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CNN or Fox News: Which News source do you trust? What do you think? Leave a Comment! currentdebates ————————————————— ✅ Follow currentdebates! ✅ Like and Comment! ✅ Share with your Friends! ✅ Turn on Post Notifications! —————————————————

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Senator Kamala Harris, along with Representative Jerrold Nadler, are set to introduce a bill to federally decriminalize marijuana. The bill would also expunge marijuana-related crimes from affected individual’s records. The third provision of this bill is the use of marijuana revenue to invest in towns that were affected by the war on drugs. My immediate thoughts on this are as follows: DUH! This should have been done so long ago, and this bill doesn’t even go far enough. Marijuana needs to be legalized at a federal level. While this is a step in the right direction, I award very few points for a watered down version of what the public desperately needs. I do commend Kamala to some degree for evolving with the times and no longer being vehemently anti-marijuana as she was a few years back. Her record does still concern me, but credit where credit is due.

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petebuttigieg mayorpete I know its early but this guy seems to be very straight forward, intelligent, well spoken and share the same values, principles and concerns as I do for my community and our 's future look him up ourvotematters vote2020

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Mayor Pete getting love in Little Rock. No pictured is the side window that said “Bootie Bus”. It could be for Mayor Pete or it just may have something to do with its contents. mayorpete

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I cannot tell you, the immense feeling of pride I felt when I turned eighteen last month, knowing that I now could vote. That I could vote for someone I could resonate with, and that I could take part in something that impacts our country everyday. The feeling of getting my first political merchandise, donating to a campaign, and now, even getting to see that candidate in person is beyond my wildest imaginations Pete instills within me hope, hope for a new era, hope in our democracy, and hope for a unifying future. While not all will agree with me, I hope that at least his message is heard peteforamerica pete2020 petebuttigieg petebuttigieg2020 petebuttigiegforpresident mayorpete mayorpetebuttigieg mayorpeteforpresident buttigieg2020 buttigiegforpresident 2020 election2020 teampete wintheera chasten trumanbuttigieg buddybuttigieg pride

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Wow - what a morning! As I was going through United TSA Precheck security line today, I saw Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten. I was able to chat with him a bit and tell him how much I adore him! mayorpete biztravelhasbenefits

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What are your thoughts on 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren? What do you think? Leave a Comment! currentdebates ————————————————— ✅ Follow currentdebates! ✅ Like and Comment! ✅ Share with your Friends! ✅ Turn on Post Notifications! —————————————————

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Yesterday, the US military reported that a Venezuelan aircraft followed a US Navy EP-3 plane “aggressively,” but no one was hurt in the incident. This event supposedly occurred Friday, the same day the US rolled out new sanctions on top Venezuelan officials. The US report left out the details of the aircraft’s mission and where this debacle took place. The Venezuelan government issued a statement in response, saying that the American aircraft had been detected in their airspace without alerting Venezuelan authorities, and was thus escorted out. The US military report used this as a platform to malign the Venezuelan government and Maduro regime, and even took it a step further, blaming the irresponsibility of the Russian government for continuing to back the (democratically elected) Maduro regime. Is this development at all surprising? NOPE. The US military industrial complex is just yet again attempting to instigate another endless war. Do not be fooled, its not about democracy and humanitarianism, this is about the oil and economic interests of the US and of Trump.

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Pete’s plan is all about future sustainability mayorpete

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Selfie goals 🤳

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this quote

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Come join MCDP’s debate watch party at King’s Bluff Brewery in Clarksville on July 30th! Bingo cards will be available for a donation of $15 if you want to take part in the game as we watch the debate live (All donations go toward supporting Democratic candidates in local elections!) SIDE NOTE: kingsbluffbrew also has amazing brews 🍻so come out for a good time, a good pint, and a good cause 👍💙💙💙

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Listening to mayorPete in Saugatuck with the gays

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joebiden barackobama potus44 presidentbarackobama obama It was true then & it stands true now. trump is not a plans guys & he's not a facts guy either. So dontboovote vote2020 biden2020 michelleobama drbiden Rally behind the democrat winner. Support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whomever it is — period. No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats. Do the work to beat Trump. We’re the grassroots army that’s going to power the nominee to victory, and we’ll show up to make calls, knock doors, and do whatever it takes. indivisiblepledge weareindivisible dumptrump politics 2020election votedemocrat2020 memorialday deficit dumptrump ciezthemomentproductions ciezthemoment cieztheday joebiden kamelaharris amyklobuchar elizabethwarren mayorpete Any democrat planning on entering the race please take the weareindivisible pledge indivisibleteam