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1 hour ago

It was a fun weekend in Fresno for the season Finale! Congrats to my buddy tyler.menninga for winning the season points championship. We finished 3rd overall behind Tyler and coltonike ! Thanks to my crew cheif rowley_514 for keeping Zombie maintained durning the season so I can do moves like this! We never missed one single competition due to breakage the entire season, and we never cut a BKT gen 3 tire either! I can’t wait to tell you all where my next Monster Jam adventure is going to be! Stay tuned! monsterjam monsterjam

2 hours ago

Monster Truck Monday! Here is an uncropped picture I took 9 years ago of Gunslinger racing Grave Digger at the citrus bowl (now camping world stadium). High resolution picture is in my archives at home. Whatever this week brings to you, face it like a monster truck and climb/ jump over it! Happy Monday🤘

2 hours ago

Driver 26 for the 2016 MJ International tour is Mark List ( marklist539) His 2016 individual stats for the Monster Jam international tour are * competed on 4 tours & in 14 shows * drove the 3rd most shows for the tour * Mark drove El Toro Loco in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico & Chile * had the opportunity to compete in 42 races (not including qualifying) which was the 3rd most amount of races that could have been contested * His best result in racing was runner up in a final * won a total of 10 races with a 23% chance of winning a race * best freestyle result was 1st & finished in the top 3 for freestyle 4 times * was 1 of 14 drivers to win a freestyle title * best wheelie comp result was 2nd place from 12 attempts * 12 wheelie comps was the 2nd most comps contested for the tour ** the photo is internet borrowed ** 😁 monsterjam monsterjamstats monstertrucks

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Happy Monday, lovely people! 🤪 Check out our Monster Jam Soy Wax Melts 🧟‍♂️ Part of our Halloween 365 line 🎃 Scented in a house blend of strawberry preserves, raspberry jam, with toasted coconut, buttercream frosting, yellow sponge cake 🍇🍓🎂 Stay tuned for a restock/release date announcement waxtart waxmelt waxmelts waxaddict waxburner waxlover soywaxmelts soywax scentsy scentedcandles scented makersmovement indiewax whatimmelting handpoured whatsinmywarmer vendorwax waxjunkie indiewaxvendor homefragrance waxobsessed whatsinyourwarmer waxcommunity frankenstein monsterjam gothgirl horrorfans horrorlover hrva

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Driver 25 for the 2016 MJ International tour is Scott Liddycoat. His 2016 individual stats for the Monster Jam international tour are * competed on 1 tour & in 2 shows * drove Dragon in Manila * had the opportunity to compete in 6 races (not including qualifying) * His best result in racing was runner up in a semi final * best freestyle result was 2nd & finished in the top 3 for freestyle one time * competed in 2 wheelie comps with a best result of 4th place ** the photo is internet borrowed ** 😁 monsterjam monsterjamstats monstertrucks

5 hours ago

1è manche du Championnat de France 🇫🇷 6 H TT BORDEAUX Beaucoup de plaisir ce week-end 🏁 Classé 2 en catégorie T3, 10 au général ! Et 1 er SSV YAMAHA 🏎💨

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Well Fresno was a Awesome championship weekend. Did a quick little 3-Day trip up here. Congrats to tyler.menninga for his title. As you can see I got to practice my flag waiving skills, work with great people behind the scenes. Do what I love and watch a a couple of friends get engaged! Even got to see old friends and make new ones! Very happy with how my first quarter is playing out so far! Off to Vegas this coming weekend! monsterjam monsterlife

7 hours ago

sponsored We had such a blast at monsterjam at century’s ink_field thank you for having us! Make sure to check out there website to see if they are coming to your area! The girls loved the show. We can’t wait to join you back for amasupercross next weekend!

1 day ago

Tackle any Terrain! 1/8-Scale LST XXL RTR monster truck Building on Losi's long line of revolutionary, oversized 1/8-scale nitro monsters, the LST XXL is STILL one of the biggest 1/8-scale monster trucks on the market. teamlosi lstxxl monstertrucks nitroengine rchobbies horizonhobby retrorc monstertruck monstertrucks monstertruckshow monstertruckthrowdown truckstuff truckdaily trucklife petrolheads petrolhead rednecknation gravedigger 4x4life 4x4offroad monsterjam monsterjam2018 monsterjam2019 monsterjamlive truckdaily trucknation liftedtruck texas🇨🇱 nevada 4x4trucks texaslife drivingskills