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good night luvs ✨

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Happy birthday to my wise and hilarious husband milizre_ 💕💕💕💕

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Hey lads, this account is now being ran by 2 people. We are trying to get this account somewhere and have it be an enjoyable place for our followers, as we are trying to get more in general. As always, a follow would be appreciated. thanks for reading frens • • • • • meme memes bestmemes instamemes funny funnymemes dankmemes offensivememes edgymemes spicymemes nichememes memepage funniestmemes dank memesdaily jokes memesrlife memestar memesquad humor lmao igmemes lol memeaccount memer relatablememes funnyposts sillymemes nichememe memetime

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Damn same 😂

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I play the 30 second ruleI’m here for a good time not a long time

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If you think the frogs are getting gae follow eat_my_memeis