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7 minutes ago

Shawn was asked who's his favourite 5sos member and he said that he cannot choose cause he likes them all for different reasons 🤧 I'M SCREAMING FOR A COLLAB! GUYS, DO YOU HEAR ME?! 5sos shawnmendes

13 minutes ago

I have so many questions like when was this taken??? Y haven’t I ever seen this b4??? How is ash so FRIGGIN adorable??? And Luke how do u have the best lil curls???? UwU I’m dead 5sos calumhood ashtonirwin michaelclifford lukehemmings andydeluca 5sos calumhood ashtonirwin michaelclifford lukehemmings andydeluca calum ashton michael luke hood irwin Clifford hemmings calumthomashood ashtonfletcherirwin michaelgordonclifford lukeroberthemmings cth afi mgc lrh 5esohes 5sosfam youngblood wantyouback shelookssoperfect heartbreakgirl xx

14 minutes ago

This was uh,, enjoyable, to say the least.

16 minutes ago

I'm just incase you wanna life update (which you probably don't but I really don't care :) ) um so I have more english state testing but for this one I have to write like an essay so yay stress. I still have testing for the next 3 weeks then I have a math final (cuz I guess o have to cuz like I'm in advanced math cuz I'm technically learning 9th grade math) and then after that week is the last week of school. The last week of school I might not post much because my school does a lot of end of the year 8th grade activities so if I'm not active that's why. (Ik it's crazy that I have some sort of life) but anyway yeah that's a life update. I hope you all know that you are worth it and you are not alone in this world. There are people who will love and support you and will always be there for you. I'M always there for you. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything at all I'm always here :) Anyway love you losers and have an gR7777 day - - - 5sos 5sosfam 5secondsofsummer michael5sos michaelclifford michaelgclifford michaelgordanclifford michael5secondsofsummer luke5sos lukehemmings lukeroberthemmings luke5secondsofsummer ashton5sos ashtonirwin ashtonfletcherirwin ashton5secondsofsummer calum5sos calumthood calumthood calumthomashood calum5secondsofsummer

17 minutes ago

I can’t believe it’s been 5 yrs :(

18 minutes ago

hi sisters

18 minutes ago

where has this photo been all my life?

25 minutes ago

is typing • [ hi this is possibly the shortest shittiest imagine i have ever written but i’m lacking inspo and need to finish this michael row so i can start my new theme :/ ] • • comment ✨ to be added to taglist comment 🥀 to be removed from taglist • [fc; 2,583] [date; 19/04/19]

29 minutes ago

you’re both going to be amazing parents to a beautiful . i’ve never seen y’all this happy and it makes me ecstatic that y’all have this bond together. this baby is so lucky to have such amazing parents. i love you both with all my heart.

33 minutes ago

he’s baby -victoria

46 minutes ago

i love my soft boi <3

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52 minutes ago

kiss me kiss me 1/? || are we trusting the best friend? are we excited for lunch with sexy boy hem hem tomorrow? in conclusion, oof ( i posted the 2nd part twice whoops ) • • • 5sos lukehemmings calumhood michaelclifford ashtonirwin 5sosfam ashtonwednesday ashtonourhero nocapebutbandana westandwithashtonirwin cashton cake malum lashton muke mashton 5sosbestfans 5secondsofsummer ashtonirwinimagine calumhoodimagine lukehemmimgsimagine michaelcliffordimagine lfl l4l fff f4f sierradeaton crystalleigh kaykay dt daisyhemmingsxo

55 minutes ago

Hello? Is this the police? I would like to report that Michael Clifford has stolen my heart.❤ . dt: ifoundfandoms lovellycashton miabrown 500yearsofwinturr sfz.aep lxke.vs flutterygray ac okaychyler cc demqn I have a love hate relationship with this edit lol, idk why it is glitchy 5sos ashtonirwin michaelclifford lukehemmings calumhood 5sos ashtonirwin michaelclifford lukehemmings calumhood michaeledit videoedit aftereffects ae omgpage omgedit hiorheygrp wvfflesgrp ashtonslemonchildcult greenlightcult

55 minutes ago

I know. I know. I’m doing the basic “Wrong Number” imagine but…… I don’t care…… so pt. 1

57 minutes ago

Looking at pictures of him on stage make me so happy it’s sickening lmao.

1 hour ago

Not a series but it’s something. Plus, Ashton looks hella hot. Look at my mans. 👀💕