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Not sure if to rent or buy? Here’s some help so you can decide! 🏠

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Branding should be number one for your business! 👍 Follow us 👉 mstvmarketing / / / Dm us if you want a free consulting call with our experts on how to improve your social media presence and overall online marketing strategy! 💯

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ContentMarketingIdea ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Share WHERE you are! 📍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I'm very excited to see where you take this content idea [pun intended]. We often assume our customers know where we are, where to find us, where to follow us. We should know better than to assume, right?! Use this type of post to tell them! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A few creative ideas to try when sharing 'I AM HERE': 💡Is your biz online? Share your website. 💡Do you want to spread the word of other social platforms you are marketing on? "Hey Facebook fans, we're having fun on Instagram" 💡Do you have an office space or a brick & mortar? Share the details, Show a pic of your office or bldg. 💡Are your products sold at a retail spot? Share the location, the links, make it easy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💡This social post idea can be repeated many times so remember to create and repurpose loveyourbiz femaleentrepreneur onlinebusiness onlinemarketing onlinebiz womeninbiz socialmediamarketing contentmarketing bizcoach bizguide intentionalmarketing inspiration digitalmarketing quotes marketingtip marketingtips herestothecreatives businesswoman femalefounders goalsetting creativeentrepreneur buildyourbiz marketingideas fempreneur womenhelpingwomen selfgrowth digitalmarketer marketingstrategist digitalmarketingtips

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Grateful is an understatement of how I feel when I think of how far I've come. Do I still have work to do? Hell Yeah But I thank GOD I'm not where I use to be 🙄. ▫ In order to change your situation, you have to change your actions, aren't you ready to change your life?

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Spudłuj x10 Traf x1 📸💭 Im więcej patrzę na to, co składa się na markę osobistą, tym bardziej widzę, że kluczem do sukcesu jest systematyczność i koncentracja. Przestań tak źle oceniać swój kontent. Przestań pytać, czy to, co tworzysz, jest wystarczająco dobre. Dziś ważne na którym miejscu stawiamy ilość i jakość. Potrzebujesz tej ilości, ponieważ marki rozwijają się po tym jednym konkretnym „trafieniu”. Rzeczy i pomysły powstają latami, a często spełniają się w ciągu kilku chwil. Musisz wystawić te 10 słabych zdjęć, żeby się dowiedzieć, które zaistnieje. Musisz porozmawiać z 10 osobami, zanim znajdziesz tą jedną która naprawdę chce słuchać. Zastanawiam się, dlaczego ludzie uczą się, że jakość jest ważniejsza niż ilość. POTRZEBUJESZ tych dziesięciu chybień, aby zrobić jedną rzecz, która się wstrzeli tak jak chcesz 🙏🏽 entrepreneur markaosobista personalbrand youngboss przedsiębiorca trojmiastopl polskichłopak internetbusiness marketingtip szczęście

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Glad to be invited for speaking on DigitalMarketing for startups. Learned a lot from other successful founders of successful & growing digital agencies.

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Starting is the hardest part ‼️ Let us know what is stopping you from achieving your dreams! firstbranchmarketing TAG a friend who has an idea but refuses to start and needs to see this firstbranchmarketing

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Not only will we have hair scarves at our pop-ups coming up, but we will have hair scrunchies too! ✨ Don’t miss out on our market sales & specials!

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We live in an age of increasingly selective shoppers. From the first moment your customer finds your brand, they're looking for cracks in the hull. This is a good thing! People hope to find brands they can trust and relate to, who are transparent and fair in all aspects of their business. Any good company should strive to uphold their integrity, as this benefits everyone involved.⁣ •⁣ Because people are much more discerning these days, you have all the more opportunity to express your mission and tell your story. This process is just as visual as it is written, which is where the trouble tends to spark up.⁣ •⁣ Aesthetics can do a lot when it comes to communication. Have you defined your brand identity yet? This is the kind of question that breaks down into a thousand tiny questions. We can guide you through, all you have to do is reach out!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ MobileMind mobilemindagency simplicityiskey influencermarketing brandconsulting brandingtips brandinginspiration digitalmarketingagency socialmarketingtips influencerswanted influenceragency marketingtip marketingstrategies eyecatching buildyourbrand buildyourdream socialinfluencer digitalmarketingstrategy successisyours moveahead anythingispossible prtips seotips brandconsultant marketingcampaign logodesigners brandidentitydesign

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⁣This makes me think of a few nightmare clients from days past. You know the type: "I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it.". ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ 🚫🚫🚫 ABORT MISSION. 🛑🛑🛑 ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Now, don't get me wrong. If we work together, I don't need you to know EVERYTHING about what you hope to accomplish. But please don't hire a writer until you at least have a general idea of what you want. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ A horse can't simultaneously run in multiple directions. 🐎⁣ ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ idealclient writingprocess contentwriter contentwriting contentstrategy digitalmarketingtips marketingtip marketingadvice marketingservices socialmediacontent digitalcontent trustyaprocess processoverproduct clientwork socialmediacontent socialmediatip socialmediamarketer socialmediaservices marketingcampaign

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Brainstorming business ideas with a mimosa in hand is always a good idea 🥂

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This Girl WON'T Stop⁣⠀ 👇🏽⁣⠀ Shout out to all the women who refuse to stop because things get hard.⁣⠀ 🔥⁣⠀ Shout out to all the women who are going through struggles but keep pushing through with positivity.⁣⠀ 🔥 ⁣⠀ Shout out to all the women who are on a mission to pursue their dreams.⁣⠀ ❤️⁣⠀ You've got this girl - keep going!

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Life is not meant to be perfect, you need to figure it out while experiencing the good and the bad, it's a long way, but you just have to enjoy your journey and make the most out of life. Happy Weekend! ✨😉❤️

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In this video I teach you the 3 Major Keys that allowed me to help my client gain 80k real Instagram followers in just 90 days. Tap the link in my bio to watch the full video ⤵ itsseandaniel I was able to help my client, Brandon Tatum, organically grow his Instagram from 20k to 100k without doing any advertisements, any following and unfollowing, or even by paying for any followers. But instead, we achieved this rapid growth in Instagram followers by implementing these 3 Major Keys that I share with you in this video. Tap the link in my bio to watch the full video ⤵ itsseandaniel⁣ .⁣ .⁣ SocialMediaMarketer InstagramTips socialmediamarketingtip scriptwriter socialmediamarketingagency socialmediasuccess digitalmarketingagency InstagramGrowth digitalmarketingtools InstagramHacks socialmediaqueen socialmediacontent socialmediamanager socialmediahelp socialmediaexpert entrepreneurlife entrepreneurmindset socialmediaguru sidehustle businessbabes socialmediabusiness socialmedia101 socialmediahelp marketingtip socialmediastrategies socialmediacoach

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Give people a reason to visit and re-visit your website. Blogs on your products, services, tips, and company news can keep them coming back for more. Contact us to see how we can help you. NAYA NAYACayman LifeByDesign MarketingTip WebDesign Blog

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Honestly it’s good to have people who light up your life with no strings attached. 🌈 • • MarketingTip 28 • • Make online friends. Having them support you online and being consistent about it will not only boost your profile but your spirits. 🥂 ‼️ALSO‼️ Have you joined the CJContentChallenge ? We’re doing a month worth of posting. One post every day of the month! I would love if we all supported each other! If you’re going to do it use the above! Every person that uses it I will comment & like! Tag someone in your photo that you are challenging to grow the support! • • For more tips and advice visit 💎

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We recommend giving your social strategies double the love with video. It's how our business marketing puts your brand name to a face, providing more viewers a reason to click, watch, and share more often. Read what else video can do, here.

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The Three M’s Of Marketing • Perfecting your marketing is crucial. Marketing has 3 M’s; your market, message, and media. Any successful company has it’s target market, message, and media brought down to a science. In order to have a successful marketing tactic, you must understand these 3 M’s and implement them into your marketing now! • Are you using these for your marketing?👇👇 • Follow apgrowth for more content • • • • • marketingideas marketingagency marketingautomation marketingestrategico marketingtip marketingconsultant businessideas businesstip entrepreneurlife entrepreneurn entreprenuermindset entrepreneurgoals growth mindset grind hustle successtip

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If you're feeling unmotivated, try taking some time away from your business so that you can really come back and focus on work. Take a walk, go to the store and grab a snack, or even move to a new location to help yourself get your mind back on work. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What do you do to stay focused every day? Comment below! ⬇️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ businesstip businessideas entrepreneur entrepreneurs entrepreneurship businessowner businessowners businessownership entrepreneurgoals entrepreneurjourney businessgoals businessjourney marketingstrategies marketingtools marketingtip businesstip businesscoach businessadvice smallbiztips businessstrategist womeninbusiness marketingstrategy marketingtips marketingstrategy entrepreneurtips entrepreneuradvice businessstrategy businesswomen smallbusinesstips smallbusinessideas

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👉🏼 Don’t underestimate the power of consistency

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Don’t settle. Stay driven. Don’t accept “nice and comfortable.“ Strive for ABUNDANCE. Then you can really begin to help others by giving back. 💪❤️🙏😁

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When you're creating a sales flow there is one thing that matters more than anything else. More than your offer. More than your copy. More than the number of emails you have. That thing is VALUE. Your sales flow must, must, MUST focus on providing TONS of value to your audience. As they are lead through it they should be experiencing a complete transformation from the amazing VALUE you're providing themfor FREE. "But if I give them too much free info they'll never buy from me!" FALSE. The more value you can provide them and the bigger of a transformation they can experience through your free content, the more likely they'll be to purchase from you when the time comes. So, if your sales flow is lacking and all you're seeing are a few sales here and there, take the time today to review and add more VALUE marketing marketingtip digitalmarketing strategy marketingsuccess content contentmarketing contentmarketingtip email emailtip emailmarketing emails salesfunnel salesfunneltip sales funnel funnelhack goaldigger spiritualbosslady ladyboss girlboss bossbabe bosswitch entrepreneur womenentrepreneur makemarketingeasy marketingaligned magicalmarketing kylieide kylieidemarketing

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DIRECTIONAL THINKING ⠀ To succeed or not to succeed is the answer to the question itself. We may not exclude one from the other given the nature of success witch is a natural phenomenon derived from whatever you call it, subconscious, intuition, gut feeling or just simply directional thinking.⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀ success business entrepreneur⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ marketing marketingestrategico marketingtip marketingideas marketingcoach marketingtools marketingconsultant marketingteam marketingstrategies marketingderelacionamento marketingquotes marketingpessoal marketingguru marketingdigital marketingstrategy marketinglife marketingexpert marketingsocial marketing101 marketingadvice marketingplan marketingtips marketingagency marketingmultinivel marketingonline smallbusinessmarketing

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Consumers make trade offs when they choose between utilitarian and hedonic products. The former is practical, instrumental and functional, whereas the latter is sensational and experimental. Majority of people feel more guilty when they contemplate on engaging in hedonic consumption than engaging in utilitarian consumption. On the other hand, consumers are price sensitive when it comes to utilitarian goods. So, how do we sell? In an effort to provide you guys as much value as possible, we come up with strategies that you can use to make your first sale. Let us know what you think Comment down below👇🏻 - - For more business & marketing content Follow fusionvalue 💥 Follow fusionvalue 💥 Follow fusionvalue 💥 - - - - - - marketingtip startupbusiness contentmarketingtips marketingplan marketingtools socialmediatip digitalmarketingstrategy businessmarketing businesstip businessadvice entrepreneurtip entrepreneur brandstrategist businessopportunity brandmanagement socialmediacontent contentmjarketingtips instagramstrategy marketingideas marketing101 marketingadvice marketingexpert digitalmarketer brandingstrategy brandstrategist growyourbusiness businessplanning businessgrowth businesshelp businesssuccess

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“In Home Tutor” When I was at school there were a few that got additional tutoring in some subjects to give them the best chance of achieving Hugh grades to then allow them to go in to a course that they wanted Not only can you be proud you help someone achieve better grades than they would have you can get paid as well Double Tap, Comment & Save the Post 🐝 Don’t forget to DM to your Friends & Family ✅ . Follow buzzztangteam 🐝 Follow buzzztangteam 🐺 Follow buzzztangteam 🐝 businessattire businesstip businessstrategy businessmen businesswomen businessstartup businessmotivation businessadvice businessmind businessmindset businessplan businessplanning businessgoals entrepeneurspirit businesses growthhacking businessmarketing marketingtip marketingideas marketingconsultant marketingteam marketingexpert businessideas smallbusiness smallbusinessideas smallbusinesstips successminded entrepeneurmind entrepeneurtips

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CLICA NO LINK NA COR AZUL ( QUE ESTÁ NA BIO DESSE PERFIL sejaricaonline E TENHA ACESSO A OUTRO LINK QUE TE LEVARÁ A todas informações que você precisa para se inscrever nos cursos e iniciar sua carreira no MARKETING DIGITAL . marketing marketingdigital marketingtips marketingonline marketingstrategy socialmediamarketing digitalmarketing socialmedia empreendedorismo marketingderede marketingagency empreender mkt mktdigital marketingdigitalbrasil marketplace marketingmultinivel marketingdeconteudo marketingcoach marketingtip

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Ktoré sa vám páčia najviac ? 🏷

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I am so glad you're here! 😀 I'm Jessica Fish and I am here to help YOU get your business going and growing! 🔝 After almost 20 years in the medical field I jumped into the gas and oil field in 2011, yea, such a huge change! I want to take my years of admin experience to another level. I want to be YOUR Virtual Assistant! 🖥 * 👉 vibe_virtual 👈 * 🌐 Check out link in bio for more info * * * * * Vibevirtualassistant virtualassistant virtual assistant onlineassistant coments socialmedia executiveassistant personalassistant businesssupport business assistantlife marketingtrends marketingtip marketingideas marketingconsultant marketingstrategies socialcontent contentcreator contentcreation contentmanagement contentstrategy contentwriting  email instadaily emailmarketing emailmarketingtips emailsuccess va officelife

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Are you using all Social Media platforms to promote your brand? 💜 💜 Contact us today for all your maketing needs! ✔️ ✔️Follow us on Instagram socialimpressionsmarketing 💜 💜 socialimpressionsmarketing marketingtip marketinghelp socialmediabranding companybranding startup socialmediamarketing socialmedia instagrammarketing instagram entrepreneur entrepreneurlife sucessmindset startup business comments instagood instadaily businesstips advertisement advertising marketinghelp marketingtips instagramstories

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WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS 💫 There are many excellent and powerful reasons why you should write your goals down and I will list few that I find to be very important: 1️⃣ CLARITY OF THE GOAL ITSELF Once your goal is written down, clearly and concisely, you know exactly what you’re after! If your goals aren’t clearly set, you’re very likely to go off track and not achieve them. Writing them down will prevent you from being easily thrown off track and increase your focus and achievements 2️⃣ REDUCED STRESS Written goals are clearer and easier to pin down than if they’re just floating in your mind as a result, your overall stress level goes down. That gives you more focus, more clarity and more energy to focus on achieving them, and achieving them becomes simpler 3️⃣ WHERE YOUR FOCUS GOES, ENERGY FLOWS Writing down your goals enables you to clearly identify what to focus your resources (time, money, effort) on. All other potential priorities are set aside and you can concentrate on what truly matters Fun fact 🍀 Writing down your goals increases your chances of achieving them by 42% 💪 sales salestips101 salestips businestips businesstips marketingstrategies affiliatemarketer affiliatemarketingtips affiliatemarketingtraining affiliatemarketinguniversity entrepreneur affiliate betterentrepreneur businessstrategy followupwithcustomers makemoneydaily onlinebusiness onlinebusinesscoach digitalmarketing affiliateprogram digitalmarketer onlinestartup startuponline successfulonlinebusiness nevergiveup💪 marketingtip startyourbusiness

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So often the fear of being wrong keeps us from taking action as marketers. Launching a new website? Or a new campaign? In today’s digital world, we need to be agile and to feel comfortable with iteration. Test, get feedback, adjust, and test again. Perfection is not the goal. Don’t let the fear of your efforts being “just right” keep you from moving forward I talk to a lot of marketers that want to try a new skill like content marketing or chat bots, but the worry that their first go won’t be perfect keeps them in limbo and keeps them from getting anything out the door. Modern marketing today is so different than traditional. Unlike print, your digital ads are meant for conversion testing and optimization. They were meant to be launched with good judgment and tweaked for improvements as you go How do you approach new tactics? Tag a fearless marketer below 👇🏻 fearless fearlessmarketer progressnotperfection marketingdigital marketingstrategies marketingstrategy marketing marketingtips b2bmarketing b2b b2bmarketer digitalmarketing revenuemarketing growthmarketing marketingtip marketingmanager marketingideas marketer perfectionist womeninmarketing businesstips businesstipsforcreatives businesstipsforwomen keepgoing moveforward growthquotes

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Have you ever clicked on a page and then suddenly start seeing their ads everywhere? It sometimes feels like stalking but it is sooooo effective when it comes to sales. It's a marketing term known as retargeting. These ads convert 70% of all consumers who see them. Not sure if you should use them for your company? Here's a brief checklist. Do you: -Have a website -Use social media for your business -Want to increase sales -Want to increase followers/likes They are surprisingly very easy to do! You don't have to hire a big agency just to do them yourself. If you want more information about how to do it, send me a message. I'm happy to walk you through it! 📸 workparty

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Love tis picture which I didn’t take. Appeared on a Facebook memory!