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homewrecker or how to be a heartbreaker?💕

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My new Friend Cliff - - Saw this is probably the 5th time I’ve seen this gentleman at the marina blowing his Conch at Sunset. Today I approached him and said “ excuse me sir, if its ok with you I’d love to take your picture of you blowing your conch” . He instantly said of course and seemed happy 😊 - - I took a couple photos of him and one with him and his wife, they were soo cute Can only hope I grow old with you like that rachelthedolphin . I introduced myself and we got to talking. Come to find out , his conch blowing has a meaning. His friend passed away , that use to do it every single sunset. So ole Cliff is keeping it Alive! I told him how appreciative I was for him and what a beautiful thing he is doing! - - Keep on keeping on my friend ❤️

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disconnect or electra heart?💙

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Marinara at the Jingle Bell Ball (2018) love this look❤️❤️

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Favorite season? Mine would have to be the fall🐞

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school is out in 2 weeks💎

22 minutes ago

Visit the Bentley stand on the boardwalk and see their spectacular display of luxury cars including the new continental GT convertible. What better place to celebrate 100 years of Bentley than right here under beautiful blue skies at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show?

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A tfj edit because I never edit her I’m sorry sis😳😳✌🏼

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“Ela une o mar Com o meu olhar Ela só precisa existir Pra me completar” marina

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I thought this sailboat mast was cool against the blue sky!

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Franja grita socorro! 😑

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Wow 😲 Today was a day for real. 5 house showings, Case’s school picnic that I failed at by the way, grocery shopping, shuffling vehicles, and . Stressed out of my mind. keep me on my toes, but really its life that does. All day I was looking forward to pizza 🍕 night , dinner time rolled around, all I could think about was just sitting still staring at the wall bc damnit Im exhausted. We hung out on my dads boat this evening, watching boaters kick off the holiday weekend. This dude got to fish 🎣 a little and he was the perfect gentleman all evening. A big help. A breath of fresh air from his big personality. momofboys boating summertime campground rvpark rvliving marina memorialday weekendvibes memories america oldnavy fishing sunshine handsome

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Looking for entertainment the whole family can enjoy? From cocktail creations, live cooking demonstrations and educations sessions, the Main Stage will provide a fast and fun schedule of entertainment all weekend at SCIBS!

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Love the bayfront! Who wants to go sailing?

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The dynamodonut kiosk located in SF’s Presidio is open on the weekends from 8am-1pm! Come for some fun 🍩 My friend and I had the Passion fruit with milk chocolate (right) and the lime jalapeño (left) with a latte and mocha to drink. 🌶🍫☕️💞

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dolphin 🐬 🐬🐬😍👍✨✨✨ イルカ の群れに遭遇‼︎💖 大きくて 綺麗可愛い 💕✨ 🛥の周りを行ったり来たり‼︎🐬 可愛いすぎる 😍🐬✨ しばらく一緒に遊んでました😁👍✨ イルカが来ると魚が釣れないので漁師さんたちは嫌がりますが…。 私達は大喜び😁👍🐬🛥✨ クルージング 日和✨ 最後の pic は一緒に行った アメ車 屋さんのお店の car 🇺🇸🚗 かっちょいい 👍💕 ガレージピース boat dolphins kawaii enjoy happy f4f l4l likeforlikes sea cruising fishing yamaha sc30ex marina marine

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Who sells their boat RIGHT before one of the biggest lake weekends of the year? 🙋‍♀️ but boat shopping has got us to the lake anyway ✌

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Marina’s Twitter account is now run by her team🧡

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and we've tried so many times, to start again.

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여수에 섬 마스터 플랜 프로젝트 중 내가 계획했던 마리나리조트~~ 마리나리조트라는 느낌을 주기 위해 1층 부분의 피로티 오픈공간을 두어 마치 배가 바다에 부유하고 있는 것처럼 느낄수 있게 입면 디자인을 했다 정면에 장변 매스면적이 커서 답답해 보일수 있어서 중간에 타원형의 보이드 공간을 두어 개방된 느낌으로 디자인했다 Marina Resort that I planned for Yeosu Island Master Plan project~~ To give the impression of Marina Resort, the first-floor open space was designed to make the boat feel as if it were floating in the sea. The long side of the mass on the front of the resort might make it look stuffy, so we placed an oval void in the middle of the design to make it feel open. 건축 건축가 인테리어 하우스 빌딩 숙박시설 리조트 리모델링 공간디자인 하우스 디자인 건축물 마리나 여수 셀프인테리어 architecture design house diy interior home design building boat space architect hotel resort remodeling marina selfinterior

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My Painting.Sold work.GOOD LUCK AND RISE WITH THE WIND!🌊 lovely marinistics theme. Картина в интерьере.Холст,масло.Just for virtual watching .Oil on canvas, of 2016 ., in private collection. Laura Aiym (c). seascape seascapes art artist contemporaryart interior sea seaview paintinggallery картинамаслом oilpainting маринисты seapainting sailing ship shippainting картинамаслом kazakhartist contemporaryartist marina морскойпейзаж море oiloncanvas живопись paintings painting seaview искусство flowers маслохолст картины картиныалматы