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🎀🎠🍭It's you, it's you, it's all for you everything I do 💕 I tell you all the time, Heaven is a place on earth with you 💕 Tell me all the things you want to do! 🍭 I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true? 🎀 It's better than I ever even knew 🎠 They say that the world was built for two 💕 Only worth living if somebody is loving you 💕 Baby now you do 🍭🎠🎀 . 🖤 No matter the distance between us, I'm Daddy's little girl 🖤 gothic goth gothgirl gothicgirl gothinpink demon succubus inkedgirls ink tattoo tattoogirl littleone loveyourself happy alt alternativegirl alternative gothmodel gothgoth littleoneddlg princess gothstyle gothicbeauty pink daddysgirl daddykink ddlg

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📸Via iamdharmalove ☯️Follow me at mentalkmovement . Sending you love and light✨🙏🏽♥️ . Tag a friend 💙 . Share this message with a friend or in your story 🌈 ⚠️This community is for genuine and authentic people who want to grow and help other people. Only love vibrations here 💙🌈 ♥️Follow mentalkmovement♥️ ♥️Follow mentalkmovement♥️ ♥️Follow mentalkmovement♥️ mentalkmovement mentalk darkplace loveyourself lawofattraction spiritualityawake depressionawareness garyvee anxietysupport positivequotes motivationalquotes tonyrobbins justinbaldoni jayshetty selfdevelopment mentalhealthawarenessmonth positivemindset mensmentalhealth mindvalley mentallystrong positivity thirdeye createthelove makepositivitylouder newdevelopment growthmindset personaldevelopment manenough consciousness

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Not everyone is going to understand. But that’s the beauty of YOUR life They don’t have to. You can spend your days doing what OTHERS think you should be doing, or surrounding yourself with the people OTHERS think you should be around But when you realize that you are living a life constructed by THEM you’ll realize that very little of what you have accomplished is YOU Change it up Live a life YOU want. Stop compromising and do the things you KNOW, despite how it looks from the outside looking in, will give you EVERYDAY happiness. The path isn’t always easy, but the journey is always worth it outliveyourself todaysmotivation motivation family cheesybuttrue dailymotivation love peace inspiration inspirational motivational determination positivity instaquote loveyourself DOL respect spiritual nyc military parenting dadlife grace hope truth motivationalquotes mondaymotivation

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The less comfortable we are the better life is and the more it rewards us. SHOW UP WORKOUT SHOW OUT therowastoria therowastoria therowastoria "Rowing At The Park" event coming soon Take advantage of our 3 Class for $25 DEAL happening now and GET FIT FOR SUMMER. OUR RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES The more fun you have while working out the less you have to convince yourself to workout. WELCOME TO THE ROW! HOME OF UNDERGROUND ROWING Our classes are small group so you won't get lost in a crowd🚣🚣🚣 LIKE_COMMENT_FOLLOW healthylife livelonger livebetter loveyourself workout routines toneitup better fitness cardio trainingday therow FitFam NoPainNoGain Sweat Workout privatetraining welcometotherow goodhabits wellness astorialife trxworkout trxtraining coreworkout rowingastoria therowastoria rowingny rowingqueens

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اللهم أرح قلبه باللطف من عفوك ومن حلاوة حبك وعمر أيامه بذكرك وأحفظه وأحفظ عليه دينه وأسعد قلبه دائماً🤲🏻🙏 saadlamjarred1 saadlamjarred1 كلنا_سعد_المجرد الحب_اللي_بينا_وبينك_عمرو_مايسالي_ياالغالي معك_فالحلوة_والمرة غزالي_غزالي وي_لوف_يو♥️ sourire_malgré_tout be_happyloveyourself سعوشية_وأفتخر

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Yes it is ourselves that hold us back. Lots of things stop us like doubting overthinking etc. Just marry the process and let go of the outcome. It’s easier said than done though! How many of you struggle with this? Comment below 🔽🔽🔽 struggle overthinking doubt mindset mindsetiseverything mindsetreset health beyourself loveyourself workfromhome workfromhomemom lovewhatyoudo honesty integrity fitness fitnessgirl fun lovemylife entrepreneur friends lifestyle success habits consistency perseverence success successhabits

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Sometimes we have to spend time alone to find out who we are without being attached to someone else. We need to find a way to love ourselves unconditionally. Only in truly loving ourselves can we show others the way we deserve to be loved selfempowerment selfdiscovery inspiration selfhelp selflove  inspirationalspeaker inspiringquote inspiringwomen womenencouragingwomen womenempowerment womenwhoinspire healfromwithin encouragewomen believeinyou empowerment loveyourself womeninspiringwomen blessthefall feelblessed  writersofinstagram authorsofinstagram inspirationalpost findingyourself findingmyself begrateful lookwithin madeformore womensfiction dreamitbelieveitdoit

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Words honestly can't even describe the level of happiness I found last night. I know I joke about being "kpop trash" and being a fan of bts.bighitofficial may seem like being obsessed with any other boy group, but BTS symbolizes something for me. I found BTS right when they debuted in 2013I was 14 at the time. Not only were they one of my first kpop groups, but I found them at a very, very low point in my life. Their music and storyline videos gave me something to look forward to, and at the same time, it was like I was growing up with them. This was even before I had a smart phoneI could go to the home computer, put on headphones, and escape. Their profound messages about youth, growing up, friendshipfinding yourself, loving yourself, speaking yourselfresonated with me so profoundly. You may still see me as an obsessive fan, but BTS and ARMYs remind me that there are good things in the worldcomminity, friendship, happiness, acceptance. • I'll admit, this wasn't a cheap tripflying all the way to New Jersey from Tennessee for a concert. But this concert also gave me a chance to visit a really good friend who I hadn't seen in 2 years due to our schedules. • I cried hard last night, pretty much for the whole second half of the concertugly crying. I cried hard with the fellow ARMYs next to me. I almost want to cry right now writing this post. But I was so so happy. As I walked through the airport today to head home after this incredible experience, a girl saw my BTS shirt and said, "Have a safe flight ARMY!" Even in the smallest ways, BTS brings us together. So yeah, I am "kpop trash." Yeah, I'm obsessed with an international boy bandbut not solely because they are attractive. Yeah, I became one of those girls who cried at concerts. But through all this, BTS has let me Speak Myself. • • bts bangtan army btsmetlife btsconcert persona btspersona btsnewjersey btsnewark kimnamjoon kimseokjin minyoongi junghoseok parkjimin kimtaehyung jeonjungoog seokjingay speakyourselftour speakyourself btsspeakyourselftour. btsspeakyourself loveyourself

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This was as pinned to a mirror at a friend's place wordsofwisdom loveyourself Know that you are neither better nor worse than the next person. The universe balances it all out whether you believe in it or not.

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What does Self Care look like? * So let’s get to know what Self Care is all about. * Each person has their own version of what self care means. It’s all about the individual. What works for you may not work for the next person. This is the same as your diet and the food you consume. * Put simply: There is no one-fits-all guide to self care. * Only you will know what is good for you and what ignites your energy and joy. Not sure what that is yet? Start making a list!
Today go and spend 5 minutes thinking about ANYTHING that makes you feel good (and I’m not talking eating a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar!). I’m talking about the things you WANT to do or have but never get around to doing! * Some ideas to spark your self care list could be: * Something that makes you forget about work – even for 5 minutes * -Taking a warm bath -Eating banana drizzled with honey -Being with friends -Jumping on a trampoline ANYTHING! * All you need to do is sit quietly and connect to yourself to find out what makes you smile, gives you goose bumps or that feeling of peace and calmness. This is what your self care list will look like! * Now take a look at your list and try and incorporate one thing a day/every couple of days or once a week. These things should form part of your self-care routine so that you can start to feel better in your personal life and health. * What does your self care list look like? What can you work on today? Share with us below! * * selfcare selfcarechallenge freehealthcoaching loveyourself selflove balance lifestyle

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🌞 Tag a friend who needs to see this 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 📷: .and.twenty

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When fear is in charge, it takes a special effort to 'center in', so you need step-by-step help. 1. Put all of the circumstances triggering the fear aside for the moment. It's too overwhelming to take on the whole situation at once. You must break it down to its most basic parts. 2. It won't help to snap your fingers and hope to find instant serenity. The part that snaps its fingers is currently incapacitated held hostage by fear. So you must direct your focus to the very center of the fear. If you can't beat it, join it. Discover its core. What is this fear? 3. It is primal abandonment fear - the fear of being abjectly alone, torn from your attachment, lost, left, cast out alone. Abandonment is our oldest and truest fear. Breathe into it. 4. The raw nerve of abandonment twists within. Experience it fully. It is the universal core of human vulnerability. Depending on its intensity, this fear can bring most humans to their knees. For adults it is a feeling, not a reality, yet it rules the world. 5. The raw human nerve twists because you resist it. Reduce its spasm by accepting its premise the aloneness that is its core. Yes, in this moment you are alone, as we are all alone. Existentially. 6. Breathe into this aloneness. On the inhale: Acknowledge your aloneness. On the exhale: Accept it as part of being human. 7. Whether you are happily married or by yourself, you came into the world alone and will exit the world alone. Each of us is alone in the very center of ourselves. This is a moment to accept and make peace with your aloneness. On your intakes and outtakes of breath meditate on your separateness as a human being. 8. The circumstances triggering the fear of abandonment are not material at this moment. All that matters is existence itself and this stark moment of separateness. Something has caused you to feel ripped away from a beloved attachment, separated from it, wrested from your clinging grasp to it. But behold: the fear reminds you to make peace with your wholeness and oneness as a separate self. 9. Meditate on your separateness. It is your surviving self. Breathe into the part of you that exists by itself in this moment.

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Porque puedo 😎 (me cargan las fotos de mala calidad, pero el outfit estaba de lujo 👌🏼)

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J'ai rendez-vous avec le temps, il se montre parfois impatient, mais souvent clément. Il est mon allié, mon fidèle compagnon malgré ses caprices et ses égarements. Il se montre impétueux néanmoins il demeure juste et équitable. Ne le combattez pas, c'est une guerre vaine et désespérée. Soyez son fidèle confident et il se donnera à vous tel un présent. fashion man lifestyle smile gay instagram happiness love pokemon instagood spring bordeaux gayfrance spring selfie photography gayboy cute portrait me loveyourself gamer instalove fit healthy gaytravel france idiot instamood instacool