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Omg! These sunny days make me realise festivals are coming up. Time to dance and hug and jitters_blog . This weekend several openings party’s at beach clubs and popradardenhaag Winterfest on Sunday. So looking forward to it! Thanks popfotograaf for this photo at waterpop winterfest denhaag festival musicphotography lovemusic photographer popradar festival musicblogger popmusic loosduinen rockmusic bloggerstyle dance musicfestival musicpics happiness musicphotography musictherapy music newblogpost instablogger writer lovemylife red livemusic blogger redhair friends

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TuneTuesday What an INCREDIBLE weekend Two shows, same bands back to back aside from openers Rat Poison of SC and DDC of ATL. So many photos and Video that it will take me awhile to post so, for now here’s the best part (For Me) Autographs, photos and a set list w/ sickofitallnyc ironreaganofficial 👊🏼😵🗣 hardcore music Thrash oldschool metal luckygirl autographs setlist mymusic lovemusic rockin throwdown masqueradeatl groundzerosc stretcharmstrong sickofitall ironreagan

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春ですね~♥️どこもかしこも色とりどりの花が咲いてます✨ 大学の卒業式の様子を見ていると、笑顔の花がまさに咲き誇っているようで😍新年度、新しい出会いはすぐそこまできていますね~ ☆ ☆ ☆ コブクロ 今咲き誇る花たちよ 耳コピ 耳コピアニスト会 インスタピアノ同好会 弾いてみた ピアノ 演奏動画 instapiano instamusic piano pianogram pianosolo pianocover pianoarrengement musiclovers lovemusic jpop ソチオリンピック ソチパラリンピック nhk kobukuro デュオ duo olympic fromwintertospring flowers

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Embora eu tenha tentado trocar meu vestido e ficado insegura com o decote nas costas EU FUI UMA NOIVINHA MUITO APAIXONADA POR ELE! 👰🏾💕 Passe para o lado pra vocês se apaixonarem também! 🥰 internovias icasei vestidaparacasar melhordia noivinhadoano casamentodoano casamentodossonhos princesa likeforlikes wedding vestidoideal fotos musicadecasamento lovemusic voucasar comemoção noivas noivasrio noivasriodejaneiro errejota wedding casamentodossonhos casamentoperfeito cerimoniadecasamento casamento casamentoriodejaneiro casamentos2020 casamento2019 musicaparacasamento entradadanoiva

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marchmeetthemaker day26 selfcare Self care is important for everyone, no matter what job you do and what form your workplace takes. In my experience of being a mum, self employed and working from home, it can be a lonely existence. Work and home life can easily merge into one and taking time out can be difficult as there is always something you see needs done I have been very fortunate to find myself doing something I have always loved, albeit, whilst dancing around my bedroom as a kid. 😆 As one half of candimoonmusic I get to sing at weddings and events. We also get to sing to, and entertain residents in care homes with our “Music with Meaning” project. How lovely to do something so rewarding! 💕 . Music has always been an escape for me and I am incredibly thankful that it’s become such a big part of my life music singing lovemusic candimoonmusic musicwithmeaning

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Decades of research suggests that parents play a big role in teaching how to make friends. The most popular are prosocial—i.e., caring, sharing, and helpful. They also have strong verbal skills and know how to keep their selfish or aggressive impulses in check. Most of all, popular are good at interpersonal skills: empathy, perspective-taking, and moral reasoning. happy happydays love livelife daddyandme mommyandme familytime familybonding family familygoals familygoals👪 skills joy lovemusic verbalskills morals happychildren happyhealthy happykids happymom happydad happybaby learnthroughplay

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Hey! It's been a quick minute, but I just wanted to share this goofy photo & the other photos of the CDs of Victory Boyd & Peter Collins. Swipe ➡Saw them on Mar. 16 at The Publick Playhouse (Cheverly, Md) & the whole concert blew my mind! Peter Collins voice is a literal instrument (sounds like some wood instrument or harmonica). Victory Boyd's voice & presence is epic! Heart, soul, grace, love all rolled up in a funky, get down spirit & messges that pierce your heart. Embarassingly, I bawled the whole concert! Everyone should get to know them. You WILL be uplifted. victoryboyd petercollinsmusic infinityssong rocnation victoryboyd petercollins infinityssong cheverlypublickplayhouse cheverlymd sonja_meltonramesar symrvisualarts powerfulmusic humanity lovemusic heartmusic greatspirits musicisstillalive soundtrackofmylife livemusicrocks blackgirlsrock rocnation thisisgold spiritmusic goodvibes whatablessing

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【©️Seiei Maeda 】 《 マイギターと雨蛙 》ある日の夜の一枚です・・・ほほほのほの入口辺りに置いているマイギターを見たら、小さなアマガエルが乗ってました🐸 カエルを好きな方ではないですが、この時は、とっても愛おしく感じた一枚でした🌀🌀🌀 oveearth lovemusic myguitar frog japan kyushu nagasaki hasami 日本 九州 長崎 波佐見 マイギター 自然界 面白い 不思議 楽しい 可愛い 一期一会 ほのぼの 愉快 のんびり ゆっくり 喜び 嬉しい 幸せ ハッピー 癒し ほほほのほ まえだせいえい

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SPDJ wants YOU to chase your dreams of becoming a DJ, whether that’s a bar dj, club dj, performance dj or a casual party dj. We host beginner sessions to teach people with no knowledge of dj software or music theory. Come get groovy with us! (Welcoming all zombies, skullys, robots and ghouls) 🖤