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Hoy es un día especial.

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🚨PR: 370lbs not for 1, BUT 2!🚨 - HUGE accomplishment considering the fact that I have been in a caloric deficit & hypertrophy training for the past 6 months. I can just imagine the numbers i’d be hitting if I was on a strength program along with a surplus of calories. I think we’re hitting 4 plates after the rest of this cut/before 2019 ends 🤫. - Felt like making some sort of edit to hype it up so yeah thats why I have my rock music & slow motion shit 😂😂 shoutout to my boy mohammad_pirzada for recording. The song is Two Weeks by All That Remains (if you haven’t already noticed, I listen to anything so send me some music) - Time to take it light for the deload week & prepare. cuttingseason

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Not your average workout video! Link in bio Athlete: tarzandyl Shot by: jacob_erlich I’m so proud of how this video turned out! The link will be posted in my bio. Pleaseee subscribe to tarzandyl channel and saaaamasssshhhh that like button! 😁😁😁 tarzandyl christianguzmanfitness cbum qwin_vitale gabbyschey roblipsett vitruvian_physique russwole belafernandez ashleynocera fitness fitnessmotivation gym gymlife fitgoals bodybuildingmotivation bodybuilding mensphysique classicphysique alphalete

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Finally starting to see the hard earned muscle that I’ve put on over the past year of training 🙌🏼. I’m excited for what this entire year dedicated to bodybuilding is going to do for my physique cause I’ve already seen more progress in the past few months than ever before YearOfGAINZ Side note: sorry to all my followers who don’t really wanna see me 95% naked on their IG feed No hard feelings, just unfollow me now cause there’s gonna be a lot more where this came from throughout the year lmao 😂

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She worked me out

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One hell of a hammie/glute/core day I gotta say! Love the weights I'm pushing right now can't wait for the rest of this off season to grow! We working! Its not just a hobbie this is a passion/lifestyle

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Sunday: our one rest day. 🥶 • after a hard 6 day split it’s necessary to let your body recover and heal. but that doesn’t mean sit around eating cheat meals😂we make sure to stay active whether it be a game of basketball with your friends or just staying moving at work⚛️ • here’s our current pre workout, and let us to tell you this scoop was hugeee (22g) per serving 😳 gave us a pretty dirty pump in our workout, not the best pre for focus but certainly a killer pump💪🏻 if you have any pre workout suggestions comment them below ⬇️ • we also included some resting pics after a killer leg day yesterday. make sure you continue to drink water even on an off-day this helps maintain a vascular look and healthy lifestyle. 7/21/19

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Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, makes you happy and keeps you safe. Remember you have a lifetime of new beginnings when something ends the universe is helping you make new space! blinkpicnic2019 was a blast! Glad to see all the other clubs are just as crazy as mine😅enjoy your Sunday stay on track keep up with those goals ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ personaltrainer ptlife instructor instructortraining lifetimefitness fitnessmotivation fitness fitfam gains guyswithiphones bodybuilding mensphysique fitnessmotivation cardio selfie cleaneating healthy gym vascular shredded igdaily igers instagood instalike fitness fitspo gyminspiration workout

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I don’t wanna change cuz I’m good where I’m at

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Day 4 This time when travelling had a flavor of what naina told Bunny “ jitna bhi try karo life main kuch na kuch tou chutay ga hi, tou jahan ho waheen ka maza lo” Always moving, either wheels, or foot, finally knocked some sense into our brains that itne khuari karkay yahan aye hain, let’s hit a break on trying to just visit all these places and crossing them on our visit list, rather start living each moment cause seedhi baat hai, abh maut bhi hojaye, is pahar pe charnay ki na himmat hai na dil 😂 I hope you get a chance to experience the air, weather and view at Fairy Meadows and, when you do; it’s at Broad View hotel cause ofcourse the view was anything but heavenly. Step out of your warm cosy fire place to a view of ultimate bliss! I’ve seen places i can’t forget and if one there is a sight i would love to see each day was here at broad view hotel! Since we were all boys, they treated us the same way; a welcoming special kawa, right of the leaves, a music system right in the out door, a born fire flace amidst the night sky and stars and most importantly a warm welcoming attitude. Broad view Hotel should be your place everyone! menwithstreetstyle mensfashion streetstyle streetwear wardrobeartist grids artofposing potd fashionblogger pakistanistreetstyle mensphysique fitnessfreak blogger blogging pakistanibloggers summer sunsoutgunsout travel travelinstyle traveldiaries