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Котята помет "D" свободны для резервирования. Мальчик д.р. 19.04.2019 Все вопросы в Direct, пожалуйста. Kittens litter "D" available for reservation. Male. D.o.b. 19.04.2019 Any questions in Direct, please. mainecoon catgram instacoon mainecoonforsale kitten bigcat bigcats demuretemper cattery mainecooncattery мейнкун мейнкунростов мейнкункотята мейнкункупить forbreeding mainecoonforbreeding котята мейнкункотята kittenspace хочукотенка хочумейнкуна котятанапродажу kittenforsale availablekitten maincoon питомникмейнкунов

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Mom Yuca is proud and taking good care of her lil ones!

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Manca poco al week end! Ok Romeo, ma non arrabbiarti Se vedi il gatto a pancia in su che si strofina la schiena, puoi interpretare il suo gesto in alcuni modi diversi. Quello più probabile è che il micio ha con te un rapporto di piena fiducia e accetta di esporre la parte più delicata del suo corpo: la pancia appunto. Può anche significare che sta ascoltando il suo istinto di sottomissione a chi, nel branco, ha un ruolo più importante di lui. cat catsitter gatto catsitterbrescia likeforlikes followforfollowback adoptdontshop dogsitter mainecoon mainecooncat sbadiglio weekend aspassoconfido mainecoonworld

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Как качественно мотивировать жалкого человечишку на изучение чего-то mainecoonkitten mainecoon

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✔︎   今朝のテトさん なんかトイレに不満でもあるんすか マット押し込んで蓋しちゃってます  これ、自分でしたんやろなーとか思ったら 笑える   どんだけかわいいんですか トイレ事情 toilet ・ mainecoon mainecoon mainecooncat mainecoonlover mainecoonkitten cat catstagram kitten ねこすたぐらむ ニャンズホストクラブ catsofinstagram cutecats_oftheworld catstagramcat 1milionshoutout sweetfurryfriends ペコねこ部 pecobox mainecoonstagram catoftheday ilovecats

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Лежу, грущу Пылюсь Гормоны играют, а соседки не даются🙈😅

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The Maine Coon is famous for its big size and a heavy double layer of long hair 😼 Calm and laid-back, the Maine Coons aren’t too dependent, however, they’re very people oriented. They’re glad to move with their owners from one room to another, as well as playing with them. Most Maine Coon cats are drawn to water and might enjoy an unexpected swim. The character traits of the Maine Coon are just what you would want from a cat. They are friendly, affectionate, loving, sometimes goofy like animals that have a nature that totally belies their impressive size. The Maine Coon really is a gentle giant 😍😍😍

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🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉 Erichaus Indiana Jones MCO n22 HCM,SMA,PKD, PKdef, blood group N/N Exellent for breeding Parents are multi European Champions 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 Парня назвали Индиана Джонс! Это имя предвещает большую известность и головокружительную карьеру! Поддержим Индиану лайком и комментом!❤