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1 month ago

I received a very unique request to book a group of people to fly to honolulu for 6 hours to eat an arbys hawaiian sandwich! Of course I said yes! Tickets go on sale for $6 tomorrow! Yes, $6/ticket! What a fun promotion to be a part of! Enter here: https:arbys.com/aloha minneapolistravelagent takethetrip

2 months ago

How gorgeous is this place?! Give me a call and let's get your next vacation started! Reposted from sandalsresorts - 🔦 SANDALS SPOTLIGHT. All eyes on📍 Sandals Halcyon. Embrace the quintessential Caribbean in the midst of a tropical utopia. This is a true Garden of Eden, a place where your senses are elevated by caressing sea breezes, inviting ocean waters, and fragrant tropical blooms. 🌴 🌊 🌺 SandalsResorts minneapolistravelagent islandgetaways Caribbean tropics vacation allieverwanted