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mood lol.

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'Door to door' (Shot on phone) P. S - This door has so many stories. Everyone who had travelled in train uses these door to enter the compartment to start their journey and to exit from the compartment and end their journey. Something which is significant of the untold stories of the millions of travellers like me. Simple things makes a difference. I felt this, thought to share with you all. Hope all your future journeys be peaceful and safe instagram india mood movingcompass picoftheday shotonphone honor6x huawei honorwp natgeoyourshot mypixeldiary mytraveldiary train railway untoldstories blackandwhite monochrome traveller blackandwhitephotography lifestyle blogger friday 500px i_hobbyphotography

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Vas a tener una primavera llena de eventos y te "pirran" los tacones altos👠 . Cómo cualquier otra cosa, tienes que prepararte y practicar 😅 . No te subas a unos tacones improvisando, solo conseguiras pasar un mal rato y un terrible dolor de pies 🥵 Más ideas en mi bio mdpersonalshopper y en personalshoppermadrid lifestyle quemepongo style outfit fashion trends madrid tendencias clothing styleaddict mood influencer coolhunter highfashion clothing fashionaddict Like4like fashionlover streetstyle Beautiful cute Happy Photooftheday travel wedding menstyle design menswear nyfw

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Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be. Может, прошлое — это якорь, который тянет нас обратно? Может, стоит выпустить того, кем ты был, чтобы стать тем, кем ты будешь? followforlike веритьвлучшее beautifulgirl liketime likeforlikes likeforfollow like4likes followforfollowback follow4followback followmeto folowme me repost tbt cute мысли мысливслух sexinthecity прошлое такаявся selfie хэштеги следуйзамной rememberme lifeвкайф instagood mood пятница

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I'm tired of fake love💔😴 - Tagged~credits Couldn't read the text in the corner but ShoutOut to the😝 liketime sad sadesits mood

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Mood ☺️

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Мое пятничное настроение- сидеть на лавочке как бабулька и брюзжать что все наркоманы и проститутки🤣😂 и куда катиться этот мир😂 Поэтому сегодня я останусь дома и буду смотреть киношки happyfriday 😆 instagram fridaymood blog personalblog lifestyle blogger travel life love relationship mood happyfriday shabatshalom happyness weekend movie blonde ink inked tattoogirl

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FBF When a baby shower turned into a party party The mayor is having a fucking b👶🏽by! Everyone can’t wait to meet you Michael! Congrats again Ace! themayoroffun ♥️ saucybaby • • • • • • • webstagram instadaily instago instagood instamood instatags igdaily igersoftheday instagramers instapic bestoftheday appreciate mood vibes goodpeople happiness goodtimes relationships friendship friends family fam live love life friendships babyshower postivevibesonly

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Robert Plant, 1975 - “It’s the whole deal about creativity, I think if you have to live within your own songs, you have to give them respect but you have to keep them to one side and just keep moving on. You have periods of time in your life, you can go back and visit them, it’s a nice thing to do. How many times do you take your old wife out?” RP,2018

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you got the best of me~

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Mood Who would like to spend a few days here?

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Copper overload is a big problem. Research has shown that prison populations have elevated copper levels and show behavioral improvements when copper levels are balanced with Zinc. High copper levels can happen due to genetic and environmental factors. During pregnancy, copper levels are elevated to help build a baby. After birth, many women have trouble getting rid of the excess copper and experience what we call Postpartum Depression (PPD). Simple blood tests can confirm copper elevation, and Zinc supplementation can help bring the Zinc Copper ratio back to 1. 💝 MaverickMom Pregnancy PPD copper

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It’s okay to not be happy. It’s okay to have a blah day. It’s fine to complain. You have a right to vent. Go ahead and be mopey, whiny, and cry if you want to. You don’t have to feel grateful everyday. Sometimes people are selfish, mean, miserable, moody, wretched, unsatisfied, depressed, lonely, insecure, angry AF and that’s cool, too. One of my fav moments in the movie The Big Chill (a movie that is superbly well written)is when the husband of one of the main character’s is in the kitchen and said (re: life) “It’s just that no one ever said it would be fun at least, no one ever said it to me.” That line was my mantra through my entire twenties when I was constantly melodramatic wannabe writerly with a penchant for being dark and stormy. I am deeply suspicious of people who are happy all the time, or couples that never fight, or anyone who seems like they have it all together all the time. It’s unnatural. For every up day i’ve had way more down ones, but if there were no differences it’d be boring. What’s that line from Steel Magnolias I’d rather have twenty minutes of something wonderful than a whole lifetime of nothing special. (I’m paraphrasing and too lazy to go look it up, but you get the gist.) Hmmm it’s probably too early to know if today is one of those days I guess we’ll see. • • • • mood blah blahday truth cranky crankypants goahead fridaymood fridayvibe ugh whatever feelings feels writer tvwriter screenwriter moviequotes quotes thebigchill beyourself bewhateveryouwant

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dǝǝlsɐ llɐɟ llɐ ǝʍ uǝɥʍ

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oɓ ǝʍ op ǝɹǝɥʍ

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포도당이 필요한 ㅅㅜㄴㄱㅏㄴ 지친다

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⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🇰🇷⚽️🐔🍺🧀❤️😋

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Throwback Thursday at Friday 🐒😳🐶🐺💞

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Thank you gymshark for making sweatpant leggings 😬💕 they’re the softest pants Iv EVER owned!

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If you could live in any cartoon world where would you live? I would either live in the Bikini Bottom or Dimmsdale lol 🌸

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“Is this the Krusty Krab?”

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I never understand why Alice left wonderland MOOD😈🧡 mood

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