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38 minutes ago

It’s whiskerwednesday and the first day of Spring! 🌷🌷🌷 I am just slightly perturbed about the tree trimmers outside-therefore one of my trademark rbf looks! 😾😹 springhassprung springisintheair stopandsmelltheflowers catsofsandiego condocat californiacat globalkittzen catsofinstagram coicommunity catstagram catstagrammer mainecoonmix mainecoongram meowdel fluffyfeline formerstreetcat seniorcat seniorcatsrock catsoftheresistance meowtoo adoptdontshop 😻🐾😎🌎🌴🌸🌺💟☮️

56 minutes ago

Throwing it back to the tiny kitty days when my mom and dad thought I was a girl for the first 3 months of my life 🙄😂- King Minxy Coon We are all looking forward to seeing how much Minx’s babies look like him! 🤗😍 can not wait until we can add this new kitty to the fam! Who else is excited to see the babies? mainecooncross mainecoonmix mainecoontabby mainecoonblacktabby mainecooncats mainecooncat mainecoonlover mainecoonlife mainecoongram mainecoonsofinstagram mainecoonsofinsta mainecoonlove mainecoonlovers cats catsofinstgram catsofinsta catloversworld catlover catsoftheworld catslifestyle