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Tonight at 11pm EST, our guy Pete will be on CNN Make sure to tune in The momentum after the SXSW town hall was astonishing, so let’s keep that going tonight! Tell your friends and family to tune in too! Pete will be on last (the headliner, if you will 😏😄) but many of the other candidates will be on as well starting at 7pm EST. You can watch on CNN’s livestream as well petebuttigieg mayorpete mayorpetebuttigieg buttigieg petebuttigiegforpresident buttigiegforpresident buttigieg2020 peteforamerica petebuttigieg2020 cnntownhall buttigiegtownhall townhall presidentialcandidate 2020 election2020 cnn bootedgeedge

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I had the opportunity to see Mayor Pete speak in NH recently and left impressed. If you haven't yet, go to or check out his interviews - there's more than a few on YouTube. I'm excited for his candidacy so much that I've even joined his grassroots fundraising team (link in bio to donate - if you like what you hear, chip in! ). It's time to take back our democracy and put a real leader and a decent person back in the White House. Oh, I'm also moving to Boulder, Colorado this Wednesday mayorpete peteforamerica bootedgeedge

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We need to recognise just how important the teaching profession isWe’d be a better county and even a more secure country in the long run if we treated teachers a little more like service members and paid them more like Doctors. - Pete Buttigieg 👩🏻‍🏫🎓 PeteForAmerica Pete2020 MayorPete pete.buttigieg chasten.buttigieg

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OTD 25 years ago Richard Nixon died. I share this for one reason. Nixon was easily the most disgraced president of all time, disregarding the constitution, rule of law and presidential ethics. We see parallels of that today. Not learning from our past is equally disgraceful. Let us be better than our parents and teach the youth the importance of history and the knowledge it brings us.⠀ ⠀ trickydick fucktrump trumptydumpty bluewave mayorpete history democracy ruleoflaw debtfreecommunity debtfreejourney blogger blogstar bloglife goals wealth happiness inspired mindset instagood instapic insta instago instaquote

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First of all this guy does not have a shot in hell. Secondly, who the hell is he?Third, we already have our veteran who is authentic MayorPete

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It would not have been Easter without a Mayor Pete egg or two! Thank you to rovercleveland for sharing. Repost rovercleveland with get_repost ・・・ Happy Easter to all those who celebrate, and especially to our next president, Mayor Pete Boot-Egg-Egg! 🐰(Buttigieg) peteforpresident presidentpete chastin chastinbuttigieg mayorpete petebuttigieg peteandchastin chastinforfirstgentlman petebuttigieg2020 easteregg 🐰 🥚 happyeaster mayorpete peteforamerica artistsofinstagram artistsoninstagram

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed a $640 billion plan to eliminate student debt for millions of Americans. Warren is the first in a crowded presidential field to propose debt cancellation. Under her proposed plan, $50,000 in debt would be eliminated for everyone making less than $100,000. Warren also called to eliminate tuition and fees for two and four year public schools and a $100 billion investment in Pell Grants. What do you think? warren elizabethwarren warren2020 debtfreecollege studentloans collegedebt freecollege sanders2020 feelthebern debt swingstates swingstate dnc yanggang yang2020 mayorpete beto2020 berniesanders tuitionfreecollege harris2020 trump2020 maga2020 presidentialrace pellgrant corybooker tulsigabbard amyklobuchar billweld

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Another book down! This was a really good read. pete.buttigieg is a fascinating person. A lot of the book resonates with me largely because of South Bend and Duluth sharing similarities but we are also addressing some similar issues. It also is fun to know more about the person who inspired the 100 Cups of Coffee outreach that I am doing. It also reinforces that the best job in politics is local. If you haven't yet check this book out. books read duluth duluthmn mn bookstagram petebuttigieg mayorpete newyearsresolution

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Last week I was lucky enough to meet pete.buttigieg in New York City. He’s the first openly gay Presidential candidate in US history and was also a Rhodes scholar at Oxford, served as a counter intelligence officer in Afghanistan, and was the youngest mayor of a ‘large’ US city. He also speaks seven languages and is married to the terrific chasten.buttigieg. Above all, he has the ‘Obama touch.’ Hearing him speak so eloquently the other night gave me immense hope for the future of this country for the first time in a couple of years. Thank you jordan_roth and richiejacksongaydad for hosting this memorable evening. “The horror show in Washington is mesmerizing, all-consuming, but starting today, we are going to change the channel” - PeteButtigieg mayorpete

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Thought this was interesting- popular vote map from 2016 election. Should the electoral college be reworked or completely abolished?

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hey teachers, thanks for the support! I hear you Bloomingtonian teachers are getting all redfored this week. if you need a last minute shirt, order on my website and enter BTOWN to get free shipping. We can arrange a porch pickup as soon as tomorrow! Also, friendly reminder to call your representatives tomorrow and tell them to fund public education. Also, go talk to them on Instagram and Twitter. all the indgop seems concerned about is pete.buttigieg these days. Seriously, the twitter feed is heavy on Pete. go find the anti Pete protest video they proudly posted during his announcement in south bend. It is sooooo funny and sooooo sad. They have not said one thing about education the last few weeks educatein aftunion istamembers badkneests badknees screenprinting printlife teacher teachers teacherlife teachersfollowteachers teachersofinstagram supporthoosierteachers hoosierteacher loserteacher loserteachers bloomington indiana bloomingtonindiana indy indianapolis iubloomington goiu btown hoosier hoosiers mayorpete peteforamerica

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Latest polling from Morning Consult Political Intelligence Report (4/8-4/14). Next report will be out in two days. Here are some takeaways from this one: 🔹Buttigieg ticks up again: Now at 7% of the national vote, this marks his fourth straight week of growth. 🔹Bernie Sanders holds a strong lead with voters: 41% of 18-29 year-old women and 39% of 18-29 year-old men support Sanders as their first choice. 🔹If Biden doesn't run, Sanders has the most to gain: A projection based on second choice vote shows that Sanders would pick up 12 points if Biden opts not to run, enough to give him a 23 point first place lead. 2020race 2020Primary DemocraticPrimary 2020 President PresidentialPrimary 2020DemocraticPrimary POTUS BernieSanders Bernie2020 BernieForPresident KamalaHarris PeteButtigieg MayorPete Buttigieg Buttigieg2020 JoeBiden Biden2020 Harris2020 BidenForPresident kamalaharrisforpresident Buttigieg Sanders ElizabethWarren BetoOrourke BetoForPresident Beto2020 Warren2020 CoryBooker Booker2020

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Time to put pets back in the White House!

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Definitely worth a read. Mayor Pete is the man and is doing great work in Craig’s home state of Indiana.