz patternlove hydrflasksticker vinylsticker succulents succulentlover succulentsticker prettystickers thatsdarling lovely whyilovewhereilive tucsonaz arizona phoenixaz

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I want everyone in the world to know I'm cute. And if somebody doesn't tell me I'm cute in the next five minutes, I'm gonna scream!

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Madurar, no solo significa crecer, también significa vivir en paz. La vida nos brinda momentos que de alguna manera viven en nuestra mente día con día. Y es ahí donde entiendes que existen seres increíbles que te rodean; que hacen contigo momentos inigualables. Tú, mi pequeño, eres uno de ellos. Sin saber qué tan lejos estemos, te recuerdo con tanto amor y cariño, que a veces solo desearía verte una vez más, y tenerte en mi vida por horas enteras. Te conocí a los cuatro meses, y siempre me seguiste como mi fiel protector. Obediente, noble, tierno. Fuiste mi roble cuando te necesite. Fuiste los oídos que pedía a gritos. Y más aún, fuiste mi cómplice en más de una sola vez. Te amo, Biggie. Estés donde estés, sé que los dos siempre nos recordaremos con mucho amor.

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Hoy Nuestra Hermosa Familia celebramos con mucho orgullo el día del Síndrome de Down, celebramos la Alegría, celebramos el Amor, celebramos el poder compartir tiempos maravillosos con una personita que siempre es y será un niño, amoroso, puro, sin malicia, ni miedos, un niño que llegó a nuestras vidas para disfrutar el amor, un amor incondicional, libre, generoso, espontáneo, un amor que no tiene límites, que lo da todo sin retribuciones, un amor sin ego ni grandes reconocimientos, ni ambiciones, un amor que llega para saber que nada necesitamos y que todo lo tenemos, un amor que nunca se acaba y que la dulzura de su sonrisa no tiene fin, un amor que se despierta y se duerme feliz cada día, pase lo que pase siempre te verá con picardía y sabrás que estamos para ti cada instante que lo necesites para amarte, divertirnos y protegerte cada día de tu vida. Dios te bendiga Luis Miguel por permitirme ser tu tía y compartir siempre momentos maravillosos, llenos de dicha y amor 💕 Me siento dichosa de poder compartir y disfrutar este camino juntos sindromededown love amorbondadoso amordetia amor amorverdadero trisomy21 trisomia21 trisomie21 downsyndrome downsyndrome imdifferent aunty auntylove auntylovesyou yoga handstand yogaeveryday yogaeverywhere yogatime yogalive yogalove yogalover yogalovers lovely sindromededown sindromededown

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☁: I love this babe so much * * *