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🎨FRESH ART ARRIVAL JUST IN! Precious cargo taken onto a swift bellhop trolley ride up to the fifth floor wine lounge decanteratwhisk where starting from this Thursday night Reflections pop-up exhibition by much-lauded Gustav Szabo aka SZABOTAGE including his signature DontBeKoi will be on display for 3 weeks starting 28 March, coinciding with the hkartmonth and an art-inspired artmenu by Chef Oliver Li at WHISK titled “A gallery of a Hong Kong Chef” running for one month. 🎥 Check out more action by the UK-born HongKong based visual artist at alfresco lounge bar VibesHK installing his signature goldfish with vivid HKstreet motifs. Can you spot the famous HK red-white taxi signs within? 🎨 collaboration is brought to you by artsupermarket Gallery of contemporary art AND themirahotel streetart graffiti stencil artsupermarket hkart modernart whiskHK themirahotel designhotels hkwalls urbanatomy hkhotels hk homekong discoverhk szabotage workinprogress artisart traveldeeper art streetartist

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• STRAWBERRY BLISS • Layered gold and strawberry pink make up this divine beauty.

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🐝 love my t e a m 🐝 thank you all for making this amazingness happen

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Repost aslhnkaptan 👏🥰 ・・・ Asl-ı Memnu dan "Emek veren,acı çeken, özlem duyan, hakkını savunan tüm kadınlar 8 Mart Dünya kadınlar günümüz kutlu olsun!😍" aslımemnu 8martdünyakadinlargünü 8martdünyakadınlargünümüzkutluolsun 8martdünyaemekçikadınlargünü 8martkadınlargünü aşkımemnu funny creative sanat design aslımemnu selcukyontem selçukyöntem berensaat kanald nebahatçehre kıvançtatlıtuğ behlülbihter beşir firdevsyöreoğlu digitalart modernart photoshop photoshopindonesia hilalsaral burakaltindag hayalkoseoglubasakdizer kivanctatlitug berenn_saat nebahatcehre selcukyontem zerrintekindor bihterinkahkahasi adnanziyagilofficial askimemnuofficial kanald burakaltindag 🙃 ✨✨✨✨✨✨🎂✨✨ beren_saat_peru love beren saat türkiye 🇹🇷 peru 🇵🇪

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I know it’s not a cow or a chicken, but man, has developing these characters been such a blast. Holiday “cow” for the creative win And now, tomorrow we get back to painting and maybe some video of that. 😉 DM me for pet or other animal commissions!

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Rainy afternoons in the studio 👌🖊.

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i usually have a hard time showing the shine in my work but i think this picture does it justice 🐝 . these pieces and many more will be available tomorrow evening at muse_paintbar in mosaic district! rosé tastings and live art demos from 7pm-10pm. come check us out! admission is free 💕 . 🎨 by: goldenpaints folkartcrafts liquitexofficial blickartmaterials