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yup, pretty much

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MASSIVE NEWS: Buttigieg has SURGED to third place nationally! Just a few days after his announcement, the Buttigieg movement is looking incredibly strong. However, Mayor Pete is NOT the front runner or the nominee yet. He needs you to donate, volunteer, and get involved to send Pete to the White House! 🇺🇸 (Go to petebuttigieg mayorpete southbend indiana iowa democrat democrats democraticparty democratic trump debate uspolitics usa usapolitics america pete2020 buttigieg2020 petebuttigieg2020 newhampshire america news vote donate buttigieg

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We caught up with Mayor Pete.Buttigieg again in Marshalltown, IA to learn more about his proposal to address Iowa’s care crisis. His response? Affordability, quality, and compensation for providers is the name of the game. We’re calling on all presidential candidates to address the issues affecting and families. We’re caucusing for ! IACaucus4Kids ECEwins EarlyEd IACaucus MayorPete

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Pete is ad-mayor-able⁣ ⁣ Hi! We’re Surbs and Lan and we’re Pete’s biggest pun-loving fans! We’re so excited about Pete’s candidacy and love spreading the word about his thoughtful work and compassionate spirit through sliceofpeteza!⁣ ⁣ We want to share your stories! If you have a personal experience with Pete or feel strongly about why you support him, DM us a blurb and a Bitmoji and you’ll be featured here!⁣ ⁣ peteforamerica petebuttigieg mayorpete buttigieg2020 bluewave democrats millennials southbend 2020candidate

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. Hate President Tump? Buy this Fuck Trump T-shirt . ———————————————————————— ✅Follow antitrumpmerchandise_ ———————————————————————— democrats democraticparty democrat democracy liberal liberals joebiden biden2020 mayorpete corybooker berniesanders bernie2020 berniesanders2020 elizabethwarren beto betoorourke beto2020 tulsi tulsigabbard kamalaharris kamala hot trending trendy trend

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Pretty much met beyoncé today! Mayor Pete Hopefully our next President mayorpete petebuttigieg pete2020 pete.buttigieg dumptrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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thursdayselfie because it's been awhile since I've felt connected with this account. 😥 While growing this mommyblog I've gained lots of new friends but feel like now I've gotten a little lost in the shuffle. So I wanna take a moment to "introduce" myself and I hope that some of you will do the same in the comments below! 👇 letsconnect 👋 so hi! I'm Lyndsay. I'm 25, soon to be 26. I'm from Indiana, USA not far from South Bend🤩 I'm a mama of three kiddos, two spoiled kitties, and a rotten puppy. I've got an amazing man in my life, while we aren't married(yet), most assume we are because we've been together for six years.👫 He doesn't like to be on my blog a lot so you'll only see glimpses of him. My life revolves mainly around my kiddos. My youngest son and middle , has (undiagnosed) Autism. And that's an adventure of it's own that you can follow more closely at lovingautism 💙I like to be creative in life and parenting which brings me to Creative Mama. I'm obviously the momma behind creativemama_ 😁 I started venturing into the blogging world about a year ago and have been stumbling along since 😂 I have three kiddos, which is why my blog is currently but I will soon be changing that address to reflect my new vision which is Creative Mama! 😁 You'll have to stay tuned to find out more about that, but I've FINALLY found my passion in the blogging world. Let's just say I'm super excited and very ready to show you what I'm talking about, but you'll have to wait a little longer! 😎 CHECK OUT MY STORIES FOR A FUN SPRING CHALLENGE STARTING APRIL 22ND! GIVEAWAY/PARTICIPATION PRIZE TO BE ANNOUNCED FRIDAY AT 2PM EST selfie_time creativemama creativemamaspringchallenge springchallenge photochallenge selfieofday mamatribevibes momfriends creativemamas momblog momblogger inspiremoms momlifeunplugged mamalife indianalife indianamom hoosiers mayorpete mamacita mommybloggers momofthree momhumor

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In episode 373, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian MsDaniFernandez ( Nerdificent) to discuss Carl's Jr. new CBD Burger, Beyonce's Coachella documentary and album drop, Roy Moore leading the polls in Alabama and much more! Don't miss out on such a mouthwatering episode CarlsJr CBD CBDBurger Beyonce QueenB Coachella MayorPete TuckerCarlson Carlson RoyMoore Moore StarWars EpisodeI TheForce NBAPlayoffs news dailynews newspodcast dailypodcast dailynewspodcast podcast podcasting comedy comedypodcast thedailyzeitgeist dailyzeitgeist tdz

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My copy of Mayor Pete’s book arrived today Can’t wait to read. mayorpete bootedgeedge (I get most of my books from neighborhood shop Time Tested Books.)

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Repost newshour ・・・ This portion of special counsel Robert Mueller's report shows the moment President Donald Trump learned about Mueller's appointment from then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The account comes from notes by Jody Hunt (Sessions' chief of staff) and Sessions himself, according to Mueller's report a redacted version of which was released Thursday. mueller muellerreport impeachtrump

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wish I coulda been there 😪🇺🇸🇺🇸

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still plenty of work to go around shilling memes 😈😈

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When you consider that our DNA 🧬 is shaped in a spiral, training rotational patterns becomes an elemental part of the training program. Rotational patterns can be propulsive. Think of any kick, throw, or 🥊 you’ve ever performed. Rotational patterns can also be resisted in training. In multidirectional sprinting (football, basketball, soccer) where change of direction is essential, the body must resist rotation in one direction in order to apply force in another. The density of training for or against rotation depends on your sport, but if health and wellness is your goal, I’d consider adding rotational movements to your program at least twice a week. —- Looking to upgrade your life this Spring?? Check out the link in our profile to learn about our Spring Membership Specials Act Now This deal expires May 1. rotation DNA movementaboutmovement medballs dumbbells strength yourlifeupgraded steelworksstrengthsystems olympiclifting trackandfield mayorpete bootedgeedge brewerytown brewerytownisbooming phillyphilly

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I’m still flying high from getting to see and meet mayorpete last night. He had a lot of great things to say about where we are headed as a country. He’s good scripted but does a phenomenal job answering questions from the audience. Two amazing examples stand out. One was his response to a mom who asked about special education, where he talked about chasten.buttigieg’s work teaching theater to with autism and how we need to see the gifts all students bring as opposed to seeing them as a problem to be solved. Second, in response to a question about the opioid epidemic, he gave a great answer and then talked about the need to apply the same approach to all types of drugs, and to the past injustices of the crack epidemic. peteforamerica pete2020 . Maybe I’ll take a break from the Pete posts for a while. But I make no promises.

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BOOT-Edge-Edge Pete Buttigieg Rally - Des Moines, Iowa

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This is not surprising. What’s surprising is how nauseous it makes me feel The highest LAW ENFORCEMENT officer in the land - the very person who is supposed to protect our laws - hands over the muellerreport that we paid for TO THE PERSON WHO WAS BEING INVESTIGATED Now, Barr is releasing the redacted report tomorrow but holding a press conference 2 hours BEFORE he releases it. The White House prepared its defense and has two hours to do whatever it plans to do You’re watching all of our norms and institutions crumble, folks. This is not normal. This is not acceptable Our nation has never worked perfectly. But there were checks in place to keep corruption from completely corroding the government, RAPING all control from us. Seriously, rape—as in an “act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation.” . The US Constitution is being ignored. The Senate is held under hostage by the GOP, who shudder and tremble in front of Trump because their party and their jobs are more important than their country. Imagine that. These are not low wage workers who might not find another joband still, none of them are putting country over their own jobs This is madness. If you’re not afraid, people — you ought to be. If you’re not afraid, we haven’t conveyed clearly enough just how at-risk we all are. We don’t have a way to hold these people accountable. We have no recourse here And the election? Still so far away but even more frightening - does this seem like a man who will leave the office peacefully if he loses? And his base being the craziest in our country — all of our highest law enforcement and even so much of the courts being sycophants of this madman Trumpnot to mention the military being under his control — how will we make them leave? barrpressconference

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I’m the ONLY candidate for City Council who was recruited by this company to work on their selfdrivingcars! Cool tech, but I love the law and I’m proud to have used my GIBill to become an attorney! Still, we need bluecollar tech jobs & I’m the one to bring em! houston nuro kroger htx hou jeffbezos andrewyang2020 technology ai futuretech government technocracy mayorturner sylvesterturner tonybuzbee billking cityofhouston salliealcorn yanggang spacex nasa iah airforce kamalaharris mayorpete bobbyfeeno

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Go Pete! Follow your dreams ❤😁 goteampete

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This is amazing.