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The remaining avengers have finally cornered Thanos 2 hours into endgame. A huge light show goes down in the background as the final confrontation goes down, sure to decide the fate of the universe. Antman waits behind a rock, peeking around it, waiting for his opportunity. He hears the clap from Thanos’ ass cheeks and whispers to himself “no homo” before sprinting out toward the fight. He shrinks himself as he flies toward Thanos’ britches, barely grabbing on as Thanos is blown back by an arch of lightning. Down his tighty-whiteys Antman scrambles until, watching the mesmerizing clapping of Thanos’ dummy thicc, purple lined cheeks, he slips in just before being crushed.The battle comes to a halt as, mid attack, Thanos’ face goes pale and his stomache bulges to vore proportions. Stark makes eye contact with Captain America as they both realize the battle is over. They won. Thanos’ shock slowly turns to a smile. “You should have gone for the urethra,” he gasped as he raises his burnt infinity gauntlet. The time stone lights up as the huge bulge in his stomache slowly shrinks back to normal. Then the stone lights up again, and the bulge returns. Thor then contorts his face into an owo as he notices bulge in Thanos pants. “Oh gods, we have to stop him!” Thanos continues growing and shrinking Antman as the avengers all lunge back into the combat, unknowing of their coming demise. Thanos’ enormous 15 inch cock tears out of his pants and, enhanced by the power stone, grows to the size of a man before slapping every avenger out of the air. Thanos laughs maniacally as, since the avengers had no time to say no homo, they all begin to convulse at his feet as the gay kicks inYou heard it here first folks. This is the true leaked ending of infinity war dankmemes memes meme dank funny lol funnymemes memesdaily fortnite edgymemes lmao dankmeme edgy follow offensivememes anime cringe like comedy offensive love humor fun art bhfyp dog instagram sad f bhfyp

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Repost dumoniaco ( get_repost) ・・・ Lava Jato prende Michel Temer Mandados foram expedidos pelo juiz Marcelo Bretas, da Justiça Federal do Rio. A Força-tarefa da Lava Jato no Rio de Janeiro cumpre, na manhã desta quinta-feira (21), mandados de prisão contra Michel Temer, ex-presidente da República, e Moreira Franco, ex-ministro de Minas e Energia. Os mandados foram expedidos pelo juiz Marcelo Bretas, da 7ª Vara Federal Criminal do Rio. Desde quarta-feira (20), a Polícia Federal (PF) tentava rastrear e confirmar a localização de Temer, sem ter sucesso. Por isso, a operação prevista para as primeiras horas da manhã desta quinta-feira atrasou. 🇧🇷 Fonte: G1 Hashtags: mijair critica meme milicia lulalivre ditadura bolsonaro bolsomito bolsominion jairbolsonaro capitaopateta BolsonaroUSA governofederal governobolsonaro bolsonaromiliciano vergonhadopresidente oassassinomoraaolado ImpeachmentBolsonaro presidentegoldenshower temer micheltemer micheltemerpreso lavajato resistencia bolsafamilia redeprogressista seremosaresistencia

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Like ja vēlaties vēl Memes angliski roltoni meme

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Happy world down syndrome day ❤

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The Jedi were the real reason Anakin turned

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Maap ya kaga full, yang mau req boleh komen mumpung aq lagi bnyk libur hnggg 🌚🌚 tag teman kamugimana pendapat mu? komen ya dibawah! -own angela👼 〰〰〰〰〰 🎥tinggalkan jejak gaes 🎬jangan lupa follow yes! 💤diem diem bae komen napa? :)) ☞ indomy_bts☜ ☞ indomy_bts☜ ☞ indomy_bts☜ jangan lupa follow acc backup kita ============ own : 👼 || admin : 🐣🐈🦄🐵🐰🐠🐳🐼 〰〰〰〰〰 Repost or remake? Tag us© / via✔ [tolong HARGAI kita]

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I nearly died oml😭😭😂