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We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there 🎼.

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Hogwarts Castle ✨✨✨

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The Creation Of Recreation (gonna delete later)

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5/24/19 The first post of many of the largest drawing I’ve ever drawn, ever. I began with some light sketching of what will be Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, an another character 🤫. I’ll be posting my progress as I go; I expect this to take me at lest a year(?).

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오늘 18000보 미친 여행 스케쥴.

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I can’t really say anything about this memorable day! It was just a proof, a scene that showed me I’m doing it right and I’m in a right path Its just a beginning. •thanks to starbuckscanada for the opportunities and alfredofilms for their amazing job. • • instaart beautiful instagood masterpiece creative photooftheday instaartist instagram photo beautiful color moment fashion style me cute love instagood me tbt cute photooftheday happy beautiful self picoftheday smile friends fun like fashion instagood cool model fresh Toronto

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Creamy spiced mashed cauliflower, tapenade polenta and raspberry balsamic dressed veggie salad. vegan masterpiece delight

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“looking forward to tranquility” alternatively titled: this is wicked personal to me and is about all the tough situations and changes that this year has brought and that i’ve come out better from haha yeet :-)

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my persona/account mascots Honey ° this took all day to do TwT I really hope you guys like it ° I put a shit tone of work into this, and really liked the end result. Trying new things so yeahhh (rip quality tho) ° feel free to draw her with any of the three hair colors (if you want) 🖤 ° Also, the original color was the brown one, the other two I added last minute so they are a bit messysorry ° ° ° Tags- art illustration pastelart drawing draw picture photography artist sketch sketchbook pencil artsy instaart beautiful instagood artistinstagram witchart cuteart drawthisinyourstyle myart gallery masterpiece creative dtiys photooftheday instaartist graphic graphics artoftheday

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Here is KAITO, im kinda inspired of the anime saikik (the character kaido) the heroic one, that is really weak😂 Anyways hope you leave a ❤ if you enjoyed this drawing. If you want more info about this saikik anime just dm me, its one of my favorite anime's and i might do a fan-soon. AND mgem16 gave me tips about shading, go check out her art its aMAIZING :3 ` ` ` ` ` ` ` art saikik saikikusuo kaidoushun sketch artoftheday anime manga legendofzelda link triforce instaart igart masterpiece cartoon animeart animeboy chibi chibiart doodle

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자본으로부터 자유롭지 못했다

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Dec, Nov ‘18

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First time using gold foil 😳 boy oh boy is it temperamental! Had a mind of its own haha. But happy with the effect it has left on this mandala piece. gold goldfoil mandala zentangle

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1 month ago

Phalaenopsis destroyed one side. originally acrylic on canvas

1 month ago

Going to organise some prints of this freehand ‘Jordan Chronicles’ piece this week (1984-2018)! DM if you are interested in purchasing one of these - perfect to display in the collectors shoe room 🙌🏻 👟 kixify kicks illustrationartists illustrationnow nikesketch

1 month ago

Throwback to this custom Jordan piece I did for mail_poste_haste can’t wait to see it framed Air Jordan 11 BRED 😍

1 month ago

< O G N P > A4 acrylic Phalaenopsis. on glass and paper

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亂調, 花鳥圖 난조, 화조도 originally acrylic on canvas 8F 45.5 x 37.9 cm

1 month ago

percolating in the night, Variation originally An Oil pastel on paper

1 month ago

Fitting in some line & wash on this busy Saturday! 🙌🏻🖊

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1 month ago

HAMSA All seeing eye 👁 Thinking cards, frames, gift bags?! ••• What do you think? •••

1 month ago

Excited to finish this cutie & ship off to her happy home in the USA! Her cheeky face just makes my day 😍 DM for ‘make to order’ details