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TBT This is the first stage I'm aiming for, gotta get back to this weight and build on it from there. Hopefully won't need the drugs or drinking to help the journey this time ctfu. Dawg them Stratus/Red Owl days were fucking epic, I was getting paid lovely, working 2 gigs and getting it in forreal. Some truly great times were had in those days, no bullshit. RedOwl Stratus Monaco CenterCity Philly CookDays KitchenLife RizzawTheCook IThrewDownInThemKitchens RanThatBitchDolo FromDishesToDishes 😂😂

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Euro Road Trip: Ludovico craved, longed for, fantasized, grew an unhealthy fixation on the power his nephew would imminently bequeath. Consumed and overwhelmed by profound and acute envy, ripping through the bare tenets of his principles, he devolved into another mercenary sacrificing principle for malignant intentions. Ultimately, he arranged the death of his nephew and, in effect, usurped power and stood aloft on the throne of Milan, crowning himself the next duke. But karma would soon reign down on him like biblical locust descending from the bottomless schism of eternal judgment. Unbeknownst to him, the northern neighbors of France were planning an outright assault, and courtesy of his corruption and absolute power, his source pool of allies was thinning like boiling water efflorescing into vapor. He did, however, have a short stint of absolute rule where he notably commissioned the masterpiece which would become known as the ‘Last Super’. More about that next time. For now, we peer over the city of Milan and back in its inherit aesthetic beauty. roadtrip traveling instatravel europe eu westerneurope tourism frankfurt germany paris france milano italy genova sanremo montecarlo monaco nice marseille brussels belgium architecture milancathedral cathedral renaissance duomodimilano gothic duomo

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Euro Road Trip: the Sforza family, while capitalizing on the public mood of the renaissance spearheaded by the Florentine neighbors to the direct south, succumbed to the might of greed like every other leader with unrestrained power and unbridled passion. A timid, quiet and pale boy named Gian was supposed to be crowned the next duke of Milan when he came of age. But in a corrupt tumultuous political landscape dominated by greed and merciless vengeance and a nonchalant attitude towards immoral deeds to reach desired ends, the boy’s fate was sealed before he could even learn to spell his name. His uncle, Ludovico, temporarily held power as the boy came of age. But he tasted the dripping fruits of success, reveled in the glory, marveled his statute and sought to emblazon his name in gold as the next duke. roadtrip traveling instatravel europe eu westerneurope tourism frankfurt germany paris france milano italy genova sanremo montecarlo monaco nice marseille brussels belgium architecture milancathedral cathedral church duomodimilano gothic duomo

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🌸MONACO🌸 . Price : RM 152 Free Postage SM . (✔️) Kurung Abaya (kurung labuh) (✔️) Fabric high quality soft pearl crepe yg sangat selesa (✔️) Dijamin tidak jarang, tidak melakap pada badan, tidak memeri (✔️) Tidak mudah berkedut dan mudah digosok (✔️) Mudah dibasuh (✔️) Jahitan kemas dan halus (✔️) Pad Di Bahu (✔️) Wudhu' and Breastfeed Friendly (Zip di bahagian dada dan tangan) (✔️) Poket suruk disisi kanan (✔️) Saiz XS - 2XL (✔️) 5 pilihan warna yang sangat gorgeous . Details on skirts (✔️) Skirt lipat batik yang sangat kemas (✔️) Ade getah di sisi kiri dan kanan (✔️) Ade Zip (✔️) Cutting looseconfirm selesa dan tak sendat . Order : WhatsApp 0123945896 for fast reply monacomixshoppe monaco setkurung kurungmurah setkurungraya bajuraya bajurayamurah bajukurung bajukurungraya kurung kurungraya kurungmurah bajukurungmurah bazaarmurah kurungcantik kurungbridemaidmurah kurungmalaysia kurunglace kurunglacey lacekurung skirtlace lacekurungmurah skirtlacemurah blouselace blouselacemurah laceblouse laceblousemurah bazaarpaknil

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🏡 HOTEL FOR SALE 🏡 Location: Lagos, NG Luxury finished and executive 2 blocks of 20 nos 3bedroom serviced flat with 20nos staff rooms, with swimming pool and gym, good land scape, etc in the heart of Victoria Island5000sqm Suitable for commercial & residential use 💳: $16,658,799 This is NOT the actual Photo of the Property listed For more info and Photos/Video about this property, listed above, send a DM, Whatsapp or Email michaelegbagbe Whatsapp +2348075889352 to request for a live inspection of this Property. 👉Consultation Fee Applies.👈 Hotelforsale propertiesforsale realtor realestate realestateagent realestateinvestor propertyinvestor luxuryrealestate usa uae uk construction constructioncompany canada monaco australia paris florida millionaire japan zurich abudhabi dubai london rich millionaires luxury realestatetycoon billionaire michaelegbagbe

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クルーズ船から見たパルマデマヨルカ🏘  雲が船の蒸気みたい☁️ マヨルカはパールが有名🎀   travel trip 地中海 クルーズ旅行 地中海クルーズ コスタディアデマ costadiadema スペイン イタリア フランス バチカン市国 モナコ spain italy france vaticancity monaco パルマデマヨルカ パレルモ チビタベッキア サボナ マルセイユ バルセロナ モンテカルロ 船上からの眺め パルマデマヨルカの街並み   寄港 真珠 パール