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One time make these niggas mad 🤧

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Hiding place 🏠

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miata 🍑🍑👀👀

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Sliding into the weekends with savings Driver: j.j.blackbird Team: lowtide.dv Always putting on a show 🤘 ———————————————— For parts & content check us out jaakuracing jaakuracing Link in bio ☝️☝️☝️ jaakuracing drift 350z frs brz nissan driftcar hoonigan rx8 miata 240sx bmw carlovers car cars carporn carlifestyle carsofinstagram instacar cargram instacars carswithoutlimits supercars carphotography supercar carlove carstagram carspotting jdm

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Sugma what’s sugma you ask? It’s when you sugma balls 🏀🏀🏀☺️ PC: failedreboot 🎥

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sirtupuducul 's miata trying to look beefy with the big toys 🙏🏽🤣💕 was an amazing day, carch you all on the 3rd! carsonfiremtl 🔥🦇🔥 Dark green FD marlo_rx7 🏎️ Black FC franklabrecque 🚥 Purple FRS madmax86qc 😈 follow tdrworx_custom and stay up to date for the paint reveal 🦋🙏🏽 WWW.TDRWORX.COM tdrworxcustom tdr tdrworx tdrcuston custom mazda miata rotary rx7 rx8 fd fc 13b 20b tuning dealer slammed fitment bagged stretch drift wheels rims aodhanwheels aodhancanada

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I get it. One trip through the switchbacks and hairpins of North Georgia brought it all into perspective This car might be the best driver’s car I’ve ever had. No, it is the best. As underpowered has it might be, and even on shitty tires, it dances like no other. The steering, brakes, shifter, and suspension all move in harmony. Everything is telegraphed with clear communication. No ass clenching moments 911s and Corvettes tend to surprise you with. I get it now. It just makes sense, at least on the downhill side of the mountain miata mx5 ncmiata miatagang cars sportscar shareyourdrive

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Cleaned up the engine bay a bit with the cold air pipe, no more heat soaking from the engine 👍🏽 I’m still getting used to the puck clutch/light flywheel combo combined with the 6 speed but engages real smooth with the Miata Roadster shifter 😎 miata miatagang mx5 gokart zoomzoom roadster savethemanuals miatalife miatagram miatazgonewild mazdaculture OMGroadster miataclub touge racecar illest carlifestyle jdmgram importgram jdmculture speedhunters joyofmachine topmiata miatanation miatadaily miatalife mazdaspeed

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New 💋

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Que ganas tenía de empezar a compartir estas fotos con vosotros Vivo enamorada de esta PRECIOSIDAD desde el primer día que lo vi, es un Eunos Roadster (Japón), aquí más conocido como Mazda Mx-5/ Miata. ¿Verdad que es bonito? El actual dueño es yneguaz_k24turbo 🤟 Desliza para ver el coche entero 👉 rdbla rdb dailydrivenexotics miata eunosroadster cars247 cars car race photography jdmgram carsovereverything onlystance Barcelona canoneos77d carsphotography beautiful artofvisuals wanderlust optoutside followme featuremeinstagood follow cars_photography pixel_ig carshunter car_lovers

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New exhaust makes pops and bangs 😁

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Things That Go, or, Seeing Red. Like many , I had a fascination with “Things That Go.” And this was before the books by Richard Scarry. Unlike many, even after seven decades, I never outgrew it. Some of my friends don’t understand, others understand completely. So here are six photos that have a common theme: 1. Things that Go, the ’s book by Richard Scarry. 2. My first car, around 1968. A Regal Red 1965 Corvair Monza. Four on the floor and a four barrel carb. So cool. 3. My 1946 Aeronca Chief in Burgundy Red, 65 horsepower and no starter. Purchased in 1999. When the cancer started messing with me and hand propping became difficult, I traded for 4. This 1946 Aeronca Champ in Tennessee Red. Purchased in 2012, it had an electric starter, 85 HP, and provided great fun until the cancer progressed and I had to sell it. 5. The 2016 Miata in Soul Red. If I couldn’t fly in the air, I intended to fly on the ground. We still have it, but I’m no longersafe behind the wheel, so Sukey does the driving now. 6. My latest transportation, just arrived yesterday, is this Drive Medical “Rollator” walker in Burgundy Red. It’s not very fast, but helps me to avoid a crash landing. It handles well, the Pitts Special of walkers. I’ve already modified it with an accessory cup holder. Though the recent “Things that Go” trend is not what I would have preferred, it is what it is. At least I’m still here. And still seeing red. cancerstinks multiplemyeloma rollator aeroncachief aeroncachamp miatand richardscarry miata

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A better look at how nice the new black soft top looks. Tan was cool, but black is IT. 🤩

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So yall thought i was playing but here yah go this is the aftermath 😬 lucky to be alive like i said 🙌 😕 but imma get another one soon 😂 maybe put a harddog rollbar on the next one miata miatagang miatanation miatadrift

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So yall thought i was playing but here yah go this is the aftermath 😬 lucky to be alive like i said 🙌 😕 but imma get another one soon 😂 maybe put a harddog rollbar on the next one miata miatagang miatanation miatadrift

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🏁Welcome to the Mazda Cartel🏁 🚗Cartel Member: stockrx8 🚗 🚨Mazda Cartel Decals, link in bio🚨 ⬇️Tag a Mazda Driver below⬇️ 🔰Use mazdacartel or tag us to be featured🔰

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Picked the right day to change both axles. BTW buy a new Bandit shirt! These axle ain't free lol 14 and 15 installed today.