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thewhitewitchoracle Up really early this morning to drive 3 hours into London to set up for mbswellbeing at London Olympia. If you are attending, come find me on the michelletuckjewellery stand B54 ✨✨✨ If you are not in London this weekend you can still see all my work via the link in my profile ✨✨✨ illustratorsofinstagram artoftheday divination tarotreading tarotdeck tarotart tarotreadersofinstagram oracle oraclecards witchart witchery witchessociety wiccans magick spell witches traditionalwitchcraft spiritanimal witchesofinstagram spellcraft wiccanlife tarot crystalball crystals sorcery druid oracledeck tarottribe triplegoddess Reposted from thewhitewitchoracle

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Up really early this morning to drive 3 hours into London to set up for mbswellbeing at London Olympia. If you are attending, come find me on the michelletuckjewellery stand B54 ✨✨✨ If you are not in London this weekend you can still see all my work via the link in my profile ✨✨✨ illustratorsofinstagram artoftheday divination tarotreading tarotdeck tarotart tarotreadersofinstagram oracle oraclecards witchart witchery witchessociety wiccans magick spell witches traditionalwitchcraft spiritanimal witchesofinstagram spellcraft wiccanlife tarot crystalball crystals sorcery druid oracledeck tarottribe triplegoddess Reposted from thewhitewitchoracle

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📸 whisper_in_the_wood with ・・・ ‘Witch in the Kitchen’ series ~ Wild Food🌿 Plantain leaves, wild sedum, dandelion greens and blossoms, sheep sorrel, daisy leaves, violet leaves and blossoms, and creeping charlie (ground ivy). I tossed these foraged greens, densely packed with nutrients, into a salad topped with fresh oregano, garlic chives, and forsythia and pansy blossoms from the garden. A simple, colorful, beautiful salad resplendent with mingling layers of interesting, sophisticated, and delicious flavor — ones that you won’t find in the produce section of the grocery store. Nor will you find vegetables that have the same kind of nutrition that’s to be found in wild food. That’s because agricultural practices, over time, strip produce of their nutrients.🌱 • Broadleaf plantain provides a mild nutty flavor, daisy leaves taste much like sweet apples, sheep sorrel leaves add a pleasing lemony-tart addition, and a pinch of creeping charlie adds an accent similar to that of rosemary with a dash of lemon. I also make batches of wild green pesto packed with dandelion greens, plantain, lambsquarters (like spinach), and violet leaves. Free food, folks, right outside your door! If you want to learn more, I recommend taking a foraging class in your area. For those in the Northeast, ledameredith ‘s books on the subject are wonderful. I will be making more short videos of these amazing wild plants, to be posted in my IGTV. Stay tuned. 💚xx wildfoodlove eattheweeds sheepsorrel plantain forage foraging wildfood herbs plantmagick plantsaremagic plantlife witch witchesofinstagram witchlife witchythings witchaesthetic greenwitch hedgewitch naturalwitch witchcraft magick instawitch witchythings solitarywitch witchythings witchesofig gardenwitch kitchenwitch witchery witchlife

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✨ Angelina Jolie ✨ Head line: Forked at the end meaning ages a great communicator (probably why shes an actor) Gridle of Venus: She enjoys thrills and excitement. Since it is”broken” she is very charing amorous but can be unfaithful. Long Mercury (pinky) She is very confident (socially & sexually), has a tendency to override others opinions and can have an unconventional streak Square Palm: Found in Air sign hands (she’s a gemini). She needs logic and order, so she will have more structure and dominance over her surroundings. Fate line: Rises from her point of moon meaning shes a self motivator and strives for her dreams. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ angelinajolie celebrity celebritypalmistry celebritytarot tarotreader psychic wicca witch witchesofinstagram tarot palmistry psychic tarotreader intuitive witchesofcolor universe numerology tarotcards magick witchaesthetic hoodoo bruja spells spellwork tarotreading instawitch witchesofinstagram palm

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Undoubtedly the wildest board in our hands, this bit of design genius from jeddone is still available. 5’9” stringerless EPS flextail, diminishing carbon Kevlar rails to channel board flex back towards the tail, quad setup. Straight up performance surfcraft, beautifully built and a great example of where a bit of innovation can take you. If you’re the sort of cosmonaut who gets this, DM or use the contact button, it’s waiting. Visual documentation by dina_a_salem quadfin, stringerless, eps, flextail, carbonkevlar, mindbender, handshaped, surfboard, jeddone, magick, 🚀, gnosticlodgeofaquaticjoy, groundcontrolareyouthere, surf, instasurf

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A picture i took of the full moon last week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📱Dm Me To Set Up An Appointment 📨Email Me: magickeclipse 📞Call Me To Set Up An Appointment ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ witch witches witchcraft witchesofinstagram magic magick occult tarot herbs candles spirits spiritual crystals wicca altar divination paganism pagan energy moon psychic nature magick crystal witchstuff earth magickal apothecary occult pentagram witchforhire

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I am lucky to be the owner of a small collection of very old books and love when I find little notes inside them or names. I love how they used to be so cautious about their calligraphy and use to sign each book. Sometimes there is 3 or more signatures in the front from different owners at different times. I don't see people doing that nowadays but I always do. I write down my name and date the book was given to me and dream about the day it will be discovered by someone else who will wonder about who I was👻 Thank you so much to everyone who has entered the giveaway so farIf you havent check yesterday's post💓

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A close up of the smoky crystal wand ✨

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Let your power shine ☀️

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Ritual is the prompt of day 24 of mythsandmagickmay by quireandquartz Here's a picture of divine wisdom candle ritual by witchcasketuk I did a while ago. I loved how simple yet powerful it was. I really felt the magick in the air. 🕯️✨

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Our spiritual healer Luna has very unique ways to help her lovesick clients. One of her many methods is her "unfortunate" cookies. Comment bellow and get your own special prophecy! Sex Magick, 11-29th of June, Barons Court Theatre 19:30 £12 early bird tickets with code EQUADOR BOOK NOW: http:/ hammersmith london play performance magick sex sexy horror blackmagic witchcraft theatre love comedy romance spiritual spells occult magic spirits devil satan witch london fortunecookie fortunecookies

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11:11💜 - If you are insecure, guess what? The rest of the world is too. Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. There is no competition when you realise that all is one unified tribe. You are better than you think. 🌹💜 Self Love - You matter 💯🐉🕯 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • A’ho Rita 💟☯️🕉♒️☮️ 11.11UniversalConsciousness 1111UniversalConsciousness YouCreateYourOwnReality 👁⚛️👁 YouCreateYourOwnReality Rita1111 AbundanceMindset Alchemist 1111BillionPounds YouAreAPowerfulCreator WealthConsciousness HermesTrismegistus Gratitude NevilleGoddard Prosperity ASKanditisGIVEN AbrahamHicks ManifestingDreams UniversalLAWS theUNIVERSEhasyourback Manifestation UnconditionalLOVE LawofAttraction VioletFlame 💜 MasterSaintGermain Magick Abundance

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This batch was so hard to photograph because they were so shinny due to the black celadon and gold luster. Photos don’t do them justice and videos do a lot better in capturing their magic but I can’t upload videos to Etsy. 🙄 Anyone got any tricks for photographing shinny work? I hope everyone has a great Friday and you enjoy your long weekend(if it applies to you) Ps. nadine.butler she’s coming for you! ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ contemporaryceramics faerie functionalpottery coffee femaleartist ceramics pottery homedecor makersmovement makersgonnamake momentsofmine crow snake tea cupoftea moonchild witchy witchythings magic magick nightscape fairytale enchanted crystal buylocal etsy

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Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way! Dr. Seuss

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I am an advocate for getting to know yourself and falling in love with you before falling in love with another. Part of getting to know you, should be knowing how you like to be loved AKA how you receive love. This is important because it allows the next person (friends, mate, parents, ) to understand you better and know how to communicate better with you. There are 5 different types! Find out yours in my bio. Click the link and take the quiz to find out your LOVE LANGUAGE 🥰😍💯 • • • EyeCreateLife RootWork FixedCandles Apothecary Spirituality Magick Blessings Occult WitchesOfInstagram Astrology AllThingsSpiritual Nature Witchcraft SpellWork IntuitiveHealer Healing Yoga Conjure Intentions MoonVibes Mindfulness TarotReadersOfInstagram Meditation InstaGood

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ☾

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The weather is absolutely heavenly this weekend, please get your ass outside and work it as hard as you can. Goals don’t come to us, we gotta go out and get them Crawl, walk, run or fly, whatever it takes to achieve your vision, make that happen without bullshittin yourself. Real talk only ✌️

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Hey everyone,  we hope you are all well It's my birthday and our son's birthday soon plus it's been nearly 3 months since opening our shop! Can't quite process that one haha, it's gone so quick Anywhoo to celebrate we have decided to run a sale on our Etsy shop We have also added some new products including this Distressed White Crystal Shelf and our first 2 Crystal Books This started as a custom shelf for the lovely dahliarose77 and we loved it so much we decided to include it in our crystal shelf range.

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Gemini season is here ♊️ my 35th birthday is tomorrow🌙and I’m feeling more grounded in my life than I have in a long time🌿 Treated myself to a little labradorite crystal from mal_wingostarrjewelry (which is the crystal of Gemini’s because of its multifaceted iridescent colors representing our many natures). 🔮Going to spend tomorrow evening eating bomb vegan food & seeing my first symphony orchestra with my main squeeze. 🙌🏻 geminisun midthirties

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Hag Stones or as we say in Germany Hühnergötter (Chicken Gods) are stones with natural holes. In folkloric beliefs you keep them around the barn to save the animals from evil and death you also can use them to ward off evil witchcraft from your house. These are perfect little protectors I have a few in stock that come in a little wooden box. Get yours at hagstones witchesofinstagram wiccan mystic magick witchaesthetic witchessociety etsy witchythings paganism handmade shopsmall ancienthearts protection vegvisir mystical folklore tradition

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If the energy in the preview resonates, then give it a watch. This is a message I've been meaning to give for some time now. 🔮 messages thebridge

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I have been spending lots of time in the woods lately and I have been busy with school and work so I haven’t had a chance to post as much, hopefully things will calm down so I can get back to my craft. 🌲✨🌙 pagan pagans paganism magick pagansofinstagram paganwitch witch witchy witchesofinstagram witches witchyvibes witchery instawitch traditionalwitchcraft occult naturalwitch greenwitch witchaesthetic witchystuff wicca solitarywitch gardenwitch spells eclecticwitch wiccansofinstagram

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Does anybody else study their cards to get to know them better? I don’t read tarot currently but I’m thinking about doing so again because this deck is just too gorgeous 👀. I do read oracle though and works just as great! DM me for all reading inquires and I’ll be happy to assist you 💞 By the way, I have something exciting to offer so so soon. It will begin at the start of July for an entire month. I’ve been working super hard on it and I hope you newbies will enjoy 😊

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The Rules for Being Human (that most of us forget upon Incarnation) 📜✨👑

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Happy Aloha Friday loves 🌞🌈🌞🌈🌞🌈🌞🌈🌞 Some of you know eye spend a lot of my time working toward gaining outlets for my lil high vibe sticker babies, (and other creations) And eye have to take a lot rejection sometimes, like a LOT But eye'm super excited that these will be headed over to our neighbor island Oahu today To Down To Earth Organic & Natural Kakaako This is my second Down To Earth location, you can also find these in the Kahalui store on Maui Eye'm so extremely grateful to these magickal islands for calling me back in this lifetime & for the activations & upgrades & for always supporting me. 💙💎💙💎💙💎💙💎💙💎💙💎 The images on these stickers are all originally watercolor paintings with sacred geometry digital image overlay for super powerful high frequency ~ loving vibes Images are available on shirts & hats too Have a beatyfull weekend huemans 💎 🌈 stickers art watercolor sacredgeometry vibratehigher hawaii lemuria mu oahu maui bigisland kakaako honolulu kahului magick sacred activate

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Ancient Future Mandala Wall Art 12" - Gold and Black with Abalone Inlay 5 layers of laser cut birch plywood, painted gold with a laser etched base that is wood stained black. 3 Abalone shell inlays in the center. A true up leveling of the Metatron’s Cube to the next dimension, layered with a 64 Tetrahedron grid and Merkaba then topped with Abalone Shell inlays. To me this pieces says ancient technology mixed with future ideas “Ancient Future Mandala” Available in our Etsy Shop radiantheartsart sacredgeometry sacredgeometryart metatronscube  metatron magick  visionaryart  visionary visionaryartist  dmttrip  dmtart dmtdreams  lsdart  lsdtrip acidart psychedelic  psychedelicart psychedelics  mandala  mandalas mandalaart  mandalaartist mandala_art fractal fractal sacredgeometrytattoo tetrahedron merkaba higherconsciousness

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Launch tonight. Super-limited. Crazy-amazing. You know if I’m making an actual post to tell you, I’m serious about it. 😉 See you at 8!

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Our heart has a powerful electromagnetic field. When measured with an electrocardiogram (EKG), it can be detected from a few feet away and is greater in amplitude and more magnetic than brainwaves. The cardiac field can be impacted by emotional states and picked up on by others’ brainwaves (check out HeartMath Institute for more research from experts). We are all connected in an energetic field. These energetics and magnetism are the highways for life force energy, know as chi, prana, Qi, etc and have a basis in quantum physics. Healing touch modalities, such as Reiki, operate within these fields. - We are literally magnetic Beings. - If you have gratitude in your heart, you are magnetizing more blessings to be grateful for. You are magnetizing others who also have gratitude in their heart. When you sit in your birthright state of love, you are expanding your field. You truly are a powerful creator of your reality. - What do you want in your life? What deeply touches your heart? What kind of people do you want around you? What makes you feel truly ALIVE? The key is to focus on that and consistently shed the layers which lower and block the expansiveness of joy and bliss in your heart space. - 🌬 Radiant blissings to your Being 🌬 - We are divinely aligned 🤲🏼✨💛✨🤲🏼

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"The woman become the ghost" I have a simple question How can you have life WITHOUT the woman?? Every last one of us came to this planet through a WOMAN so how it makes sense to praise a male deity BEFORE praising a divine FEMININE energy is BEYOND me. That will NEVER sit well with me. Without women, we are NOTHING. LITERALLY All praise should START and END with the women of this world. Period. Worshipping a male deity as your creator sounds kinda Should I say VERY homosexual to me. If there is EVER something or a plac e that excludes women completely, I don't want to be apart of that fuckery bullshit. Now I'm sure that most of you religious people might have some elaborate pre-scripted explanation for this but unless you can show me a baby that a man gave birth to I'm going to look at your explanation VERY bumboclaatly and FULL of skepticism 😂😂😂 But hey, I'm just ONE person What do I know?? Lol smh Part 1 HendrixBrown Melanin BlackPower Africa African BlackPeople spiritual spirituality spiritualawakening jesus Ankh god BlackGirlMagic BlackWomen life BlackMen AfricanSpirituality Kemet BlackLove ancestors spiritualjourney metaphysical Alchemy occult spiritualgrowth metaphysics religion BlackMagick Magick esoteric

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"The Rose gives the bees honey." Second Blood painting. The Rosicrucian Rose is simple but speaks volumes to me. I'll be doing a small series of these blood paintings, all of which will be framed and will be available for purchase ❣️ bloodart blood esoteric rosicrucian hermetic occult mystic surreal abstract abstractart darksurrealism macabre painting art illustration darkart dark artwork artistsofinstagram tattooart grunge unique uniqueart collection oddity meaning symbolic goth witchy magick

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Day 24 of the WildHeartTarotChallenge. 💛 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How might I more fully honor my seasons of grief and sadness? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 4 of Wands: Maybe by letting myself fully feel them. I think I get afraid when some turbulence comes along that my entire foundation could crumble, so I try to get over it as quickly as possible. That crumbling will likely never take place. The melancholic seasons might alter the landscape, but they (usually) can’t destroy the foundation. The good things in my life support that foundation, and are supported by that foundation. That fortitude is a splendid thing. So maybe I should sit in the rains when they come; fully feel the cold and the damp; embrace the stimuli: Do all of this knowing full well that seasons are cyclical. The sun will come again, and my foundation will remain largely unaffected. It’s not the end of the world for me. It never has been. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Happy friyay, sweet souls. 💛 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ antiqueanatomytarotephemera blackandthemoon tarot tarotcards tarotreading tarotreadersofinstagram tarotcommunity taroteverydamnday dailytarot divination flowers spirituality spiritualguidance awakening instagay gay gaywitch witch witchcraft witchesofinstagram witchessociety grief sadness thistooshallpass shadowwork selfcare tarotgram magick introvert

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Taking care of and honoring yourself is not selfish-it’s necessary for your survival and growth. Don’t sell yourself short and spend all of your time worshipping others when you are a god in your own right. What do you need?

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Spirit Jasper allows us to plug into our individuality and creativity, letting us share ourselves with the world more freely. It is a natural mood stabilizer and booster, lessening the severity of depression symptoms (in conjunction with previously prescribed treatments by your healthcare profession), and allowing peace to enter your heart. Spirit Jasper sparks our creativity, letting us create with ease. Keep a freeform piece on your desk, in your office, your studio, or wherever you feel you need that extra boost. Spirit Jasper also reminds us to practice self-care often. When we keep our emotions in check in a healthy way and pay attention to our basic needs, we can start to live a healthier life and accomplish more and more of our goals.

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👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Reposted • yourmanicdepressivedreamgirl Repost kaha.mind • • • • • • Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.⁣ ⁣ These mood shifts range from periods of extremely “up,” elated, and energized behavior (known as manic episodes) to very sad, “down,” or hopeless periods (known as depressive episodes).⁣ ⁣ So while you might want to use the term loosely or as a joke to call yourself or your friend out on seemingly inconstant behaviour, please don’t. Use capricious instead. Or fickle. Or mercurial. There’s a bunch of perfectly good words that will get the job done, while also keeping us from trivialising another’s suffering.⁣ ⁣ So let’s take this opportunity to learn, stay informed and create a community that is kind.⁣

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