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Question for all the Rick fangirls and Rick and Morty pages: when u post about Rick or Rick & Morty does ur post ever just get copied and put on a Rick and Morty account without ur consent and actually copies ur caption- hashtags etc? If not then- IT’S HAPPENING TO ME ALL THE TIME and I find it sorta weird 😐~ papyrus180 - - - 🌌~Daddy Rick Sanchez~🌌 - - rickandmorty mortyandrick ricknmorty rickandmortyfanart rickandmortyart rickandmortyanimestyle rickandmortyanime rick morty ricksanchez mortysmith ricksanchezfanart mortysmithfanart rickfanart mortyfanart rickandmortyseason1 rickandmortyseason2 rickandmortyseason3 rickandmortytime rickandmortyfandom rickandmortyforever rickandmortyfor100years rickandmortyislife rickandmortyadventures rickc137 mortyc137 adultswim daddy daddyrick daddyricksanchez ~🤔💙

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The latest Rick and Morty news and my opinion on it. How do you feel about Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's offer to give Kanye West his own episode of Rick and Morty. Is the world ready? Am I really? Are you ready? Let me know in the comments and check out my full catalog of videos on Original Asherella on YouTube. Link in bio! This is my second upload of this video. Hopefully the audio is properly working this go round. adultswim adultswim_ justinroiland danharmon rickandmorty vice originalasherella youtube vegetarella picklerick rickandmorty adultswim newvideo smallyoutuber youtubechannel Sub4sub ricksanchez mortysmith subscribe

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Wtf Morty

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🚫This is gonna be long so read at your own discretion🚫 I’ve been in a really bad place in my life for a few months now and the icing on the cake was this month. I’ve made choices in my life that I never thought I’d make and it ended up biting me very hard. I lost a lot this semester and I’m gonna take a semester off this fall to regain who I should be. One thing I lost was my passion for art. I threw away all my potential this semester and I lost a lot of self confidence when it comes to my ability to make art. People can say I’m just asking for compliments about my art, but I’m not. I felt like my art wasn’t as good as it used to be. The best way I could put it is, for those who have BDD, no matter how many people say you’re good looking, you don’t feel it. It’s easy to tell someone that they’re good in a certain aspect but to actually feel it is different. I made this piece to test myself and try to see where I’m at with my art skills. I think I did overall pretty good at capturing the character’s likeliness, to a good degree. I wanted to draw characters from shows that I used to watch or am currently watching (obviously not including my characters). These characters were the ones that kept me watching and they always will be my favorites no matter who says what. I’m going to mark this drawing as the first step to a very long road of recovery in my life. • • • cartoon art pencil pen sharpie digital gravityfalls totaldrama regularshow pokemon rickandmorty artist cartoonist artistsoninstagram black colors anime mabelpines pokemondawn totaldramaheather mortysmith arts draw drawing outline ink myart digitalart online