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Doesn’t get more “Dad” than this on Father’s Day! Go low today Kuch 👏🏼

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Day5️⃣🚚📦🏌🏽‍♂️| Championship Round 3: Saturday in golf is known as “moving day” - when guys are supposed to take advantage of all scoring opportunities to move up the leaderboard heading into Sunday. I spent the start of my day with a view of the 1st fairway and green. I watched the final 13 pairings come through and what looked like a totally gettable home, didn’t surrender a single birdie. Also spent time watching the leaders come thru the par 3 12th. usopen pebblebeach usga 1 movingday nobirds sergiogarcia rorymcilroy brookskoepka mattkuchar 12

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Have to find corners to cut now that the tips are 10%

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My picks for the 2019 US Open and my thoughts. I went with 7 because I like 7. I left off Koepka so I hope he doesn’t get pissed at me. Rory - He is obviously coming off a beat down in Canada but he is also statistically balling right now. Rory has firepower and drives it long and straight. Tough combo. DJ - Had a very good chance to win in 2010 at Pebble. He is more seasoned and a major winner. Handles pressure, played great at the PGA and is dominant. Spieth - Spieth is on the upswing and I like where his game is at. You can’t win the majors he has and not be tough mentally. He has won at Pebble and I think this could be a good venue for Jordan’s return. Day - This is who I think will win the US Open. Day’s short game and putting is at a high level and he is mentally tough. He is dominant driver of the golf ball and with Stevie Williams on the bag this could be a magical story line. All in. Kuch - Kuch has been playing some excellent golf. His swing repeats, great attitude and wants to kick your butt. He has a bronze medal but the US Open medal would be nice addition. Plus his odds are good at 50/1 Fleetwood - I have been buying Fleetwood stock for a long time. He is an extremely hot player. When he is on, watch out. He can go low and has been in high pressure situations. Needs that breakthrough major. Snedeker - He is 50/1. He has won at Pebble. He finished in the top 10 at Pebble in 2010. He has been playing very solid in 2019 and a top 5 in Canadian Open. I’m in.

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IT’S WEDNESDAY AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS US OPEN THIS WEEK BABY SO AMPED TOUGH WEEK LAST WEEK BUT CONGRATS TO dmannettiii FOR HITTING BIG ON RORY, WE CAN’T WIN THEM ALL GUYS! WE GOT SOME UNITS IN THE TOURNAMENT THIS WEEK IF YOUR NOT ON THE rattrain YET THEN HOP ON NOW LETS GET THIS MONEY BABY I’M REALLY CONFIDENT IN THESE PLAYS WE’RE 2 FOR 2 ON MAJORS THIS YEAR LETS MAKE IT A 3 PEAT🔒🔒⛳️⛳️💰💰💰💰 ridetherat ratpack dustin dj dustinjohnson tigerwoods tiger rorymcilroy rory rorydrip molinari kuchar mattkuchar kuuuuuuuch golf golfbets money freemoney ridetherattillmypocketsarefat 💰💰🤫

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It pained me but I just had to take Matt Kuchar. So far all I’ve heard is how long the rough is at pebble and how narrow the fairways are, this sets up great for Kuchar he hits fairways and greens and played very well at the Canadian open. I bet him 4 months ago at +6600 and it’s dropped already in the last day but still has lots of value. usopengolf mattkuchar bet365 golfbetting fantasynational theplay pebblebeachgolflinks

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Already locked in my cash plays for the U.S open before everyone gets in my head! Lol Full disclosure, I bet Matt Kuchar about 4 months ago that’s how I managed to get +6600, also like Tiger but not enough value to make a bet. Again I reiterate, trust your model fantasynational that’s what I’ve done this week 100% and not changing. fantasynationalgolf bet365 thepme tourjunkies usopengolf pebblebeachgolflinks tigerwoods jimfuryk hendrickstenson mattkuchar graememcdowell brentsnedeker

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LMFAO! Kuchar at it again, inquiring about the FedEx Cup 🤣🤣🤣

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I had to repost 🤣🤣🤣 Hits a 40 Yard Chunk and twirls the Club like Tiger 😆 Guys got confidence though! Can’t ask for anything else. Repost foreplaypod THANK YOU foreplaypod for this post 🤣 ・・・ Some people call it cockiness, I call it confidence

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That rare time you PAR a hole 🕳 🤣😭😖 follow the trending pgagolfmemes 🤘😎🤘RIP TO THE GREAT LOU GEHRIG 🙏

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Canadian Open'da müthiş mücadele! Turnuvanın 2.gününde zirvedeki isimler mükemmel skorlar ürettiler. Zirveyi sürpriz isim Scott Brown ve tecrübeli Matt Kuchar -12 ile paylaşırken, her iki golfçü de günü -7 oynayarak geçirdiler. 3.sıradaki Brandt Snedeker günü -10 oynayarak (1 eagle, 8 birdie) zirveyi 1 vuruş geriden Nick Taylor ile beraber takip ediyor. Detaylara ve tüm skorlara 'dan ulaşabilirsiniz. canadianopen scottbrown mattkuchar pgatour fedexcup golftournament golf⛳️ golfer

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After the Kyle Lowry shoving incident, we immediately checked to see if it was Matt Kucharbut the game was in Golden State, not Toronto. But with his recent P.R. record, it seemed reasonable.

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REMIX 😆 Matt Kuchar just wouldn’t shut up about his ruling 🤦‍♂️🤣

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Matt Kuchar looked like he was proposing to one of the officials during his 20 minute ruling rejection 🤣 MUST WATCH