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We are grateful bapproduction for this master stage piece moremi , it's has inspire dexodustheatrehouse to bring back ebe-zikeye to stage. We are more excited Because It's almost time for the official unveiling of the logo at Warri arts festival. This is a performing arts festival unlike any you have experience in the south south region tag "A'far 2019. My art, my city, one pride. Come and show/exhibit that awesome stuff the southsouth is made of Are you a theatre group, cultural dancer, hip-hop dancers, artisans, craft maker, fashion designer , modelling stunts musician comedian photographer cheorographer make-up artist curator etc. how far are you willing to go? How creative are you or your group? Remember Warri nor dey carry last. For more info/enquiries call 08032264538,07065121549, 08160274120.

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|| TO ALL WOMEN || 5 facts every woman should know: • Everyone has rolls when they bend over. • If someone tells you that you are beautiful, believe it. They don't lie • You must have more self-confidence. And if you saw yourself as others do, you would certainly have it. • Make sure you are always a priority. No option, a last resort or a plan B. • You are a woman. That alone makes you damn special. || Thank you happysize_fashion for embracing woman curves in your collection 💕

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I love this shot of missrosielea on top of the Long Mynd yesterday 🏔

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"Sun goddess Hancel Cara" This piece based off one my soul sisters theonlyhancel Hancel she means world to me we are like the sun ☀ and the moon 🌙 can't have one without the other you're the light in my darkness and we balance eachother out always will be your night guard watch to you and protector . The sun goddess and Moon God will be duo shoot for my business something unique coming, keep eye out xx I am so overwhelmed with this very happy, the yellows are so blossoming great for the soul xxxx modelling festivalfashion runway sunlight soulsisters sungoddess sunset sunrise headpieces ethereal floral weddings model editorial headpiece

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missrosielea channelling her inner Stevie on a mountain top ❤️

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Are you ready for the perfect white Top 🦢

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Sometimes you just have to throw a crown on and remind them who they're Dealing with!😏🌟🌟🌹🌹 Photographer: iamsd ❤❤ Editor : myself!💚💚 To create your great photoshoot DM me now!😉🤗 modelphotography model photography modeling fashion photographer portrait photoshoot modellife models photo photooftheday photomodel fashionmodel style modelling fashionphotography modelagency portraitphotography portraits femalemodel modelingagency makeup fashionblogger modelphotoshoot like follow shooting photos bhfyp

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Die Perspektive macht’s! Ich fühle mich momentan, als ob ich in ein kreatives Loch 🕳 gefallen bin. Woran es liegt, 🤷🏻‍♀️ kann ich euch ehrlich gesagt nicht beantworten. Was mir aber hilft, das weiß ich sehr gut. Und zwar sind es Arbeiten die nichts mit Hochzeiten oder Paaren zutun haben. Klingt erstmal komisch, aber für mich das beste was ich in so einer Situation machen kann, Fashion, Streetstyle und Portrait fotografieren und das so verrückt wie nur möglich 😀 Was macht ihr um wieder mehr Kreativität in eure Arbeit zu bekommen? portraitphotography portrait streetstyleman streetstyleoutfit streetstyle adidas adidasshoes adidasheadquarters herzogenaurach fashionshooting fashion fashionmaniac malemodel erlangen fashionblogger authenticlovemag modelling architecture architecturephotography lilienthalberlin

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A serene shot from my shoot with missrosielea yesterday. Things look calm here - this was taken not long after we were almost trampled to death by galloping wild horses 🐎😂

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i don't have a third photo from the makeup set, so using a filler 😅 however while i got this space, i would like to give a big shout out to the people that have made such a huge difference in my life, that have been there and have supported me through the good and the bad. dbastro, my parents, who have encouraged me to chase my dreams and make them a reality, who have been so full of advice and sometimes a much needed snap back to reality ~ matty_bilson, you've been coming along to shoots since the very start, always encouraging me to get back into it, back into doing shoots, listening to all my crazy ideas and vents, being a shoulder to cry on, someone to vent to at any occasion without judgement. we both have a lot of stuff to work on, but we are making progress together! c_k_studios kingsleyfletts_tribe 360worldphotography zeal_makeup_artistry ruby.ruth_artistry braydenlaffreymedia, some of the loveliest people i have met through doing this, getting out there and trying to fulfil the dreams of my 12 year old self of being a model. you guys have always been so full of encouragement and advice, and have given me so many amazing opportunities along the way to work with you. thank you for believing in me enough to give me that shot and not turn away ♡ i hope to keep working with all of you in the future! mitchellnock johnd.salvatore mika_pineapple gfg.nathaniel jackiecoolcosplay curnonski emilie_lowe, your comments and messages, full of love and kind words honestly make my day. i am so thankful that you guys are here, it honestly means a lot and then to all the people who follow me, i never thought there would be more than 20 people interested in the photographic evidence of the shenanigans i get up to, but there's now more than 300 of those people. thank you. from the bottom of my heart, to each and every one of you, thank you for your love, your kindness and your support ♡ tl;dr ~ thank you to everyone who has followed/liked/commented on my posts. you guys are the best and i appreciate it a lot ♡ love model modelling appreciationpost appreciation appreciate thankyou thanku thankful loveyou loveyourself favourite

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Sunshine and rainbows.

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That’s the Northwest over for an another year, and instead of tearing up the tarmac, I spent it tearing muscle fibres down like a boss in the gym. Apart from the weather it sounded like a great event. Fair-play to the boys who take part in the races, they are absolute Daredevilsdamn ya gotta love motorbikes🏍🏍🏍🏍🔥 transformationkid personaltrainer fitfam fitnessmodel mensstyle tatted tattoos mensstyle bikes modellife modelling like4likes likeforlikes follow followers beastmode fitspo grunge guyswithlonghair motorbikes yamaha blackandwhite cool photography lifestyleblogger healthylifestyle style picoftheday