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3 weeks ago

Still working on my Harley Quinn ❤️💜 it’s been a labour of love and I’ve wanted to give up on her, but I really want to be better at finishing my projects so I’m pushing on!

1 month ago

"As long as you are at least a 10% better you than you were yesterday, you are making progress" ~Grand Masted Jason E. Wadley ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴ jdonneart jdonne art progress intheworks newart makingstuffs artinghard creative pastelexperiments pastels mixedmediums artost artostofinstagram chill sunnyday basil plantmom comingsoontoinstagram newdaynewart hacentpostedinalongehile stillalive senseisaid quotes jasonwadley tkd master grandmaster greatness senseiproverbs

2 months ago

Day 7: Plate/spoon rest flat lay . Obviously these are not spoons or plates. I haven't been able to try them, but I have ventured into wine glasses and a bowl that almost flopped, but I managed to salvage I haven't been making many other things besides mugs, so I figured these were a suitable alternative Plates and spoon lays next 10daypotterschallenge trynewthings wine wino ceramics pottery potteryofinstagram ilm makingstuffs etsymaker etsy handmade wheelthrown usefulthings nohandles

2 months ago

Day 4: Throwback (Thursday but it's Wednesday) . The mug on the right is one of my first ever attempts at making something capable of holding water long enough to drink it. It was hand built, and although this is kind of an unfair comparison, my recently made mug on the left is wheel thrown. Once I learned how to use the wheel, I only tried a few other times to make mugs with slabs . I have since learned how to pull handles rather than cutting out a strip of clay and just attaching it to the body. I've also learned more about the properties of glazing- how to keep it from running down and ruining the kiln shelf, which comes from knowing the habits of that particular glaze, or using too much . Although my early mug can hold a drink, it has bubbles from overglazing on the inside which can break or hold bacteria :/ Some things I like about it though are the texture, llthe little bun feet, and the way the glaze runs down the handle and around the little clay seal I stuck along the seam . 10daypotterschallenge alwayslearning ceramics pottery chemestry mugshot etsymaker coffee tea etsy handbuilt wheelthrown ilm makingstuffs moogs throwback usefulthings trytryagain

7 months ago

Finally trying to do a thing. Making a sword for Halloween so I don't have to carry my umbrella (it has a broadsword handle (I know, cool right?)). Forgot to take early progress photos but it started with yoga mats and a dowel rod for stability. Traced out a rough pattern twice onto the mats for the shape then glued both sides together with the rod in the middle. Had to use tape to get rid of the texture of the mat, and to hold it together while the glue held together. Attached the blade, hilt, and handle separately for a better look and feel. As you can see in the third pic, I tried using an old can of spray paint (thought it was silver with a sheen), but it's not thick enough to cover the tape, so I had to buy some primer to clear out the colour of the tape and, most importantly, the tape marks halloweencostumeprep makingstuffs doesthiscountasproductive?

9 months ago

Finished! So many lessons learned on this one! I know so many things that will be done differently on the next one. But- it is soft, and the perfect size for snuggling up. Already ready for the next one. nordictrianglesquilt modernquilter makingstuffs

1 year ago

Soooo that’s a lot of apple juice. 🙃🙃🙃 makingstuffs

2 years ago

Nice little touch for your outfit made of glass TOHO beads ☺️ handmadejewellery