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When you accept what is, you align yourself with the flow of life and all good things follow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Sometimes I just cant get enough of Chamba's property. This air. This life. This place. The energy here is second to none. Plus having an unreleased listen to new music by capifranti michaelfranti s wonderful son Just bliss 🌻💖🍃🤙 Nevada city, Cali 💖🍃👊

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Big thank you to everyone that checked out our summer concerts this year! We had an amazing summer series Who was your favorite artist?

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“May all be FREE, their laughter RISING like clouds across the naked darkness of sky speaking the language of possibility, the rhythmic dances of hope and dreams somersaulting in each step they take through the WORLD” (excerpts from a new poem I am working on inspired by my dear friend Kris and his work with leanleftdoright (Earth is an Island Designs). ✨ I am wearing one of his newest pieces, the “May All by Free” t-shirt. Out of EVERY purchase you make, Kris leanleftdoright donates $10 to a progressive org. of your choice. I selected raicestexas who are working on behalf of immigrant families ✨ We cannot allow this administration to steal an entire generation of from their parents, while they suffer abuse. Plug in to fams2gether, momsrising, sanctuarystreetsbaltimore, glennondoyle of together.rising. And again, support leanleftdoright who is doing all he can to make the world a beautiful place. ✨ USE your VOICE! Together we can spark CHANGE! Music in video by michaelfranti an AH-MAZING soul who inspires me immensely. ✨ Pray with Our Feet, E praywithourfeet immigrantsmakeamericagreatagain bethechange standupspeakout nobannowall nohumanisillegal activism keepspeakingthetruth endwhitesupremacy staywoke keepmarching prouddaughterofimmigrants immigrantchildren immigrationreform takeactionnow honduras guatemala immigrantfamilies socialjusticewarrior notmypresident resist nomoredeaths familiesbelongtogether familiesbelongtogether✊🏽❤️ michaelfranti wecanbethehealing bridgesoflove

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11:59 AND 59 CLICKS - 16”x20” rustoleum spray paint and sharpie oil markers on canvas. This one was inspired by the michaelfranti song 11:59 “It's eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds. If I'm gonna die tonight I'm goin to heaven, Ay, ay, with you. It's eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine seconds. If I'm gonna die tonight I'm goin to heaven, Ay, ay, with you. It was eleven fifty-nine and fifty-nine clicks. The whole world's watching but the clock just ticks, over and over, every single day Some people steal while other people pray, to God, to man, machines or whatever Some of us just lost faith altogether No way, they say, we can't live this way That's why so many people stand up and say" mijumiart michaelfranti 11:59 stayhuman rustoleum sharpie spraypaint oilmarker face mijumiface spiritual guru timebetime

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With only four days, it was difficult to capture every moment and soak in all the beauty. Taking a step back and tucking the phone away, I was able to connect with the real world. I miss you Indo! - - - - - 🎶: seoulmtl -“A Line” agameoftones bali indonesia canangsari travelnotes photography summer landscapephotography canon ubud monkeyforestbali ubudhotel balinese soulshinebali michaelfranti yoga travelretreat takemesomewhere justshoot travelphotography letsgosomewhere travelvideo travelvlog natgeo createandexplore travelvlog shortfilm travelfilm

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seems like everywhere I go the more I see the less I know

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New mountain bike. Heading to Colorado to ridePush your Mind & Body today for healthy outcomes! 🌟💖🌟

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About last week Ik bezocht maar liefst 3 keer een concert van mijn favoriete band aller tijden, 1x in Paradiso en 2x in Londen. Daarnaast mocht ik bij alle soundchecks en rehearsels zijn. Het was een geweldig avontuur en zo tof om je favoriete muziekanten van zo dichtbij te mogen meemaken en te leren kennen. En mooiste les: we are all humans. Iemand kan in jouw ogen een droombaan hebben maar de offers die je soms moet brengen om te doen waarvoor je geboren bent kunnen best zwaar zijn. Weten wat je hogere doel is, is heel belangrijk. Blijf the bigger picture zien en enjoy every second. michaelfranti michaelfrantiandspearhead

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The Center for the Arts OnTheGo Presents Michael Franti & Spearhead playing at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 15th. General Admission: $76 public / $66 Members, available at The Center for the Arts Box Office, 998 Plaza Drive, Grass Valley or by calling 530-274-8384; at BriarPatch Food Coop, 530-272-5333, or online at www.thecenterforthearts.org music musiclovers concert michaelfrantiandspearhead michaelfranti michaelfrantispearhead getticketsnow grassvalleyhotel nevadacountyeventvenue

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We planned for 90 and served 50, some seconds, thirds and to go bags! Thanks to a local nocatee Brownie troop for handling the brownie deserts. Thanks to memphisjaxbbq for smoking the butts and hooking us up w some ice! Thank you Jessica Smith and family with Mason Title. realtorbrandi904 and family, lblakeslee88, lauriebleal and friends, thank you, thank you, thank you! diningwithdignity, thank you for the opportunity to serve! michaelfranti your music was on jam the entire time and we opened with a meditation song of "once a day." I saw a lot of genuine smiles and a lot of feeling the vibes♡ Thanks to "Mack" for leading us in prayer- we felt that and YOU are our spirit animal♡ I looked deep into many eyes tonight. I saw souls and my heart is full♡ staugustine serve stayhumble onceaday peaceloveandrealestate memphisjaxbarbq giveloveserve mack michaelfranti masontitle browniesofamerica

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Everyone is excited to hear Michael Franti and the rest of the Rock, Reggae & Relief 2019 lineup live! Bring the whole family this weekend and secure ’s general admission tickets for just $15 at https:rockreggaerelief.com 📸: repost puravidaboardsports .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ rrrpgh rockreggaerelief rockreggaeandrelief rock reggae relief benefit festival benefitfestival forbesavenue livemusic live music musicvibes culture art diversity downtown pittsburgh downtownpgh burghproud 412 152XX beneficiary cancerresearch summerfestival michaelfranti michaelfrantiandspearheads stayhuman bethechange

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❤🎶 Come party for a purpose with fitzandthetantrums MichaelFrantiSpearheadMaddiePoppe from  AmericanIdolMagic, MarcRoberge from  OAR and  Delacey to support americancancersociety at our BreastConcertEver on September 13th at CesarChavezPark. $20 tickets are at Now100fm.com. Concert  sacramento365 Sacramento  Natomas Roseville  Davis  GraniteBay Woodland  Carmichael  FairOaks CitrusHeights  Folsom RanchoCordova  Orangevale ElkGrove  Roseville  Antelope RioLinda  Elverta

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Sound of sunshine Partial cover michaelfranti See my full video at my YouTube channel

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“Soulrocker” as “one who lives from the heart, with compassion for all, and possesses a tenacious enthusiasm for music, life and the planet.” soulrocker michaelfranti stayhuman

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There are lots of growing pains when the school year starts every year. But this year is a little harder for me with the going to a new school, trying to learn new routines, and not being able to be as involved as I usually am. So thankful for my parents being in town to help us out while we adjust and have contractors working on things around the house And today is going to be a great day! A gorgeous sunrise, rainbows for most of my drive to school, 90s on 9 on the radio, and today’s positive message for my students brought to you by michaelfranti . Good signs everywhere and positive vibes for all! ☺️🌈☀️🌎 SeeTheGood BeTheGood MichaelFranti StaceyHuman StayHumanTour BeKind TeacherLife Positivity BackToSchool BeingNiceToPeople Optimism Positivity ITeachfourth Inspiring PositiveVibes ShapingYoungMinds TeachingYoungMinds TeacherStyle BeTheChange momlife gonnamissmykiddos firstdaynerves alittlesadtoo williamscrew2005 lwr srqlife lakewoodranch bradentonmoms liveonpurpose floridamom

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Love the message. AND, this truck is licensed to Vibe

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Welcome! We have rooms and entire historic lodge ready for rentals and retreats! Book now for amazing fall color time or a winter retreat for families to businesses. The Lodge sleepa up to 40 and our 4 season Tentsile tents to RV and camping spots can host hundreds in nature! 231-499-4968. retreats yoga michaelfranti yogaretreats lifestyle michiganretreats merrellshoes outdoorretailer shaggyskis startgarden businessretreats internationalbusinessretreat fallcolor michigan michigancolortour mlive detroitfreepress tourist shortsbrewing foundersbrewing puremichigan michiganphotographer

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Finally reunited with this absolute Gem after so many years! Good seeing you lovely, hopefully see you soon and don’t leave it so long next time And thankyou for the guitar pic and letting me jam on stage with you both nights😂 P.S. I love you❤️❤️ jbowman72 michaelfranti soundofsunshine soulrocker spearhead music peace

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BOOMTOWN! 🔥 michaelfranti WOW Absolutely blown away by how amazing this incredible musician is! 🌟 Full Power from start to finish. Such a massive heart. Weaving lyrics of pure positivity and love. Everyone at that gig was beaming with smiles the whole way through. Pulling people up for a dance and a sing throughout. (Even Matt got to, but I was too excited to film at that point) 🤣 This guy is an absolute inspiration. 🔥 Highlight of Boomtown for us. Seeing his pure love, 100% energy and enthusiasm for what he does and what he believes in after 25 years of touring So beautiful to see the humble saraagahfranti on stage and sharing their journey together. Big up to the rest of the band too, the chemistry is insane! ❤ Such a blessing to be a part of boomtownfairofficial this year. After performing on the Wednesday in Whistlers Green we spent literally a whole week in the field singing, exploring, connecting, discovering. Feels like a shift this year. More RESPECT. More LOVE. Great work BOOMTOWN 🙌 leavenotrace boomtown boomtown2019 michaelfranti positivemusic riverrootsontour festivalvibes transformational respectcreation love musicismedicine theforge coppercounty boomtownfair positivity festivallife musiciancouple inspiration musicforthesoul soulshine happyfaces happyheart ukfestivals livemusic musicislife musicianlife michaelfrantiandspearhead humbleyourself