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Fotily jsme se sousedkami jarní kolekci od tate_wear tohle je nový kousek z mnou oblíbeného neoprénu, a když se třeba v moonclub_prague polijete červeným vínem, nebude to tolik vidět:o) naše modelka denicek_matky zachovala dekorum a na víno se radši ani nedívala, aby se nepolila, nezlila a tak:o) peopleczsk igerscz blogerka mamablogerka moonclubprague dnesnosim czechlabel czechbrand beoriginal bestylish fashionphotographyeditorial fashioninspiration fashionphotographyoftheday prague praguegirl pragueclubs modelka moodygrams beautifulinteriors beautifulinteriordesign ceskaholka czechwoman moodygram artofvisuals visuals visualsart jj_portraits jj_portrait klarartphotography

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“He (is) my cream, and I (is) his coffee - And when you (pour) us together, it (is) something.” ~ Josephine Baker

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Putting my best foot forward

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Team no more puffer jackets. Tis the season where some people are in tee shirts and others are in 62 layers with a scarf wrapped around their face.

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I go crazy 'cause here isn't where I wanna be, And satisfaction feels like a distant memory. And I can't help myself, all I Wanna hear her say is "Are you mine?" Well, are you mine?/📸: 11eleven_photography Event organizers: portrait_slam / azure2148 Wardrobe: sunchildsparlourgv Location: St. Joseph’s Cultural Center, Grass Valley, CA.

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Repost sandovalgomez • • • • • You know that feeling when you realize that you’ve manifested something beautiful? Hang on to that feeling always, and notice how easily things will fall into place. • tulum tulummexico 📷: nakama.kai crookedpalmtrees palmtrees igtones igtones5K moodygrams artofvisuals gameoftones followthepalms palmtreearmy sunset_united photofox hugapalmtree sunsetunited superphotosunsets sunset cloudzdelight ig_skylovers skyaddic skycaptures skymarvels caliinviteyou myunicornlife palmsprings sky_marvels skymarvels_nightsky

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Addi Undoubtedly talented, ridiculously charismatic, subtly confident. Addi exudes his personality naturally in every way, which comes across in his work. Addi is a professional wardrobe stylist & fashion consultant. Check out his remarkable work at closetbyaddi and you’ll understand why this human was featured in gq last year. That’s right, GQ. I should also mention that every single photograph I took of Addi looked as good as this one. addiadedayo

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She had a very inconvenient heart. It always insisted on feeling things ever so deeply.

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just one

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Sugar Cane and Agave Plant (edible for the adventurous foodies!) ⁣ ⁣ You eat sugar cane; which grows in the middle of the agave plant. The agave plant itself, you chew the fibers and spit it out when you are done! You can also steam or boil the fibers to make soup. ⁣ ⭐⭐⁣ Fair warning - there are 200+ kinds of agave and some don't taste good. ONLY blue agave (azul agave) is used to create Tequila! The other kinds are used to create Mezcal. ⁣ 🌟🌟⁣ Have you tried 100% agave tequila or mezcal? 🙌🏼💓 commentbelow👇👇👇👇 (PS- anyone else notice the christmas tablecloth? I guess the tequila affected me more than I realized!)⁣ ⁣ foodie mexico travelfemme traveltips DameTraveler

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'08:07' I was already walking around for almost 3 hours when I photographed these four men in their 'office', a corner somewhere in the huge Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. On this market the trade is done in perfect silence; offering and bidding through written down numbers in ink on paper. tsukijifishmarket

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'Tjuk ' Brother and sister are posing in front of their fathers tjuk: the motorcycle taxi that fills almost every busy street of Indias cities. The tjuks are noisy and very polutive but they are a means to earn a living for families like these.