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Tomatin legacy , an chicken :) Cask Type: Matured in a combination of Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks Strength: 43% alcvol. When Tomatin Distillery was established in 1897, the isolated and idyllic setting of Tomatin was almost perfect. However there wasn’t a local workforce; the local inhabitants were scattered shepherds and cattle drovers. The company began a project of construction to accommodate its workforce. Since that time the distillery has been at the heart of the community and the community at the heart of the distillery. This legacy has continued and Tomatin remains one of the few distilleries to provide a home for its dedicated craftsmen. Time in Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks brings a light sweetness to The Tomatin Legacy, which boasts aromas of vanilla, marshmallow, pineapple and lemon. On the palate gentle flavours of candy, pine, lemon sherbet, apples and sponge cake emerge ahead of a light, clean finish. whiskylover whiskyporn homebar maltwhisky bar food foodporn chicken malt whisky omg

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Distillery KingCar is located in YilanCounty, Taiwan. Kavalan is Taiwan’s whiskymaker and the nation’s only family-owned whisky distillery. As Taiwan is hot, spirits extracts flavour from oak faster. Maybe this is the reason of Kavalan Sherry goodand rich taste ;) By the way color is beautiful. So what did you think? Like it? 💛Love it? whiskyevenings haveyoutriedit whisky whiskytasting kavalan kavalansherryoak whiskyfromtaiwan Taiwan sherryoak sherry sherrycask whiskylovers malt whiskylove whiskytime whiskycollection whiskycollector whiskyblogger singlemalt singlemaltwhisky whiskyblog whiskydistillery whiskyday whiskyintheair instawhisky maltwhisky whiskyporn

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All set for a private and food matching session! Ian from our expert tasting team sent us this shot from a he ran this week, matched with some incredible produce from our very own amber_restaurant_edin! From left to right: auchentoshan Three Wood with venison salami, oldpulteneymalt 12 year old with smoked salmon, glenfarclasdistillery 105 with 85% cocoa chocolate, and lagavulinwhisky 16 year old with Applewood smoked cheddar. Anyone else feeling hungry? (📸: ianclem) : : : : : Picture of scotchwhiskyexp Follow me collection.whiskeyig if you like whiskyhk whiskyaddict maltwhisky whiskyfest whisky_droid whiskeylullaby whiskeyinateacup whiskeyriver whiskeysmash whiskeyporn

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When your glass is the exact colour of your drink! 🥃 Set of very tall whisky glasses in leather holders, handmade, on a pressed natural wood tray by Ary Sweden, all 1970s except unfortunately the bottle 😉 Whiskyglasses vintagebarware seventies custom rodeo maltwhisky vintageglass compassboxwhisky scotchwhiskey scotch scotchlover scotchwhisky scotchgirl etsyvintage blendedscotchwhisky whisky whiskyagogo cocktails whiskyriver whiskybar whiskey whiskylover whiskytasting whiskygram

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Came through Drippin’! Drip Drip! 😮🐒🍦🥃😍 . Sitting by the pool in Vegas taking calls and answering emails But thinking the entire time how awesome it’d be if I had some of this! RightNow! tipsyscoop for the win always! Whisky How You Want!

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Glenfiddich Experimental Line up 😍😍😍

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"Lonely flowers in a lowland-park, found a soul mate in Highland Park." My wife monanymoen69 stumbled over Highland Park 14 YO last week - and I'll tell you: It is totally worth the money. ::::: Highland Park 14 YO Loyalty Of The Wolf, is one of four in a series from EXPLORE OUR FLAVOURS. ::::: Matured in Sherry seasoned American oak and ex-bourbon casks. Natural colour. ::::: Nose: Impeccable nose. Sherryfruity and fudge. Vanilla and orange marmalade. Hint of peat and nutmeg. Palate: Applecake with cinnamon. Ginger. More vanilla. Butterscotch. Orange peel and honey. Lightly peated. Malted barley. The aftertaste is lightly peppery and sweet. Wonderful dram 👍 ::::: highlandmalt singlemaltwhisky highlandpark maltwhisky ilovewhisky whiskylover whisky viski whiskey whiskyporn whiskygram instadram instamalt instawhisky whiskygeek glencairnglass loyaltyofthewolf theglencairnglass flowers spring highlandparkofficial

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Monkey Shoulder is a mix of three different Single Malts - Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie - and is great with mixers or just on its own! Smooth, sweet and very easy to drink 🥃 maltwhisky whiskey mewswetherby wetherby scotch

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“I think forgiveness has been highly underrated.” - Father James Хотите поговорить о боге? Тема сложная, поэтому вискарь нужен суровый и с характером. Anonymous parishioner: I’m going to kill you Father. Father James: Certainly a startling opening line. На самом деле не может быть никаких вопросов. Вера не является знанием и не должна иметь доказуемые свойства. Иначе перестанет быть верой. Father James: What is faith? For most people is the fear of death. It's nothing more than that. If that's all it is, it's very easy to lose. Тут виски может начать играть важную роль. Milo: Why do people kill themselves, Father? Father James: Why do people kill themselves? What do you think? Вроде бы наши мысли это то, что отличает нас от животных. The Writer: You know how you can tell when you're really getting old? Father James: How? The Writer: No-one ever says the word 'death' around you any more. Фильм оставил светлое ощущение внутри. Лафройг не даст соврать ) Calvary x Laphroaig 10 Drink: Laphroaig 10 Type: Single malt whisky Region: Islay, Scotland Movie: Calvary Director: John Michael McDonagh Stars: Brendan Gleeson, Chris O'Dowd, Kelly Reilly, Aidan Gillen, Dylan Moran Country: Ireland, United Kingdom Release: 2014 winematography винематография wineandmovie winesandmovies wineandmoviepairing winesandmoviespairing artofdrinking киноивино виносочетания исскуствопить винныйблог киноблог laphroaig laphroaig виски whisky islay islaywhisky islaysinglemalt maltwhisky singlemaltscotch singlemaltwhisky singlemaltscotchwhisky scotland calvarymovie johnmichaelmcdonagh brendangleeson chrisodowd kellyreilly aidangillen

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Welcome to the family! • • Signatory Vintage : The Whisky Barrel - Exclusives. • • The Glenlivet (MK III) and GlenAllachie are the latest to join our bold label series of single cask, cask strength exclusives. • • Find out more over at our blog *link in bio* TheWhiskyBarrel

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Whisky made in the early days in Scotland was un-aged, high-proof, clear spirit. It was often served in glass jars with honey or fresh herbs to disguise the harsher flavors. - | Learn more by taking our Whisky Experience Tour, book using the link in the bio | WhiskyFacts WhiskyHistory WhiskyExperienceTour WhiskyTour vadistillery vadistilleryco vaspirits maltwhisky barrelaged americanwhisky mountainwhisky mountainmade craftspirits whisky whiskey imbibe localspirits artisanspirits drinkresponsibly madeinvirginia loveVA

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Revealed! NEW EXCLUSIVE SCOTCH! • • Glenlivet and Glenallachie | Single Cask | Cask Strength | Both Aged 11 Years | Both 2007 Vintage | Both 1st Fill Sherry Hogsheads • • The 3rd Glenlivet to hit our exclusive bold label series from Signatory Vintage. Sister cask 900128. 66.0% and just 289 bottles. • • And a first Glenallachie single cask. Cask 900169 at 61.3% and 324 bottles. • • Two superb exclusive whiskies only available at -

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ちょっと遅れて営業開始です。 十年一昔と言いますが、最近は5年ほどで物事の移り変わりが、もしかしたら1~3年で事情が移ろいでいっているように感じます。 ボウモアは10年ごとに様々な表情を魅せる味わいかと思っていましたが、もしかしたらアイラ島で最も流行りを思わせるウイスキーかもしれませんね。 置いていかれると寂しさと愛着を残します。 名古屋 鶴舞 千代田 jr鶴舞駅付近 地下鉄鶴舞線も近い ウエイターウエイター waiterwaiter ウイスキー モルトウイスキー アイラモルト ボウモア ソサエティ whisky maltwhisky islaywhisky bowmore society

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At Tullibardine we believe that whisky can be enjoyed in many forms. If you're new to whisky or just fancy mixing it up, why not try our new cocktail, Gold Leith courtesy of our friends at nauticusbar 50 ml Tullibardine Sovereign 20ml Great British vermouth 15ml 2:1 Lyles golden syrup 5 dashes of orange bitters Method: Mix two parts of Lyles golden syrup with one-part water. Add 15ml of the mix to a shaker and reserve the rest for use another time. Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker, shake with ice, strain into a glass to serve. Garnish with a 🍋twist theliqrcabinet littleladyofleith Photo by tullibardinewhisky Follow me whiskey.worlds if you love whiskyouaguadecoco suntorywhisky maltwhisky whiskyporn whiskyfest whiskyworld whiskeytime whiskeybent whiskeycoke whiskeylovers whiskeyshots whiskeymyers

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The spirit safe at Glencadam is an incredibly important piece of equipment, used to monitor and ensure the high quality of our whisky glencadamwhisky glencadamdistillery

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Thoroughly enjoyed the tour we did at Ardbeg yesterday. We took the tasting tour - a one hour tour of the distillery followed by 5 drams in the tasting room. Katy, our tour guide was very knowledgeable, engaging and passionate about the whisky and Islay. The heavily peated 10 year old Ardbeg is among my favourites but we also got to try An Oa, Uigeadail, Corryvreckan and Perpetuum. If only all Monday mornings could start this way. To soak up some of the whisky we stayed for lunch too. Thanks to fullstopnextchapter for driving 🤪 Islay Scotland Whisky MaltWhisky ScottishWhisky LoveScotland WhiskyLover Travel ExploreScotland ArgyllandBute WildAboutArgyll TravelSnaps FindYourTrail LetsGoEverywhere

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Session 1 tickets are SOLD OUT at ticketsscotland but there are a few left at BonAccord if you're quick! Still Session 2 tickets available at both outlets. See the link in our bio to buy from Tickets Scotland online.

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こんばんは󾌰󾀈田口です。 酒にまみれたお休みも終わり、今日からまたほどほどに頑張ります󾭠 こちらのウイスキー、お安く提供致します。 kavalan カバラン・ソリスト・シェリーカスク 900エンでござんす󾬄破格でっしゃろ󾌱 無くなり次第終了です。 どぞ、よろしく󾮔 bar boccobar whisky whiskey gin vodka cocktail bartender fujinomiya scotch bourbon cognac maltwhisky whiskylife whiskeylife whiskygram whiskeygram bartenders bartenderslife cigaradviser kavalansolist バー ボッコバー ウイスキー カクテル モルトウイスキー カバラン 富士宮 西富士宮駅前

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ᆞ 주말에 파주에 놀러간김에 들렸던 파파살롱🎶 ᆞ 분위기 완전 좋은 파주 스테이크맛집🎈 파주 출판단지랑 아울렛이 가까이 있어좋고 예쁜인싸사진도 찍을수 있는 곳이라좋았어요~ ᆞ 스테이크 완전 꿀맛😋 라프로익 마셨는데 분위기와 좋은 술에 취해서 친구들이랑 시간가는줄 모를정도로 분위기좋았어요😅 papasalon 파주운정맛집 파주스테이크 스테이크 몰트위스키 Maltwhisky 싱글몰트위스키 Singlemaltwhisky 파주 분위기깡패 위스키 라프로익 laphroaig 파주출판단지맛집 파주스테이크맛집 파주위스키 스테이크바 Steak 파주데이트 운정맛집 스테이크맛집 힐링맛집 파주아울렛맛집 먹스타그램

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from southernluxurylife⠀⠀ 【KENTUCKY OWL】⠀⠀ ケンタッキーオウルライウイスキーは、1879年に登場して2014年に復活を遂げたケンタッキー・オウルブランド。7つもの受賞歴のあるバーボンを発売してきた実力派。1916年に禁酒運動の影響を受けて生産を中断、すでに蒸溜されていたストックは倉庫で保管されていたが、1918年不審火によりそのすべてを消失。以後長年に渡りブランドは消滅していたが、2008年にカルフォルニアのワイン醸造家の手によって復活。現在はルクセンブルクに本拠地を置く酒類企業グループSPIグループによって買収されている。⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ウィスキー ウィスキーロック ウィスキーがお好きでしょ モルトウィスキー アイラモルト スペイサイド モルト リンクウッド シングルモルト⠀⠀ whisky whiskey maltwhisky whiskylover scotchwhisky singlemalt whiskygram linkwood

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【ウィスキー愛好家に陰ながら愛される、Knockando1973】⠀⠀ andries_klomp⠀⠀ ノッカンドゥはシングルモルトとしてはあまり知られていない蒸留所で、そのほとんどがブレンデッド・ウイスキーJ&Bの構成原酒として使われています。仕上がりに納得のあるもののみをシングルモルトで発売しており、繊細かつ華やかな麦芽の香味とエステル香をストレートに感じられる、シングルモルトとしてはとてもスタンダードな味わい。あまり知られていないウイスキーだが、ウイスキー愛好家からは高い評価を得ています。⠀⠀ アルコール度数:43%⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Thank you andries_klomp for your love to whisky!⠀⠀ ウィスキー ウィスキーロック ウィスキーがお好きでしょ モルトウィスキー アイラモルト スペイサイド モルト ノッカンドゥ⠀⠀ whisky whiskey maltwhisky whiskylover scotchwhisky singlemalt whiskygram knockando

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A good yeast will always RISE to the occasion. - We use 2 different kinds of yeasts in our proprietary blend. One is considered the workhorse, converting sugar into alcohol. The second is used to develop aromas and flavors of tropical fruit. - | Follow along with our production process every week with AmericanSingleMalt CourageandConviction or sign up for our Whisky Experience Tour, click the link in our bio. | vadistillery vadistilleryco vaspirits maltwhisky barrelaged americanwhisky mountainwhisky mountainmade craftspirits whisky whiskey imbibe localspirits artisanspirits drinkresponsibly madeinvirginia loveVA whiskyexperience singlemaltwhisky singlemalt liquidcourage cuvee bourbon sherry

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Drams of cardhuwhisky 12 year and enjoying the Manchester skyline tonight 🌃 🥃 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ From the 👃 we get a honey like richness with hints of smoke and oak with subtle scents of apple and pears. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ From the pallet we get hints of peat and oak to start with. This smooth and well rounded whisky has characters of caramel and honey🍯. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀