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Honored to have my latest piece hanging in the front window of metropolitanfurniture. Thanks to the owner, Jeff, for allowing it to hang, and michelemorganart for recommending my work. The shop has an eclectic mix of furnishings from traditional to contemporary, and even some modernist styles like the egg chair in the window. So it’s a great compliment to my art. longbeach lbc longbeachart longbeachartist laartist laartists artfan artcollecting collectingart abstractartists modernartists contemporaryartists artprocess modernhomedecor moderndecor contemporarydecor myart daveconrey conrey

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Chris Burch’s ( jchristopherburch) majestic 1608 hôtel particulier outside of Paris has the rare distinction of being landmarked on both the exterior and much of the interior. As such, it still possessed many of its 17th- and 18th-century floors, paneling, and beams when he purchased it. Yet it had also undergone patchy renovations over time. “We wanted to bring it right back to the way it had been,” notes Burch. The American entrepreneur tapped his friend marcoscarani to creative direct the revamp, and French architect and decorator Michel Pinet—something of a national treasure for his masterly work restoring several of the country’s most prized monuments historiques, Château de Versailles among them. He is also a specialist in the field of antique wallpapers and fabrics, many of which he and Scarani used to outfit Burch’s Senlis abode. The most historically significant “papier peint,” though, had been secured before Pinet came onto the scene: a complete set of Joseph Dufour’s 1805 scenic panoramic depicting the voyages of Captain Cook, which Scarani spotted in a Christie’s catalogue. Burch, he says, “bought them for nothing.” Stunned by the acquisition, Pinet redesigned the original moldings and columns in the formal dining room to perfectly frame the panels, pictured here. Photo by miguelfloresvianna ; text by janekeltnerdev

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I haven’t been near any woods foraging for fungi this week but have kept a look out locally for things growing in damp places but have not had any success! I was about to abandon this weeks challenge when I spotted an assorted pack of mushrooms at my local fruit and vegetable store. These beautiful Dutch specimens were almost too good to eat but not to draw. The pink mushroom is the colour of the alabaster that occurs naturally in the cliffs of Penarth where I live and reminds me of a seashell. The cluster of lemon yellow mushrooms is so sculptural and looks like a stylised wave. I loved painting these even though they are not local. It was lovely to study and paint such natural beauty! Thanks to forestdwellerhope and rebeccasandeyillustration for setting up this challenge naturepaintingchallenge fungi fungus mushroomsofinstagram fungilove mushroompainting wildlifeart mushroomsketch watercolormushrooms watercolourmushrooms watercolourpaint botanicalillustration naturestudy sketchbookproject modernartists timetoart watercolorwork mushroomdrawing naturalillustration

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Sunday transformation! This sunroom used to be a screened in porch. The porch did a great job of collecting pollen, rainwater runoff, bugs, bees, etc and was impossible to enjoy and keep clean. The room is positioned on the main floor and can be seen and accessed directly from the kitchen. We closed off and insulated the bottom half of the room, sealed & corrected water entry, added glass windows with screens and voilà — it became my office & the study area. 👩🏻‍💻✨👩🏼‍🎨 💫📖 roominspiration roomtransformation sunroomsunday sundaymood☀️ modernsouthernstyle hotelart artoncanvas lifeofanartist myarts originalart originalartwork modernart modernartists modernarts contemporaryart contemporaryartgallery contemporaryartists contemporaryartcurator contemporaryartcollector abstractart abstractartist abstractartwork modernartwork artforbreakfast artforyourhome abstractlandscape contemporaryartwork homedecor homedecoration

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hey instagram art community. what do you think of this painting I share with you today? it is a mainly red painted 80x50 cm picture. contrast are with stripes in black, white and yellow. finished with glittering for an impressive shining on a sunny day. it fits perfectly in every lightened living room, bedroom or office. Like if you think its well or give any feedback. I appreciate every comment on the picture. thanks and have a nice evening abstractart abstractogram abstractpainting abstract_art abstracts modernarts modernartists modernpainting dailycollector galleryart sellpainting canvaspaintings canvaspainting localartists artforthehome

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Pods, harps and car partsis kinda what it looks like to me but really it’s just pods and whatever they said to the charcoal stick. Sometimes they’re best buds, sometimes they behave as if they barely know each other charcoalabstract charcoaldrawings darkabstract seedpods femaleartists mysteryart blackandwhite blackwork abstractart modernart womenwhodraw drawing charcoalstick drawingplants sketching drawfromlife stylizedart wildart abstractplant drawnature plantsandseeds iloveplants darkmodernart modernartists

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I'm really proud to be a guest at the kirkenessnowhotel . Everyone who works here is very polite, very helpful, very friendly. I dare to say that on my journey through norway this is the most beautiful moment. As an artist , this place snowhotelkirkenes kirkenes inspires me a lot. I would recommend you to the warmest to visit the snowhotel. my recommendations will definitely go on to my friends all over the world. Entertainment programs are also offered here. tallinn arteuropean modernartists moderne europe denisbelyaev_art

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Today marks one month since starting my art journey. And I’ve learned so much already! New techniques, new mediums, and completely new art styles then I’m used to. I’ve been loving every minute. But today I’m having fun with my old favorites, ink and charcoal. For years I’ve exclusively worked in black and white mediums, and only recently started experimenting with colors. And after all this time I’m still the most excited to see the contrast and drama of ink. My goals this year are to keep creating and step out of my comfort zone. Get ready for new pieces and lots of color! 😉🎨 artistoninstagram etsyfinds etsyhandmade etsyshops arty art🎨 art artistsoninstagram artist ink inkartist charcoal drawing etsysale etsy etsyartist artforsale artforsalebyartist homedecor modernhomes modern modernart modernfarmhouse charcoaldrawing etsyshopowner inkdrawing modernartists inktober penandink homemade

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< CAT > ▫️watercolor on paper panel ▪️2019 / 30×30cm Painting by Seiko Hayase🧠

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Project for contest "SexYbook" (Barcelona 2019) Photo processed with photoshop, printed on paper papyrus 200gr, assembled in a box with leds illumination, hand colored, covered in blue velvet. Text of the author. sexybook artistbooks artbooks modernartists librodartista artoftheday artist artistbook artecontemporanea libridartista giovaniartisti projectoftheday lightart artlight art photoshop photoshopartist photoshopart graphicdesign graphic graphicart nadia_photo_graphic italy instaart contatto

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گفته بودم چو بیایی غم دل با تو بگویم چه بگویم که غم از دل برود چون تو بیایی سعدی جان دولته ، ابعاد ۵۰×۲۰ بوم_نقاشی خطوط نقاشی_ میکسمدیا آبی تابلو_مدرن گالری_هنری artist painting color artwork instawork sunny sky modernartists acrylicart artwork photography work sketch pencildrawing gallery artopening artgallery canvas goodjob loveart blue workshop mixedmedia patern