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Coaches of UFC GYM Business Bay train hard to train you harder. One team, one fight.

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There's just NO BETTER PLACE TO ROCK🙌🏼 banging with profitlife This beautiful is beyond blessed & the professionalism she's with day in and day out you bet your life that I'm one thankful Mother 🙏🏼🙌🏼 Thank you americantopteamorlando for what you bring to our lives and SO MANY OTHERS 🏆 therealvip mythirdplace Train your with people who know how to train 💯 dojomom101 💁🏼‍♀️ ifyoudontknownowyouknow noexcuses justdoit Music by twistedsister twistedsisterofficial americantopteamorlando bobbydixonsameriacanmartialarts orlando tapout ufc lfafighting bjj mma wrestling boxing kickboxing cagefighting judo karate martialarts grappling combatsports brazillionjiujitsu jiujitsuplayer kickingitwithmytribe tribekid raisingachamp

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El Enso o círculo zen simboliza la plenitud de lo simple. Representa lo infinito contenido en la perfección de la armonía. Pocos símbolos espirituales resultan tan magnéticos para el espectador y a la vez tan poderosos para quien lo pinta. Pues solo quien tiene la mente libre de cargas e iluminada por el equilibrio interno es capaz de trazar ese círculo perfecto, pero nunca cerrado…🙏🏻 wushu kungfu taichi qigong wudang sanda shuaijiao shaolin tuishou choyleefut hunggar martialarts chinesemartialarts chineseculture enzo zencircle

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"Grit is that 'extra something' that separates the most successful people from the rest. It's the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality." -Travis Bradberry • 📸 : kurt_createwhatstrue

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When you hit the move of the day, you get ice cream from dairyqueen ! We still owe Bubba and Jordan. We'll take care of you guys next week. Great work this week everyone 👍. Have a fun and safe weekend. We'll see you back in class on Monday 😁. Osssssssssssss.

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هي حياتك أنت، لا تجعل أحد يعلمك كيف تعيشها 💪 ثقة_في_الله_نجاح ❤💪👍 🔘 تراســـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــور✔👊😎👉

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Another great seminar sponsored by nomadkravmaga Thanks to Greg of Raw Combat International Los Angeles for coming out and sharing some invaluable, life-saving knowledge on Edged-Weapon Threat Management with us this morning! If you’re in LA, seek out Greg for training. He knows his stuff! TeamRci RawCombatInternational RawCombat Combatives SelfDefense MartialArts Survival Fitness Conditioning Exercise Health Gym weapons IGmilitia MixedMartialArts Motivation RawSilat Silat FilipinoMartialArts Knife Stick FMA LukeHolloway nomadkravmaga lasvegas vegas

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STEALERS 🎬🎬‼️‼️ Watch The Full Movie on YouTube ‼️ 🎥 : tl_prod || 🥋 : tlstunts

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Intuition Mala 📿- 108 8mm Hand-knotted Sodalite beads, Faceted Hematite Guru bead and multi-coloured silk tassel With the higher power of knowing oneself delve deeper into your spiritual connection; opening your third eye chakra Sodalite will highlight a calm inner peace, bring focus to your intuitive sixth sense and aid in tapping into the harmony that develops with enlightenment.

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Lomachenko sparring TJ Dillashaw⚡️

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Неудержимые отдыхают 😎 Закончился двух-дневный семинар по японскому дзю-дзюцу Александра Грачёва в ОСН "Сатурн". Спасибо большое командиру отряда Борису Николаеву и его бойцам за тёплый приём! Очень рад был познакомиться с Александром Грачёвым. Было очень интересно наблюдать за его семинаром. Традиционное дзю-дзюцу в мастерском исполнении - это всегда очень больно и в тоже время круто! Ну и отдельная благодарность Ярославу Лукомскому karate_moscow за приглашение на столь классное мероприятие! Видео comingsoon ПавелПавлов ActionAndMartialArts Единоборства БоевойКинематограф MartialArts MartialArtsMovies Сатурн ОСН Спецназ АрмияРоссии ФСИН SpecialForces МВД РукопашныйБой Семинар ДжиуДжитсу ДзюДзюцу Борьба УличныйБой StreetFight JiuJitsu Seminar Grappling Wrestling Army Selfdefence Самозащита Самооборона

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It's about to go down. You still have time to get here. boxing pittsburghpa

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E quando era convinta d'aver preso di nuovo "la stessa medaglia dell'anno scorso" (Il disappunto è visibile anche se ho annebbiato la foto per proteggere i minori presenti 😂) ecco che è arrivata la seconda, nuova, medaglia! È tornato pure il sorriso della biondina 😁😉 🏅🏅♥🇨🇳♥🇮🇹♥💪💪💪💪

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I truly believe the best way to mitigate injures and increase overall performance is by owning every bit of movement your body possesses If you swipe to the left you can see me performing some kinetic stretching Kinetic stretching = body control And ownership of available workspace Making my tissue more resilient is my number one priority when it comes to exercise We are much more than just muscle, prioritize ALL tissues when strength training. 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 functionalrangeconditioning functionalrangesystems mobilitytraining jointhealth strengthtraining controlyourself

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Under construction💢🥊