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“There is No Other” by Rhiannon Giddens with Franceso Turrisi On this record Rhiannon Giddens shows remarkable breadth and variety. Here she brings her American folk music style to a more eclectic field with the help of Francesco Turrisi- an Italian multi-instrumentalist who specialises in North African music. You feel this variety most in the explorative approach to rhythm and percussion with Giddens’ vocal performance essentially being a series of jumps through hoops. Some of these tracks are renditions and others are originals but throughout I felt like the folkloric spirit was kept intact. “Trees on the Mountains” is an eerie and building track which balances out growing intensity with consistent vocal presence. There’s also the nice message about faith in “He Will See You Through” which I thought was really heartfelt and endearing. You just don’t hear much music like this and I think it’s the kinda stuff that people would look at as objectively beautiful. Give it a shot if you feel in need of something which focuses on a folkloric tradition that’s a bit outside your comfort zone. rhiannongiddens francescoturrisi thereisnoother american americanmusic americanfolkmusic folk italy italianmusic northafricanmusic faith trees letter pizza blackswan faith musicreview modernclassical kronosquartet music2019 explore folklore tradition

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Tracklist 26. Juni 2019 Hour 1 1. Anaemia - Fallout (KreisSystem Remix) 2. v01d - All the Rage (Will Not Be Silenced) 3. Alpturer - R.U 4. Blush Response – Rite Of Transformation 5. Aevin - Roche Lobe 6. Yugen – Response 7. Xander Harris - There is a Darkness On Your Lantern 8. Fonemi – Razza Nomade 9. subtractiveLAD - Gravity Assist 10. Adeptus Mechanicus – Hall Echoes 11. Murya – Intor 12. Talvekoidik - Stones Roll Down The Streambed Hour 2 1. Plaid – All To Get Her 2. Plaid – Dancers 3. Ochre – Low Grav Freefall (High Altitude Mix) 4. Gregory Paul Mineeff – Devastation 5. Ivan Teixeira - Malvin 6. Planet4 - So Simple 7. r.roo – Melancholy 8. r.roo – Mukiu 9. Hoera. – Wawarba 10. Dense & Translippers – Bazaar 11. Lars Ziegler – Waldweg 12. Robag Wruhme – Volta Copy Hour 3 1. The Microgram - Dissolve Into Nothing 2. The Microgram – Dissociated 3. Canopy of Stars - Between Worlds 4. Canopy of Stars - Memories of a Lighthouse Keeper 5. Ulrich Schnauss - Live at the state51 Factory (excerpt) 6. 扎克 - 000820001 OTS2 7. Introversion - Sous Influence 8. Purl & protoU - Sub Life 9. Alio Die & Lorenzo Montanà - On the waves of fate - Part 1

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I’d love to let you invite you in my homestudio, to listen to a new remix of ‘Crowned 2019’, a lovely dance with piano & cello. To be released when the right moment is there. This can be in July, or in September, honestly, I don’t know yet. In any event, enjoy and until later contemporaryclassical pianomusic modernpianomusic modernpiano modernclassical neoclassicalmusic pianocello relaxingmusic readingmusic focusmusic musicforconcentration musicforreading musicforfocus relaxationmusic meditationmusic

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Here’s my new artist pseudonym August Flendahl, I’ll be releasing relaxing acoustic guitar instrumentals on a regular basis so head over to Spotify and follow my profile if you want to support me and my music. Thanks for listening! spotifysweden spotifynorge classicalguitar relax relaxingmusic composer modernclassical guitar acousticguitar fingerstyle fingerstyleguitar nylonguitar guitarra guitarrista instrumental instrumentals stressreliever stressrelief meditationmusic yogamusic study studymusic

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Many times over DEBUT EP OUT - LINK IN BIO :)

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Here's a short video for "You're Lovely" with video excerpts from time spent in Baltimore last winter. Shot by marcushaguefilms. Taken from 'Driven', my debut album out on YEN Records. Listen/Buy via the link in my bio.

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Penderecki SWIPE⬅️‼️ “Sinfonie”, or Symphony in English, but this LP is a GermanPressing made in Germany of this Polish composer. KrzysztofPenderecki or in the Polish: Kʂɨʂtɔf Pɛndɛˈrɛt͡skʲi. This is his first symphony on German EMIrecords pressed in 1973. He now has 8 Symphony’s, the last one, Symphony No. 8 premiered in 2005. This LP also has “Anaklasis (Für Streicher Und Schlagzeug)”Anaclasis (for strings and percussion)” which starts off side one. Love his stuff So did StanleyKubrick apparently, as he uses his music in his films. Many were introduced to Penderecki’s music from the LP of the soundtrack to “ TheShining”. GimmeTheBat, Gimme the bat! modernclassical atonal avantgarde experimental vinylporn vinylsnob vinyladdict nowplaying

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Hot titles coming into the shop right now. Come get your raers!

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I composed this piece for a dance collaboration film w/ the director alisatheginger from nyuniversity and I absolutely cannot wait to share the project with you. It’s been one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of. • • P.s slow and sad felt piano is nice and all but it’s liberating to just shred on a grand every once in awhile. Don’t judge me modern.classical.memes

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Night, by ludovico_einaudi. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is a goodbye video for this beautiful piano who has given me so much for 14 years (yes, “who”, I consider my piano a living being) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s time to move to New York and time to let go of this partner of mine who has seen me go through life with so many ups and downs thank you, my dear piano, for being always there for me, and for giving me so much I will keep you in my heart and in these videos💜♥️❤️🎹 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Thank you also to gianimeri for suggesting this beautiful music. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ mariadelsolmusic pianotrance ludovicoeinaudi piano pianokeys pianist pianistlife pianomusic pianocommunity 88keys music musician musicianlife composition composer composerlife musicnotes originalmusic neoclassical neoclassicalmusic minimalism femalecomposer originalpianomusic pianoconcert modernclassical modernclassicalcomposer film filmscoring filmmusiccomposer filmmusic

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Nocturne for piano & modular. Full version (headphones recommended): A spacey modular jam with noiseeng Loquelic Iteritas Percido (Vangelis style sweep) feeding into mutableinstruments Rings (pinged with 1v/oct sequence). Effects courtesy of Clouds and Chronoblob.

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It's a dark clip today. Outside is over 36 degrees and I need to keep my windows partially closed in order to avoid an excessive heating. MicroStory 20 is here and sounds dark as the room I am recording in. Enjoy.

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Serene scenes from sselvatico ‘s SENATE event this weekend gone ✨ Sun Gong and Binaural Drone in a sacred enchanted garden for Art Night 2019, a free contemporary art festival in Waltham Forest UK. ✨ Did you know as well being able to purchase Simone’s spell binding album ACTIVATIONS: CONTEMPLATIONS from us here at GRFRQ, you can also purchase from Simone himself, as well as his other releases at his bandcamp and support this wonderful artist directly Regular gong baths by Simone at thewellgarden and eastofeden17 get realigned ((😑)) simonesalvatici salvaticusselvatico gong gongbath soundtherapy soundhealing binaural meditation soundmeditation medicinemusic goldenratiofrequencies GRFRQ ambient drone modernclassical

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“I have 3days concert with quartet🎻 in next week (july 1,3,4) at🇲🇴, we will play my new songs.”   Please contact me✉️ for any details!  4+1 音工工作 X 福島章嗣 Akitsugu Fukushima  4+1 音工工作 2nd Season  在住澳門日本藉結他手、音樂製作人 - 福島章嗣 Akitsugu Fukushima 與音工合作重編其數首新舊作品 弦樂四重奏融進了電結他 五人組合  嘗試玩出個不一樣  電結他 - Akitsugu Fukushima 小提琴 - Iat U Hong Rain Chan 中提琴 - Weng Kuok Chu 大提琴 - Daniel Leong akitsugufukushima quartet postclassical newclassical modernclassical acoustic liveperformance macau macaumusic

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2019年6月22日 Shingo Mimura with THE STRINGS カトリック仁川教会 終了しました! 美しいステンドグラス、洗練された近代的な建築がとても素敵な教会でした。 厳かで穏やかな空気の中、沢山のお客様にご来場頂きコンサートを行う事が出来ました。 今回は1曲毎に作品制作の背景や過程、思いなどを語らせて頂きました。拙いMCにもかかわらず、意外にも好評だったようでした。 以前のコンサートを観てリピートして下さった方、感動を伝えて下さる方など少しずつ音楽が伝わっている実感を感じる事が出来て良かったです。 沢山のお客様とスタッフそして主催、共演頂きましたTHE STRINGSの皆様、ありがとうございました! 次回は9月7日(土)兵庫県立舞子公園内の旧武藤山治邸♪ 頑張ります! 2019.9.7(sat) 【 旧武藤山治邸「明治の洋館サロン・コンサート」】 開場:13:30 開演:14:00 ミムラシンゴ(Piano,Upright Bass & other), 木村七沙(Violin), 森左介(Cello) 一般1800円(ワンドリンク付)、高校生以下900円、保護者の膝上鑑賞無料(参加者入館無料) 主催:兵庫県立舞子公園 旧武藤山治邸 お申し込み・お問合わせ:078-785-8610 映像は【Sarushima Heartbeat 猿島の心臓】より一部抜粋☆ modernclassical piano postclassical composer arranger strings violin cello contrabass church concert shingomimura ミムラシンゴ Kobe nishinomiya takarazuka akashi JAPAN

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repost 🎼🎸I am SO thrilled and honored to be part of this project! monteewert Monte Ewert's new CD "West" will be released July 1, and it's a MUST-LISTEN: gorgeous contemporary-classical guitar with expansive harmonies, jazz-inspired rhythms and riffs, and achingly beautiful melodies. My bro Allan Thorson tyrwerk recorded and produced the album and created rich, haunting synth effects and I play violin on the opening track "Power Lines" 🎻😁 Y'all run, don't walk, to to preorder your limited edition CD with art by tararatheresa 💜💿🎧 guitar acousticguitar contemporaryclassical modernclassical midcentury synthmusic phoenix scottsdale

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When you get stuck on that one vibe So thankful for the interesting projects and busy schedule this year but it sure is nice having time to just play without purpose again.

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Here’s an idea from today w/ some perpetual rhythmic motion. Left Nashville feeling inspired.

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Limited edition dark gray heather shirt featuring the Past Inside the Present logo; pressed on a high quality Bella + Canvas Jersey T‑shirt. Soft, vintage feel. Includes free download of Orchestral Tape Studies by zake_sound. ambient ambientmusic dronemusic soundscapes minimal avantgarde neoclassical darkambient minimalism minimalist ambientloops ambienttones atmospheric ethereal ambience idm experimental backgroundmusic spacemusic minimalmusic meditationmusic modernclassical electronicmusic fieldrecording electronica instrumental instrumentalmusic lofi filmscore noisemusic

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A sincere thank You to the judges behind the exceptional imabuzz for the award of "best song used in film/tv/game score" given to my work on the brilliant independent film by Samuel Grover! A shout-out to the musicians in Iceland involved in the recording, to the magnificent studio in Álafoss Sundlaugin and its engineer Birgir Jón Birgisson, as well as to the engineer André Tavares in the studio atlanticobluestudios in Portugal! It was a privilege to attend the beautiful event last Saturday at the theater symphonyspace in New York! ❤️🗽 Very grateful! imabuzz independentmusicawards2019 ledafilmscore leda contemporaryclassical modernclassical filmscoring filmmusic composer classicalcontemporary classicalcrossover bandasonora filmscoringcompetition independentmusicawards

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Iannis Xenakis Akrata . Achorripis. Polla Ta Dhina*.ST/10 Paris Instrumental Ensemble For Contemporary Music Conduct by Konstantin Siminovitch "'s Choir Of Notre - Dame De Paris Xenakis always takes his music going further and further even beyond . Polla Ta Dhina for 's Chorus and Orchestra ST/10 = 1 - 080262 for Ten Instrument . Akrata for 16 wind instrument. Achorripis for 21 instrument . Big respect for Angel Records for releasing the contemporary works into their music today catalogue series . Build your own complex imaginary form within this mathematical works from one of leading Hellenes avant garde composer ; Iannis Xenakis. musicaeargasm iannisxenakis mathematicalmusic avantgardemusic modernclassical greekcomposer avantgardevinyl classicalmusiconvinyl nowplaying vinyl vinyljunkie vinylpostcollection vinylcommunitypost vinylcollection vinyligclub recordscollector recordscollection 33rpm lp lubizianrecord

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Произведение Rainy Days из альбома Obscure было написано в качестве эксперимента: во-первых, мне хотелось сделать реворк трека другого композитора, переиначив его в своем собственном стиле, сделав "по-своему" лучше, а во-вторых, попробовать возвести в очередной раз мою любимую репетативность мотива в своеобразный абсолют. ⠀ Оригинальное произведение Rainy Days написано композитором Фабрицио Патерлини. В целом оно также довольно репетативно, однако все равно имеет небольшое развитие, а общее настроение у него более "светлое". Я же взял наиболее "тяжёлый" отрывок, пустил его по кругу и наложил на него усиливающийся с каждой секундой эффект реверберации и "шиммера". Таким образом сам по себе трек никак не развивался композиционно — мотив все 7 минут оставался одним и те же — но реверберация и "шиммер" дополняли его, создавая постепенно разрастающийся шум, грязь и эхо, которые усиливали эмоциональное напряжение и как бы по-своему развивали глубину и сюжет мотива. ⠀ Во время живого выступления, конечно, никак не передать всё это из-за отсутствия возможности наложить эффекты, однако данное упущение я компенсировал тем, что на концертах я просто ускаряюсь с каждым новым "кругом" и к концу все реже отжимаю педаль, тем самым насыщая кульминацю необходимой "кашой и грязью", которая возводит напряжение трека до максимума. А мотив все также не меняется. ⠀ денисстельмах denisstelmakh rainydays obscure fabriziopaterlini fpaterlini piano pianist instapiano instamusic pianovideo pianomusic neoclassical classical classicalmusic neoclassicalmusic contemporaryclassical modernclassical livemusic soundtrack ambient composer meditation пианино пианист композитор неоклассика саундтрек живаямузыка steinwayandsons ludovicoeinaudi

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asa.012 Crann in his element. Tim just tuning. tim_beattie graduated cum laude at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam last week. It was also his birthday Sunday. We love you, brother. A great man & stunning guitarist- check out his intimately textural solo guitar record ‘of Spectra’ by T. Beattie on all streaming platforms.

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As it crashes down DEBUT EP OUT - LINK IN BIO :)

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Yes I know. Timing is different. Sometimes is good to change the moment in which I record and compose music. The afternoon brings different energies and different vibrations. And, last but not least, it comes after a great morning at the swimming pool with my ! Enjoy this fragile afternoon thought, MicroStory 19.

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JUST IN: Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack (Death Waltz Edition)⁣ ⁣ A slice of damn fine vinyl for all you Twin Peaks fans here!⁣ ⁣ Angelo Badalamenti, Johnny Jewel, Chromatics, director David Lynch and Dean Hurley create the mysterious and shadowy soundtrack to the third series of the surreal drama, drawing upon industrial, lounge jazz, classical and ambient for their fitting score.⁣ ⁣ The record includes one ‘Cherry Pie Splatter’ coloured vinyl and one ‘Machine Room Grey’ disc. ⁣ ⁣ twinpeaks twinpeaksthereturn limitedevent davidlynch markfrost angelobadalamenti chromatics johnnyjewel deanhurley jazz loungejazz darkjazz ambient ambientmusic darkambient industrial modernclassical synthpop deathwaltz mondo vinyl vinylpreorder records recordstore ukrecordstore onlinerecordstore NormanRecords

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New release, "And I love her" Track, "Secrets of the sea" Available on (link on bio) Artwork: The musical style is a mixture of ambient and neoclassical music. The expression captured within these simple melodies is just as important as the silence between each note I really enjoyed making this album. I hope you enjoy it as well, thanks for listening. You can name your price or download it for free. It's your call! Konstantinos Sidiropoulos aka odysmod, is a Greek composer of electronic, ambient and neoclassical music.  Due to vintage synthesizers use, the music is reminiscent of the warm analogue sounds of 70's & 80's and contains primarily melodic piano, various traditional instruments involved with rhythms creating cinematic soundscapes. Contact: odysmod © 2019 sea

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Yesterday I got to make music with the great drummer, Darren King ( dkthedrummer ). He’s personally been one of the most influential and inspiring musicians to me throughout the years so it was pretty surreal to play together. • • Also had the chance to add some keys to him and his wife Stacy’s project ( sucremusic ), which is absolutely beautiful. It was one of the most inspiring times of making music I’ve had and I’m so grateful. • • P.s by far though the best part was having my lady jess.madron there and spending the weekend with her in Nashville:)