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This is a band / project I didn't know until very recently but is really good. The Dark Element thedarkelementofficial is the new band of former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon thechosenone665 and former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen janiliimatainen. The music is very interesting, a fine blend of traditional and symphonic metal with some powerful vocal lines and choruses that often times remind me of the 80's!

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Today, we permit ourselves to proudly present🔥 our company color code, the colors around „glowing orange“ Aren‘t they magic! No RAL, no Pantone, no standard color scale Always a twinkling variety, a spectrum, always a scale of its own, always surprising That’s how we would like to be seen. Of course we’re based on well known and heavily rooted principles and values Thanks to this, we allow ourselves to choose a dynamic and emotional vague color 😉 🙌🏻🙌🏻 fire recycling light gold bitcoin silver melt impressive orange red wow craftsmanship weights value trust risk refined goldschmieden jewelry modelling jewels hot bright design magic metal stunning crafts

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An awesome weekend lined up for both Melbourne & Sydney! Follow the link in our bio for tickets and to see what other awesome shows are coming up.

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BrassHall Beer Club Presents 'A Monthly Featured Brewery IndyBrewing Independence Brewing Co.' The Brewery of Independent Thinkers and Drinkers. Today We Will Highlight the 'Power & Light Pale Ale' from IndyBrewing Independence Brewing Co. Power & Light tastes just right! Power & Light Pale is a crisp, hoppy and refreshing American pale ale that took home Gold at BrewersAssociation's World Beer Cup 2016. Malt: 2 Row, Pilsner Hops: Cascade Yeast: American Ale (Chico) (ABV: 5.5% - Untappd). Watch Brannon Radicke Discuss the 'Power & Light Pale Ale'. Come Drink a Refreshing IndependenceBrewery Texas Craft Beer with Us! You Can Support Us Thru Patreon( More about BrassHall ► ► BrassHall ~ The Premiere Live Music Venue in Downtown Marble Falls Keep up with BrassHall! ► ► ► ► ► Click to Subscribe ► Directed/Edited by Mark Martich ( Music by  LYRIKILL ( ► MarbleFalls MarbleFallsTX TexasHillCountry Texas HillCountry USA Guitar Guitars Musicians Musician HipHop HappyHour Rock HardRock Metal Blues BluesRock TexasCountry Country CountryMusic LiveMusic Wine BrassHall Arcades Shuffleboard PoolTables Beer CraftBeer Trending

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Alestorm Aka: Pirate Metal Favorite Tracks: Scraping The Barrel Man The Pumps Mexico 1741 Wolves of The Sea Hangover Nancy The Tavern Wench Sunset on The Golden Age Back Through Time Till The End of Our Days Pirate Song metal Folkmetal Piratemetal Alestorm napalmrecords

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The days seem very long here lately

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Fire door. Very heavy metal.

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Дядь Саша плохому не научит! Нам зашёл Slayer и Iron Maiden! metalhead metal