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I don’t like it, I love it?!?!?! First session in 3 weeks. Only went because I had to see this beautiful select studio here in Manhattan Thanks to Danielle for coaching us for another amazing OTF workout! Yes, I was extremely sad I didn’t get to row much at all- just warm up. Such a beautiful studio, the staff and members are all so friendly and such an amazing atmosphere. If you’re ever in NYC, come check out this studio morelife otf orangetheoryfitness running groupfitness neverstopexploring manhattan nyc bleedorange

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NYC ACC Death Row Will be killed Thursday, May 23rd at Noon Officer Moo (Manhattan ACC) Female bicolorcat tuxedocat Approximately 10 years old. seniorcat Brought in as an agency on May 5th, 2019. Diagnosed with a severe upper respiratory infection (common cat cold) which is contagious to other animals. Currently not eating and has newly onset blindness which may be due to blood pressure. Follow up vet care is recommended. Behaviorally suited for most homes. ———————————————— nycacc nycacckills nyccats catsofnyc deathrowcats deathrowcatofnycacc rescuecats adoptdontshop nokillshelter ninelives catlove cat catsofinstagram catlovers Share, Adopt or Foster & Save a life Contact: New Hope Shelter 212.788.4000 At manhattan ACC brooklynACC manhattanACC accnyc brooklyn animalcarecenter nyc ues uppereastside animalcarecentersofnyc Free transit contact mustlovecatsnyc ——————————————— Death_Row_cats_nyc is not in any way affiliated with the ACC. I’m just a normal person working a 9-5 job, doing this in my spare time. All of the information comes from the ACC’s Facebook page.

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Я приехала в Нью-Йорк вконце июня 2016 года. Мне тогда было 49 лет. Скоро будет 3 года как я живу в Америке. Сейчас я могу с уверенностью сказать: в России жить легче Но в Америке чувствуешь себя более защищенно. Я хочу рассказать вам о моем опыте жизни в Америке, о людях, с которыми я столкнулась, живя в Нью-Йорке, о красивых местах, которые я увидела. Если вы хотите о чем - то меня спросить- напишите мне. ny нью йорк живувамерике liveinamerika manhattan манхэттен небоскребы гудзон hutson skyskaper sky небо water вода вопрос ответ question answer

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I saw bryancranston tonight in networkonbroadway and was totally blown away. I’ve made a personal commitment to see more live theater this year, and Network was beyond my expectations. He’s always been a favorite actor of mine, but this was a whole different level. Drawn/Painted in Procreate over about 40 minutes because I couldn’t wait fanart bryancranstonart art nycartist bryancranston network procreate ipadpro digitalart digitalpainting timelapse manhattan broadwayart breakingbad walterwhite actor nycart

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New York🇺🇲

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5/26: Spring Party in Brooklyn. Music: House, AfroHouse, DeepHouse, AfroTechno, AfroBeats & more. Come out, you’re invited 🙌🏾. 4PM. Link in bio.

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thank you to everyone who supported my dream of being a flower princess, very grateful to already have friends who put up with my ridiculousness 👑🌸🥂 floralasfuck

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iTOMB I know you’re not seeing the changes, but structurally, things have gotten a lot better. Wind has been my teacher this week. And a good one. She stands tall and strong now.

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🌾 Sot-bap 🍚 . Keep up the good work! One more day till Friday We all deserve this Sot-bap with UNI and TRUFFLES on the top. true

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Si cruzas a Brooklyn, podes quedarte por DUMBO -es la zona abajo del puente a la izquierda- Tenes de todo con mucha onda, bares, cafés, locales • frontgeneralstore es una tienda vintage y nos encanto Cosas muy lindas y hasta parecen nuevas 🧳👚👓 nyc newyork manhattan travel trip enjoy art