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Just a little peak into what happens at the factory enjoy makingstuff

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I have a few 7mm refillable click pencils I recently made that are available. Genuine olivewood from the holyland each comes with a certificate of authenticity. ———————————————— Whether you want a nice pencil to make clean sharp lines in the woodshop like me, or your an artist everyone has a need for a pencil. So take it to the next level with something beautiful yet durable ————————————————- Hope everyone has a great day, stay safe, and keep makingstuff tctimberart woodturning penturning penmaker lathe lathework pencils pencilmaking woodworks woodworkerofinsta modernmaker moderncraftsman guildofwoodworkers woodworkforall woodcrafts woodisgood stayclassy functionalart woodart useful beautiful craftsmanship drawing🎨

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After I got my paintbox the other day - see previous post wip paintinginprogress - I decided that I needed to do a bit of sewing too. I’d seen a relaxing weighted eyemask I liked on amazon but I thought I can make that in a few minutes, so I did with my own organiclavendar straight from my garden. I used some fatquarters from stock I had already and made a smaller one along full-size one. These can be put in the freezer (in a sealed bag) and then used cold if necessary which is great for headaches. All in in a successful 20 minute craftsession 👍🏻and if you’d like to see how I made them leave a comment and I’ll do a blog tutorial 😊 sewing crafting makingstuff fabric easycrafts sewingforbeginners easycraftproject funwithfabric sewingdesign craftingwithcats TheBTeam BBHQ fabricsquares prettyfabric sewingproject sewsewsew

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Day 26: self care . I love to make myself clothes or jewelry but don't often prioritise it. So seeing today's prompt I printed myself this top. I love triangles. The top itself was a sweater that my daughter judged too small a couple of days ago but as it seems, having cut off the sleeves, it fits the mother just fine 🙃🤣. If you're looking for a thin cotton top for spring with a cool pattern I have one on my website! And if you like this pattern please shout as I haven't yet put it on there. Link in bio. And if you like printed clothes, go check out thewonkypocket She makes amazing things for . marchmeetthemaker treatyourself me myself selfie selfieofday makingstuff printing get_imprinted sustainabletextiles ecofashion heytheremaker loveprint triangles geometric selfcare linoprint blockprints handprintedtextiles fashion fashiondesign top printedclothes patternoftheday patterns slowfashionmovement slowfashion

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Are you feeling lucky? Sooo, a while ago when I had the welder out I decided to make some dice, not sure why I did so, but I did. Formed/shaped by hand using skills I have not drawn on for many years these were time consuming yet strangely satisfying to make. makingstuff handmade

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Making new tables for palletpunter and doing some upgrades on an old trailer. A new and longer draw bar on the list and some racks on the top whilst we’re at it • • • • steel steelandwood welding weld design custom 12volt install marineservices fab customfabrication makingstuff metalwork metalfab woodwork shipwright townsville townsvilleshines townsvillesmallbusiness milwaukeetools smallbusiness supportlocaltownsville handcrafted trailer palletfurniture littlespace fabrication mig reclaimedwood

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I know—for the March Meet the Maker prompt, hands at work, I was supposed to create an stunning but understated flatlay with my elegantly pastel manicured hands creating some kind of marvelous botanical watercolor that would then be put on expensive bedsheets or wedding invitations. I’m not that kind of gal. I mean, maybe I am on some days. Good stuff, pattern design. I’m just moreso the person who willfully takes writing prompts in an oddly literal direction as some sort of retroactive retribution against uninspiring journal prompts in past English classes. If I’m honest, I loved most of my English teachers. So it’s not even about that. I really needed practice drawing hands. I mean. Look at these. I need to somehow get fingers to not look like sausages. It’s an endeavor, this hand drawing thing. Anybody have an easy way to get the proportions right and reduce finger-sausageness? Enjoy the hands. Or don’t. You get to make your own choices in life; this is one of them. Love, Alex P.S. If you’ve ever wanted to turn your line drawings into vectors—Adobe Capture is truly amazing and ridiculously easy to use. It’s free on the iPhone app store and is seriously one of my favorite art tools in the world. Pro-tip: take a well lit photo of the artwork first rather than trying to take the photo within the app. For whatever reason, I’ve gotten cleaner results from pre-taken photos, even if they’re still taken from the phone camera. handsatwork marchmeetthemaker   makingstuff vectorlettering adobecapture learningtodraw drawinghands sketchings thumbnailsketch quicksketches patterndesigners surfacepatterndesign handdoodle tooliteral outlinedrawing

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While I wait for the missing fabrics and ribbons for the Edwardian chemise and the stays, I started a new little project to have me occupied. So I bought some velvet at the local stoffstil , blew some dust off my americanduchess book "guide to 18th century dressmaking" and decided to make some pearl embroidered 1790s reticule bag 😄👛 • • • americanduchess 1790 reticule bag sewing seamstress 18thcentury dressmaking pursesewing chemise stays frogreticule americanduchessbook americanduchessguideto18thcenturydressmaking norwegianseamstress costumery makingstuff

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Oops, loose in the hardware store. After giving away all my power tools recently after accepting this dodgy body and hands of mine weren't going to recover, I have to find new lighter easier tools. Who know there was so many other things to play with. I reckon hardware stores and book stores have that something in common, where you want to look, smell and touch stuff or is that just a weird neurodiverse thing hardwarestore tools makingstuff geelong faggsmitre10 toollust

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These are 18 inch guitars I made for Clay Achee’s puppet band project, ziggyandthejunkyardband . Each one is hand made to scale out of thin plywood, styrofoam, bondo, and found objects. I tried to get them as close to the actual instruments as I could, only teeny tiny. handmade garagebuilt puppet guitar bondo woodworking telecaster fendertelecaster musicmanstingray musicmanbass martind28 bassguitar acousticguitar tele ashtraybridge specialeffects propmaker scalereplica puppetshow sunburst batonrougeartist makersgonnamake sanding makingstuff not3dprinted

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Here’s a look at another color option for my Little Cat pattern. Scroll to see it on products and if you happen to want this Little Cat on one of these products, they’re available in my redbubble shop. This Little Cat pattern was inspired by my little gray cat Ipa who happens to be the coolest cat I’ve ever met.

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When I made my magic carpet necklace, I cut the pieces in a few different colours as I was undecided on the glitter, so I had enough pieces left to make a wee carpet brooch! 😁 I like that if you turn it on its side, it looks like a dejected carpet. 😮 I won't be making any for sale though as I want to make a lot less Disney stuff going forward. 😊 plasticjewellery acrylicjewellery brooches aladdin flyingcarpet makingstuff handmade lasercutacrylic lasercutjewellery magiccarpet

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Gravix by Glue Masters👇🏻 ⠀ ☑️High Quality ☑️Industrial Strength ☑️Only the best quality ⠀ Helping bring your models, puzzles, woodworking and more to completion is our goal! ⠀ «This glue is strong. It fixed a rather heavy metal Boy Scout statue/award where previous glues failed. And it works on contact and dries almost immediately. Definitely making this my favorite glue. Also very impressive was the seller who sent an email and offered help to me when I had trouble getting the cap off. The black cap, I learned comes off easily with a small plier. No need to struggle». Dorothy ⠀ Check the link in bio for more information😊 ⠀ glue gluegun siliconemold crafty lovecrafting makingstuff gravix cyanoacrylate superglue supergluestore superglued cyanoacrylate woodglue woodworks glueup 3dsculpting 3dartist keyshot 3dsculpt blender3d 3dvizualization 3drender cgartist 3dar

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Day 24/25 customer feedback/how its made. marchmeetthemaker2019 marchmeetthemaker meetthemaker. Early days for me but feedback so far has been positive with folks appreciating the simplicity How it's made?with love offcourse! ❤️ handmadeinscotland handmadejewelry handmadejewellery silverearrings geometricearrings simple earringsoftheday contemporary earrings jewellery instapic jewelrydesigner earringstagram🔝 slowmovement silver design makingstuff photography madewithlove simplestyle

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Taking steps to get back on my shit! Here's the front and back of the new stationery going out with orders. I am backed up on customs stillforever. But i am trying to balance that and getting everything back up on etsy aaaannnddd 2 jobs and overwhelming laziness. Soon my friends, i will be more active. makingstuff Etsy stamp heady bird firststeps hummingbird video gothic gypsy dablife shrooms boho stationery aliceinwonderland wonderland stamped handmade smallbusiness wirewrapped jewelry mmj jewelrybox getyourshittogether packaging highsociety letters

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Today I made my 250th sale! I’m not sharing to toot my own horn, but to motivate new sellers out there. I’ve nearly matched my 2018 total sales in the last three months, and I am beyond grateful. 🖤 I know I still have a lot of goals to reach, but to anybody just getting started, you’ve got this! We’ve got this! Let’s reach our goals together 💪

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File folders of scraps organized by color and plenty of strips of paperboard stand on a shelf near my craft supplies, ready to be used for cards like this. Cut up shopping bags, watercolor pieces I’m sick of looking at, Cheez-it boxes, many of them get a second life as embellishments. I feel an oddly strong responsibility to care for things I acquire that seems to extend to packaging. I want things to go to good use, to feel like they got to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. As one of my favorite bloggers put it; it’s not that our society is too materialistic, it’s that in many ways, we’re not materialistic enough. ( There’s something marvelous about caring for things. Just listen to mariekondo talk about how your socks should be rolled so they can rest, not stretch-tucked, when stored. I was always a stretch-tucker, but gave the roll-fold a try and whaddaya know, my socks do seem happier. Or go read patrickrothfuss’s book The Slow Regard of Silent Things. It’s a deeply lovely book—poetic, somewhat low on plot, but in a good way—full of quiet beauty and attentiveness. The title is descriptive, it’s about a wispy character named Auri who spends her days regarding things she encounters with reverence and love. marchmeetthemaker reducingwaste cardboardart mykonmari tidyingupwithmariekondo patrickrothfuss cheezit reusereducerecycle creativereuse cardmakingideas makingstuff creative_reuse craftideas cheapart raptitude