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Primer sistema de Resonancia diseñado específicamente para llevar la excelencia de diagnóstico al mundo de la veterinaria. El Centro de Resonancia Especializada Veterinaria CRE-VET es el primer servicio en su tipo en Colombia. Nuestro objetivo es prestarles servicios asistenciales de calidad, con la contribución de profesionales capacitados y usando equipamiento de primera línea, ofrecemos a los veterinarios estudios por Resonancia Magnética (RM), uno de los recursos más avanzados para diagnosticar una gran variedad de patologías en pequeños animales, logrando imágenes optimas y diagnósticos preciso sin riesgos biológicos al paciente. Estamos ubicados en el Barrio Niza calle 127 Número 70 D - 80 Bogota. Para mayor información contáctenos a nuestro call center (1) 7466614 bienestar diagnostico resonanciamagnética atenciondecalidad veterinarios cachorros dueñosfelices mascotassaludables dueñosdemascotas amorporlosaninales pequeñasespecies mascotas perros gatos conejos ardillas monos mascots imagenesclinicas centroderesonanciaveterinaria bogota🇨🇴

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Is it a dog? A bear? Amanda Krenos asked “What’s Your KCQ?”: “What type of animal are the construction signs around ’s Mercy?” In the latest installment of KCQ, a partnership between The Star and kclibrary, we answer Amanda’s queestion. It’s a resurrection of the Mercy Bear, a former mascot at childrensmercy. They were created by the resident artist Donald “Scribe” Ross. ( scribeswalk) “The bears are just kind of part of a larger cast of characters that make the feel safe and secure about being here at ’s,” he said. “I picture him as like a walking 3-D employee of the hospital that’s helping people.” 📸 and story by James Wooldridge. kcq childrensmercy mascots art kansascity

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Soft play makes the perfect party entertainment for the little ones! - Our Inflatable ball pond with air jugglers and balls is always a hit at just £70! Other items such as Happy Hoppaz and Mega blocks start from just £15! - You can secure the date you'd like with a deposit of just 10%! - Check out soft play, mascots, castles and more on our website. Click the link in our bio to today!

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“I’m like a shooting star, I’ve come so far!” 💫 What is a big accomplishment you’ve made in your life lately? We’d love to hear about it and congratulate you 😊❤️ book our Desert Princess at characterpros princessproductions princessparties princessparty princess party birthday character event entertainment jasmine aladdin desertprincess arabianprincess princesses fairies pixies mermaids queen superheroes heroes villains elves mascots fairygodmother barbie santa leprechaun facepainter

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sabiasque Se conocen como razas de perros guardianes las que tienen cierta predisposición natural y son entrenados especialmente para cuidar y proteger personas, territorios, ganado, hogares, etc. De hecho, el instinto de protección y territorialidad realmente lo tienen todos los perros, ya que siempre se les ha dado esa tarea. Es sólo que algunas razas tienen ese instinto más desarrollado, además de contar con características físicas y psicológicas que favorezcan la tarea bienestar diagnostico resonanciamagnética atenciondecalidad veterinarios cachorros dueñosfelices mascotassaludables dueñosdemascotas amorporlosaninmmales pequeñasespecies mascotas perros gatos conejos ardillas monos mascots imagenesclinicas centroderesonanciaveterinaria bogota

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🧡💛Let the weekend begin 💛🧡 Yeeeeee Haaaaaa 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏽‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️

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🥳🥳🥳Happy Birthday Prince KESHAV.🥳🥳🥳⁣ ⁣ Such a brilliant and polite kid.🤩⁣ ⁣ Was a pleasure to see you having so much fun with your little friends at school. Makes our heart glad.⁣ ⁣ May your shine continue to be bright and bold as you are. 💫🌟✨🌝⁣ ⁣ Thank you for having us!💛 FancyEventsttGames⁣⁣ seethefeeling ⁣⁣ mascots⁣⁣ characters ⁣⁣ entertainment ⁣⁣ trinidad ⁣⁣ trinidadandtobago⁣⁣ Family ⁣⁣ Love⁣⁣ lovekids ⁣⁣ lovewhatwedo ⁣⁣ wedoitforthekids ⁣⁣ trinievents ⁣⁣ trinikids ⁣⁣ fun ⁣⁣ trending games ⁣⁣ popcorn ⁣⁣ CottonCandy ⁣⁣ SnowCone ⁣⁣ hotdog ⁣⁣ minigolf⁣⁣

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Fallen Angel

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Hi dears! 🥰 Today I’m introducing you two new words, SWIPE ⬅️ to see Turkish ones: TALISMAN 🧿 [ˈtæl.ɪz.mən] - is an object which you believe has magic powers to protect you and bring you luck. AMULET 🧿 [ˈæm.jʊ.lət] - is a charm (such as an ornament) often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol to aid a wearer or protect against evil 👿 (such as disease or witchcraft). SYNONYMS: charm, fetish (fetich), mascot, mojo. For example: The TALISMAN 🧿 he’s wearing is supposed to ward off (отгонять, отвращать) evil 😈 🦹🏻‍♀️ spirits. Do you have a TALISMAN 🧿 or an AMULET🦄? Do you believe in their protective power? What is it?🤔 englishwithmrsnolden exams ege oge talisman amulet mascots

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Happy Friday! Parkson Rex wants to remind everyone to take some time to play today and every day!

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Bring some Party Bounce Play fun to your event! - Watch them bounce and play with our fantastic range of bouncy castles. The fun doesn't just have to be for the little ones. Cater to all with our Disco Dome, Disco Club and Fun Run castles. - Having smaller or babies at your party? Keep them entertained with our awesome Softplay and party extras such Didi Cars and Mega blocks! - We have all of their TV and film favourites from The Hulk to Peppa Pig. Mascot costume hire makes any party one to remember! - Check out all of our amazing party entertainment items via our website. (link is in our bio) Use the code party10 to save 10% off your booking!