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New ingredient alert! We will be using locally sourced 🌈 Rainbow Swiss Chard in this weeks shredded pork meal Be sure to pre-order yours on our website. Also, be ready to taste the 🥥 Coconut Aminos used in our meals! We’re keeping it fresh and new around here! rainbowswisschard coconutaminos • • • • paleonumyums paleo augusta evans evansga martinez martinezga grovetownga grovetown augustaga masters mastersaugusta golfmasters mastersgolf augustamasters golfaugusta augustagolf paleofamily mealplanfamily fitness familydinner goals healthyeating weprepsoyoudonthaveto ironmanaugusta ironmanaugusta2019 ironmangeorgia ironmanga

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"DYSLEXIA" - A Short Film (A Working Title) Finished putting the sequence together for my short film. Time to colourgrade, Sound edit and adjust the footage to make it 110% perfect. filming filmmakerlife filmmaking filmmaker film shortfilm filmstudent student studentfilm postgraduate postgraduatestudent mastersstudent masters mastersdegree degree wlv university Dyslexia shortfilm edit editor editing editingaudios editingfilm adobe adobepremiere premierepro premiereprocc creativecloud specificlearningdifficulty SpLD

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weedings day is going on

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Widely regarded as South Africa’s premier golf resort, Fancourt is a haven of understated luxury. Packages include a 5-night stay, return flights, free golf club carriage and 5 rounds of golf from just £1,319!

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Advance your career in management by enrolling in an internationally recognised Part-time MBA programme. The University of Leicester is a pioneer in global executive education with a strong international reputation. Their Part-time Distance Learning MBA is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and offers a dual award to successful graduates, a Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). APPLY NOW! masters management business administration mba highereducation onlinelearning UoL Leicester

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Tänään oli penkkipäivä, 65kgx2. Kai se penkkituloskin sieltä pikkuhiljaa nousee🆙 Ekaa kertaa kokeilin vyön kanssa, kai siinä joku taika on 😃 peeduslife powerlifting bench masters

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looking back on thesis year like CYA 👋🏻

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Weighed in this morning 152. I Just finished the CrossFit open and jumped right into the granite games Comp. My strength and endurance during all of this was unbelievable set some new PRS and my body feels great. I don’t feel tired nor burned out. soretho 😱. Thanks to crossfitlinchpin rpstrength crossfit masters 50-54.

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LiverpoolThe City of Mo! Where you will academically grow!😃The University of Liverpool is one of the prestigious UK Russell Group Universities. It’s an exciting fun student city overlooking the River Mersey. Leave us a message if interested! Whatsapp:+201204511670 Calls: +447986016387

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⛳️*Spring Chipping Practice* **Variable Practice is the 🔑 to development and success on the golf course** Golfers develop better and faster if they never hit the same shot twice during a session. ▶️ Here I have set up piles of 3 balls with three targets, hitting each shot to a different target every time. trainugly development shortgame stefancoxgolf wedgeplay shortgamepractice golf golfdevelopment golftips practicetips getbetter tigerwoods masters golfcoach golfinstruction golfing golfer golfnow swingtips golfpractice variablepractice randompractice golfyyc

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KERATINA Este proceso es excelente para reestructurar y dejar manejable tu cabello. Pero al momento de elegir el producto, tienes que tener mucho cuidado. Existen keratinas que son muy agresivas y en vez de ayudarte, lo que haces es deshidratar tu cabello dejando graves secuelas y hasta traumas personales CONFÍA EN NUESTROS PRODUCTOS DE ALTA CALIDAD Y TECNOLOGÍA NOSOTROS USAMOS KERATINA SIN FORMOL 👌 . PREVIA CITA 2286586 /0992081389 /098633412 ☎️📲 renefans renetips alfaparfecuador diseñodecorte diseñodecolor preciousnature tintesinamoniaco estilo estilistas masters latinos estilistasguayaquil lissedesingn keratina salones belleza beauty guayaquil ecuador

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Our alumni feature of the week is James Patry! James is the Senior Director of Patient Experience and Marketing for Androscoggin Valley Hospital and he was recently named System Director of Marketing for North Country Healthcare this past December.

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As complicated as life can be at times it is always the energy of RESISTANCE that blocks the expansion of Love that we are 💗 🌳Surrender and letting go are PRACTICES - the more we practice, the more we allow ourselves to BE - letting life flow through us while we remain the WITNESS 🐚 This is self-mastery 🙏. • • • presentmomentawareness sacredsounds selfforgiveness transcendence gongconsciousness fifthdimension selfmastery compassion selflove lettinggo noresistance masters solitude gentleness surrender yoga yogainstructor healingsounds meditation wakeupnow reiki jainwells beyourself

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Hard Work Bring Results. Flashback from Some Proud Moments of Creators Success Stories 🎆

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Almost gone! Get your limited edition Tiger stickers before they are gone! Only 100 made! Available at CJCGOLF.COM Link in bio

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Race Report-Murchie Road Race, pics by the talented tlbvelo. Pic1- Shameless self promotion Pic2- The man &the move that determined the outcome of the day. Wegner of langloisbrownracing attacking solo off the front within the first 2laps went on to an almost solo breakaway for most of the day. Later he was joined by a United Velo rider who changed the dynamic for the main field Pic3- Without representation in the break &a growing gap that got up to 2mins nictickner cx1drew & Chris Squire of penderracing hit the front taking turns to pull the gap down Pic4. Getting into the late stages of the race steedcycles &Pender collaborated to try pull the break in which United Velo blocked and interfered aggressively to give their man a chance out the front Pic5&6. Eventually the break was reeled in & a fresh& classy jeffwerner put in some savage late attacks that whittled down the field Pic 7- Eventually jeffwerner went on to make the winning move with another deserved &uncontested victory Pic8- my final ditch efforts (I’m at the back) was an attack just before the last corner that gave me a decent gap &hope for a podium. Alas, exhausted from chasing the break& marking LBR & UV meant I could not hold my effort & was past by the remainder of the field a 100m from the line. Massive effort from the terminator richcostello who not only dropped his chain twice &chased back on solo both times, he also won the pack sprint for 2nd after all that-savage 😱 . Pic9- irrespective of the result, racing is always fun and hanging with my team mates (&competitors) and creating these fun memories is what I signed up for. Thanks escapevelocitycycling for another successful event.

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It's a lot harder to break bones in golf than motocross. But that made me fearless in a way. — Rickie Fowler Incredible video published from divotdiggersgolf theboredgolfer Tag someone who play golf like that ‍⛳ Don't forget to follow golferrs and use golffrancais to share your posts with us, stunning pic is coming soon. golfing golfing pgatour

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SEEKING CLINICIAN-INNOVATORS The MHSc in Translational Research in Health Sciences is a two-year, course-based professional degree offered at the Faculty of Medicine that is designed for current and aspiring innovators from inter-professional backgrounds (medicine, life sciences, social sciences, engineering, design, and communications etc.) who want to learn creative problem-solving skills, strategies and competencies to apply (scientific) knowledge into applications that improve medicine, health and care TR IN THE CLINIC – INFO SESSION Date: May 7, 2019 Time: 8:00 AM Location: Toronto General Hospital | Munk Building, 11th Floor, Astellas Conference Room 11 . Join us on May 7th to learn more about how physicians in the MHSc in Translational Research are applying the translational framework in their clinical practice to problem solve and improve medicine, health and care. TRP Director will provide an overview of program structure and admission requirements and answer any questions on site Gabrielle Freire, MDCM FRCPC Paediatric Emergency Physician, The Hospital for Sick Nancy Mingo, MSc MD CCFP, Family Physician, Health and Wellness University of Toronto Ibrahim Alshagy, MD, Clinical Fellow Adult Lower Extremity Reconstruction & Musculoskeletal Oncology, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, Mount Sinai Hospital . Register Online

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Congrats to Catherine Gill ( catherine_n1515) and Marlene Bergsma ( marlenebergsma) for defending their mcmastermcm capstone research projects on the role of communicators in cyber security (Gill) and the role of communications management in independent schools (Bergsma) They defended with confidence and humour! MCM instructor markjohnstewart was Catherine’s capstone supervisor, and MCM instructor mckenziesmemaw supervised Marlene’s project. Welcome to the community of esteemed MCM alumni, Catherine and Marlene! 📸 Repost: alexsevignyphd

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I wanted to share Don’s progress with a video of his reverse Band benching session. Unfortunately the video stopped recording right when we started due to insufficient iPhone storage 🙄 Here’s a picture instead! Here he is lifting 225 with bands. The bands allow for him to use maximal weight with a more natural mechanical leverage, they help DELOAD the weight as it descends. As you get lower, the exercise becomes harder. This setup accommodates for that. At the top he’s holding ~215 lbs slowly decreasing to ~165 lbs. ———————————— A crucial part of lifting maximal loads is being confident that you can lift it. I like using this method to ramp up confidence when building up to heavy lifts.

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Currently dying 🤕 but here’s a throwback to my graduation pictures - because I have FIVE DAYS. 🥳