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Wow, 9 months ago this is where my little guy was. I miss this belly. I miss the way it felt when I could feel your movements inside! But here you are and this is so much better. Life with you is an adventure and my biggest success I’ll ever have in life, is you little man❤️ . The song ‘Unplanned’ by Matthew West for the movie Unplanned coming out on Friday has been speaking to my heart. If you haven’t watched the trailer or heard the song, I encourage you to do so. Such a beautiful story by a woman who was completely changed, did a complete 360 coming from working in Planned Parenthood and saw what actually happens in abortions. The pain and devastation from being called into the room and seeing that a “fetus” can actually feel pain. The song goes “I'm looking at a masterpiece I'm staring at a work of art I'm listening to a symphony In every beat of your tiny heart You used to be a choice to make But now I think you've chosen me 'Cause I see ten fingers, ten toes Two eyes and I know this is meant to be Oh I don't believe in accidents Miracles, they don't just happen by chance As long as my God holds the world in his hands I know that there's no such thing as unplanned” What a wonderful miracle you are baby boy💕 momlife youngmom babiesofinstagram boysofinstagram motherhoodunplugged momsofinstagram momlifestyle letthembelittle ohheymama discoverunder5k motherhoodsimplified dailyparenting mommaismyname inbeautyandchaos raisinglittles mommyblogger iloveyou motherhoodraw simplychildren magicofchildhood motherhoodalive honeywildpresets nosuchthingasunplanned ig_motherhood stopabortions youareamiracle fetusesarebabies nosuchthingasaccidents unplannedmovie Godisgood

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This is my “I pay my bills, I raise my son alone, I keep my life/health/personal shit completely private, cut off and blocked every toxic mfer I thought was my friend/acquaintance/anyone negative in general, don’t ask for help from anyone AND I wear red lipstick in the morning while changing my baby’s shit diaper before starting school work and then go to work.” 😏 momlifestyle

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♡ I was under a rock yesterday. Feels like it, but we were clearing out most of everything from our main floor because they are starting work on our floors tomorrow😍 But I totally missed nationalpuppyday so here's my big 3 year old puppy💕♡

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Ok, 234 traptreden. Eitje in vergelijking met de koepel van de Duomo in Florence afgelopen zomer. En dan vanaf boven kijken of we ons huisje kunnen vinden. vuurtorenameland lighthouse ameland 📷 papaliefde

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I can’t wait for my son to walk. I mean that. I can’t wait. He’s 15 months old and not walking and I won’t lie, it’s starting to get to me. And I know, I know, “every baby develops at their own pace” or “maybe he excels in other milestones?” And that’s all well and good, but it doesn’t make me any more patient about this. Just as I felt about all his other milestones. From batting at toys, sitting up, crawling and even holding his own bottle. All these milestones he did on the later end of the ranges. It’s tough going to playgroups and having all the other tots his age walking - even running and some even much younger than him. As a mother, I can’t help but worry about him. I don’t know who else is in this situation. Where you’re just in constant thought about when your little one will do this or that, but I’m there right now and it’s not fun.😅 motherhoodunplugged myhonestmotherhood candidmotherhood realmotherhood mymamahood mombloggers momblogger momblog muslimmom documentingmotherhood beyond_motherhood momlifestyle mom_hub momentslikethis hijabjblogger hijabblogger muslimblogger honestmothering mymamahood mynameismama mamalove mamalife

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If not NOW then WHEN?!? ⏱️ Do you ever catch yourself saying I will do that whenI will do that afterI will do that some day Guys what are you waiting for??? We are not guaranteed anything! If you want something badly enough you just have to make up your mind to go for it! Stop putting it off! I recently received a message from a wonderful woman on our team saying " My tummy feels slimmer and I feel muscles where I haven’t in years. Makes me happy!" And another message from another wonderful woman saying "I'm down 18 pounds!" These women decided to stop waiting and start doing I guarantee they are happy that they did! If getting into better shape and living a healthier lifestyle is something YOU want for yourself, then stop waiting and join us for our next group! Our prep week starts TOMORROW Message me for more details and let's start DOING!

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Look at those cheeks and that smile! 😍😁 What a perfect way to capture a memory! Grandma really knocked it out of the park for Sariyah! Get one for your little one by clicking on the link in the photo. Thank you for the photo, Valyndra Macon! ❤ hoorayheroes

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Can we take a minute to appreciate this MOM JEANS trend?!? Because as an actual mom, I am totally for it 🙋🏻‍♀️ Anything that conceals this kangaroo pooch, tbh 🤣 But I am living for these freepeople mom jeans PS have you seen the AMAZING sale items on my story? Hurry before it ends TONIGHT. There’s a ton of Free People items😍 all linked on my plus cute items I found for Charlotte too On a side note, we had So much fun on our play date at naturaob exhibit with the kiddos! (Even though C was halfway terrified, poor Bebe 🙈) liketkit LTKstyletip LTKunder100 LTKshoecrush LTKfamily americanstyle momlifestyle momootd neverstopexploring mommyandmefashion salealert momjeans minime matchingmommy mommyblog Shop my daily looks by following me on the app

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The birthday celebrations finalé 🎂✨ Was such a warm and happy day celebrating with family and friends 🌈💛 And a great opportunity for the to run riot through our new house before the building work starts 🚗💥💥 masonturnstwo

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Happy Sunday Friends 👋🏻 This verse speaks volumes, definitely one of my favorites for so many reasons Forgiving can be so very hard sometimes, but it’s what God has called us to do so that we may live a better life through Him. 🙌🏻 bibleverses christian sunday bibleverse scripture bekind compassion forgiveness motherhood lifestyle stahm joyfulmamas momlifestyle momlifeisthebestlife motherhoodunplugged ig_motherhood happymama mymotherhood honestmotherhood holdthemoments motherhoodintheraw habitatandhome dailyinspo

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My biggest fear in telling you about my struggles with alcohol was the judgement. I feared people would no longer relate to me and my stories because I was no longer one of “you”. I was different now. I’ve lost a few friends in this sober journey, and I’ve lost a few followers. But the people who left? I think they were the ones who’ve felt most roused by my words and it terrified them. I was a threat to their buzz. If I had met me three years ago, I would have unfollowed too. I wasn’t ready to quit. I didn’t want to hear what life was like sober. But I’m grateful for the community here who said, “I cannot relate, but I still support you.” You are my people. My friend utterimperfection always says there is more that sames us than makes us different. Isn’t that beautiful? So whether you’re here to follow my sober journey or my adventures in parenting, or you’re just here for the memes I’m glad you’re here.

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I had so much fun on our little trip. I don’t want to go back to reality just yet. We will definitely be coming back soon ❤️ familytime

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Playing pjmasks with my Sonshine.

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Il weekend perfetto? Sabbia, sale, e sti 2 ricciolini con me ❤️. Scusami lookpasa , posso essere dei vostri anche senza farmi la permanente? 😂 The perfect weekend? Sand, salt, and this curly couple with me ❤️. Excuse me lookpasa, can I be part of your family without making me a perm?😂😂😂 momlifestyle babygirl lifewithkids 10monthsold 10monthsbteastfeeding fitmom fitness fitnessmotivation fitlife fitnessjourney fodmapdiet fitfam momlife fitgirl healthylifestyle mydietworks wondermom fitmommy healthyeating strongwomen bodypositive fitnessgirl momblogger cleaneating fitspiration sharingmydiet fitfamily thesenseoflife fitmama senseoflife

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If you recall, stylenik contributed her honest and personal account of her menopause experience a few weeks ago📝💗 Well, she’s shot back with her own request for a contribution! She’s recently set up her own online magazine, meanmag (👏), and asked us this question. The collective is really you, the followers, though. It’s only right that you get to voice your answers to this! So please comment below your response or forever hold your peace! Some answers will be published on and permission to do so will be sought individually. As always, this is not a paid collaboration or advert. Just some wholesome collective goodness. 🌟🦋💙So! What do you wish everyone knew about menopause? What would you tell your younger self about it? 🤔🤔🤔

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One of my favorite pictures of me and mrsmarlinarose! This was taken a few years ago on Thanksgiving but I love this picture and I remember how happy I was to be in Arizona spending Thanksgiving with my family. ❤️ Marlina has been my partner in crime since middle school. We met when we were 13 years old, and even through her moving away , the distance between us, through the good and the bad times we always managed to stay close. Then the best thing happened she became my sister! I couldn’t of asked for a better person for my brother to fall in love with! They now have three beautiful who I absolutely adore. To look back and see how we have grown in our lives since we met makes me so happy and thankful that we are still in each others lives. Happy 30th Birthday to my beautiful sister! You are such a strong and inspiring woman, wife, and mother! Thank you for always being there during my journey of becoming who I am today. Love you so much! Cheers to our 30s, an amazing decade ahead! 🥂🍻❤️ Swipe ⬅️ to see us 17 years ago 😭❤️ 13yearsold 2002 birthdaygirl dirtythirty sisters bestfriends memories momsohard momsunite motherhoodunplugged motherhood_squares candidmotherhood newmom girlmom YouTubemommy newyoutuber momblogs newblogger sharingiscaring lipsensemom momlifestyle sharingmemories Floridamom FLlife

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Hey Leute, Wie ihr vielleicht schon in meiner Story gesehen habt, waren wir gestern auf unserer ersten Gender Reveal Party. Und mein Mann und ich hatten die Ehre das Geschlecht zu verkünden. Wir wussten das schon eine Weile und mussten total aufpassen uns nicht zu verplappern🙈 Es war richtig schön und wir freuen uns total für unsere Freunde und auf ihren kleinen Sohn😍 jetzt gehen wir noch ein wenig auf den Spielplatz mit unserer Kleinen und lassen den Abend ruhig ausklingen. Schönen Sonntag allen❤️

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Safe, Natural, Chemical free, Organic, Nourishing Well yeah there are products which deliver these we are here to review one of them mamaearth_india MAMAEARTH NOURISHING HAIR OIL for babies Fortified with Jojoba oil, coconut 🥥 oil, lavender oil, almond oil which prevents dryness which means Cardle cap is prevented and also cools the scalp n provides enough nourishment without being sticky and is anti bacterial. Avocado 🥑 oil declogs follicles n helps new hair growth. Vitamin A, B, D & E nourishes Roots by providing moisture MamaEarth products are MadeSafe Certified and contain absolutely no artificial fragrance or ingredients, toxin free . The packaging are simple yet vibrant with fun illustrations and easy to use with one 🖐 hand Drisana had relatively fewer hair during birth and trust us “MamaEarth nourishing baby hair oil” not only made her luscious and shiny but also prevented cradle cap since day 1 Icing on the cake: Every MamaEarth product bottles are recyclable with their recycling program and with every bottle you send them u get ₹200 off on your next purchase 🖼 : Drisana 📸: Namrata Biswal notsponsored realtimereview MamaEarth nourishing hair oil Availability:; amazondotin ; firstcryindia 100ml bottle for ₹299 bawlersncrawlers productreview mamaearth hairoil naturalproducts nonartificial jojobaoil coconutoil avocadooil lavenderoil almondoil sesameoil vitamin babylove babyproducts babylifestyle parenthood momlifestyle momblogger igfamily ourlifeinpictures indianblogger mominfluencer recycle sustainableliving

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Little kiddo you are so loved! ⠀ ⠀ Some of you are wondering if we found out the gender! Not yet but the answer is hiding in an envelope somewhere in my house. 🤔 Although it would have been so helpful to know yesterday at the letthembelittle market yesterday! ⠀ ⠀ This pregnancy I am definitely feeling the ol hips n pelvis a lot more! Prenatal yoga this week with lisafreemanyoga is going to be AH-mazing ⠀ ⠀ How did your pregnancies compare? Any movements or activities that were your life saver in feeling good while growing a human?!

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Pregnancy did a number on my hair and skin to the point where I chopped my hair becuse it was unhealthy! sponsored This organic, grass-fed wpnsupplements collagen peptides has changed the game. My hair is stronger, smoother, and my skin is looking brighter Shop your screenshot of this pic with the app liketkit gifted howyousupp wpnsupplements

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Recently bloomed in the garden. So pretty 🥀

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Happy Sunday! Do what makes your soul shine. ☀️ sundaymood

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when do the “big sur withdraws” stop? asking for a friend 😭🥺💔

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There was actually a picture of me and the taken last night But of course I had to ask hubby to take it

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How we teach our woman to see themselves, is what matters most 🦁

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Know your audience, right? I’m in Utah, so I made sure that the Wavelength clothes would be able to work with the clothing choices of people in my state! You can cover up, or not- and that’s ALL okay! Check out how we styled these pieces at the photo shoot last Thursday! Tanks, tees, bralettes- you can make it work for you! ⠀ For those of my friends who are specifically concerned with modest clothing, we will have a story takeover by pineapplemilkk to show how you can style the pieces! ⠀

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A much needed morning & picnic lunch date with my baby blue, just mama and Austinthe last time we did this was far too long ago, certainly before Bambi to which mum guilt got me. The difference in our play dates now he fully talks& knows his own mind to my bottom shuffling gummy mouthed baby. I managed to produce the goods - slides, bridges, ducks and a bag of snacks/cars 👦🏼 (can’t believe I have to use this emoji now and not 👶🏼) 🌸☀️xxx

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We’ve talked this week and talking and listening, but truly, the biggest communicator of all is your life. Are you living what you believe?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ beyourbest beyourbestself selfgrowth empowering empowered growthmindset selfimprovement selfhelp mindful empoweringwomen empowerment leader leadership inspirational growth mindset theelitesuite communication edumomboss momlife momstrong momboss homeschoolmom momlifestyle momlifeisthebestlife

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You don’t have to agree to do everything that people ask you to do.⁣ .⁣ The problem with saying yes many times is you overload yourself with tasks. Then it leads to you forgetting things because you have so much to do.⁣ .⁣ If you have a problem with saying no, there are ways of telling someone no without saying no.⁣ .⁣ Try saying:⁣ -maybe later⁣ -let me get back to you⁣ -say nothing⁣ -not right now⁣ -let me think about it⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ realhappymom momliferocks mommyofboys momlifeisthebestlife momlifestyle mommyhood momsofinstagram motherhoodunplugged honestmotherhood bestofmom ig_motherhood ohheymama letthembelittle mommyblogger mommyblog motherhoodmoments preschoolmoms mommylife toddlermom SayNoMore womensupportingwomen sayno stopsayingsorry mypositiveoutlooks saynomore selfcare selfesteem reflection

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For someone who hates grass, he sure loves looking outside

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Proud to be a woman, a mother and wife. 🌷

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👩🏼🌴Sich so klein und doch so groß fühlen zu könnendemütig vor der unfassbaren Schönheit unserer Mutter Erdedie allumfassende Liebe zu spüren, die Verbundenheit mit allen und allem was sie zu bieten hatgroßzügige Fülle, endlose Liebe, unbändige Kraft, Schönheit und grenzenlose Energie. Das kann mich wirklich sprachlos machen. Doch tatsächlich sind wir genau auch dasLiebe, Energie, Kraft, Schönheit ❤️Weil wir Seelen mit Körpern sind, nicht Körper mit Seelen ❤️du brauchst dich nur erinnern ✨❤️ free mauritius motherearth soul soulswithbodies yoga meditation abounded kindness momlifeisthebestlife momlifestyle mummylife momswithcameras realmomlife mamasein baby babyboy mom fashionmom momlife family familyfirst mamablogger momblogger mamaleben mama love coach 💕✨🌴👩🏼

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Piccoli appassionati crescono. Amore della mamma, mi sa che con il papà che ti ritrovi (impazzisce per le moto) in un modo o nell’altro ti toccherà 🥰❤️ Buona domenica ☺️

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Today’s the day🎉 Spending the morning making sure all is ready for O’s birthday party (can’t believe my baby is turning 2!) and picking up the food! 🍕 Grateful for the blessing of being his mommy! 💗

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Ce samedi, on a eu la chance de visiter le nouveau Grévin, l'incroyable Grévin ! Réouvert il y a peu, il propose un tout nouveau parcours dans des univers différents : jet set, grands événements de l'histoire, un espace consacré à la musique ou encore au sport sans oublier la politique et même à l'imaginaire. Mais pour commencer, c'est un spectacle sons et lumières qui nous met dans le bain Et c'est vraiment magnifique, bluffant ! Le parcours est jalonné de défis et décors dans lesquels se glisser aux côtés de célébrités. Nous nous sommes vraiment bien amusés. J'ai laissé notre escapade en story permanente si ça vous tente. Avez-vous déjà visité Grévin ? Avez-vous envie de voir le nouveau Grévin ? . sortieenfamille sortiraparis paris musee museeparisien incroyablegrevin grevin museegrevin grevinparis blogdemaman mamanblogueuse visiterparis bloggermom momlifestyle enfamille untibebe pswelcomeny mumandblog

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Good Morning and Happy soulfulsunday! It doesn’t happen often, but when it does I am so blessed and thankful for breakfast in bed on Sunday Mornings. ❤️ My man is the best!

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I don’t believe everything works for everyone but i do believe there is something for every one. And no matter what you find to work for you it will only work long term if you are CONSISTENT & it’s part of a lifestyle change not a one and done type of quick fix. Thankful to have found something that helps me hit goals, feel awesome and still enjoy my craft beers, jelly beans & cinnamon rolls when I choose. 🥰😘

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🌸Spring bloom outside my door🌸 Yay! The sun is out to play today ☀️ Are you up to much? I plan on going to feed the swans 🦢 at a lagoon close by. springblossom

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Mi mejor plan para una tarde es un café en alguna terraza contigo 🧡

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Zero Lucks Given 🍀

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You too, can achieve beautiful & glowing skin! TEXT us for a consultation appointment & get ready for this summer. New clients receive 20% OFF FACIALS & EYELASHES •Facials •Eyelash Extensions •Non-Surgical Facelift •Chemical Peels •Dermaplaning •LED Light Therapy • & more 📞:(929) 257-1637 🌎: 📧: info . girlbosslife girlboss womeninbiz entrepreneurlife womeninbusiness femalepreneur lovemybiz beingboss bloggergirl femaleentrepreneur creativebusiness savvybusinessowner communityovercompetition beyourownboss bloggerlife entrepreneurlifestyle risingtidesociety femtrepreneur bossbabe womensupportingwomen girlgang handsandhustle womenwhohustle womenempoweringwomen mycreativebiz ladyboss bloggersofinstagram blogsociety momlifestyle creativepreneur