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To achieve certain things , you need to apply work and consistency. Never give, never be afraid to fail!🥇 Keep on keeping on👑 What are you doing to achieve your goals? Tag a Friend to motivate them 🔥 Follow wealthypreneursco🚀 Follow wealthypreneursco 🚀 ——————————————————— dailymotivators motivation motivationalquotes nevergiveup motivationalvideos motivation💯 motivationnation motivationoftheday motivationalvideos nevergiveup hardworkpaysoffs hardworkers positivity positivequotes inspirationalquotes inspirationnation businessbuilder millionairemindset millionaire futuremillionaire futuresuccess hustle hustlehard dailyinspiration keepongrowing keeponkeepingon growthmindset financialgrowth financialgoals

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A few transformation photos for my dad! One year apart! Although he lost the weight in 4 months. 55lb difference! He’s still going too! Universal has always been our thing since I was a kid, so I can’t wait for us to head back again and see where he’s at by then! Last year he could barely walk around the park without getting winded & this year he was speed walking! 💪🏻✨ Seriously one proud daughter proud happy familyovereverything progress transformation weightloss weightlossjourney fitnessjourney fitspo fitlife dad nevergiveup selfimprovement universalstudios workout workhard motivation dedication active exercise noexcuses trusttheprocess gymlife fitnessinspiration gymmotivation neverquit

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I don't like you bitch Anonymouswaytolife Be greatful for whatever you have😊🙏, life, family, friends, people who cares about you everything. Because life is short enough to not regret about anything. Random thoughts inspirational inspiration motivation inspirationalquotes motivational love motivationalquotes quotes success inspire quoteoftheday life entrepreneur quote positivevibes art business instagood follow instagram positivity lifequotes like quotestoliveby goals positive happy happiness photography bhfyp

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Ce matin, j'ai pris mon petit déj dehors au calme de notre petit coin à attendre les oiseaux. J'en avais besoin En plus des cumuls du moment +1,2 sur la balance ce matin, génial 😬 Je vais mettre ça sur le compte de la mauvaise semaine hein Allez ne rien lâcher je le sais, ira mieux (j'espère) la semaine prochaine. Bonne journée à tous. ww_france regime instafood food regimeuse motivation pertedepoids newlife newway bonappetit nopainnogain nutrition cooking yummy diet onlacherien mangersain repas instaregimeuse onsereprendenmain versunevieplussaine wellnessthatworks ww weareww wwfr ww_fr ww_france teamww reequilibragealimentaire weightwatchers wwcommunaute

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One of my biggest entrepreneurial lessons has been building relationships Communicate with your customers Communicating with your customers is a good way to build up trust and improve customer satisfaction. Regular communication with your customers across all your channels is important in keeping them up to date with your business and helps maintain the relationship Products can come and go, but genuine relationships with your clients last a lifetime. Some of my best business connections has been through leveraging relationships I’ve had with clients. Who are now my friends that connected me with other people who helped my business grow When I was running my summer camp people fell in love with me, my passion, my love for their , and that’s why they were willing to invest and pay for whatever because of our relationship Also, when I was in the process of open the charter school. I was talking to parents, hearing their concerns, and I too had the same concerns. Even to this day, although I’m not at the school parents still ask for me because I am the face of that place. I left my sparkle. ✨✨ Relationships last a lifetime, whether you are doing good or bad you want someone to support you regardless, and it should be mutual You can’t forget the people that believed in you when no one else did. You can’t forget that they helped you get to where you are. I definitely don’t. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ • • dreambig motivation inspiration unlockpotential makeideashappen girlboss entrepreneurlife makeithappen beyourownboss love photography bethechange workfromwherever bossbabe faith spiritual entrepreneur purpose contentmatters blkcreatives morning photooftheday business life momprenuer

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who else still uses these notebooks after college 😂 as someone who is constantly learning and self-improving, these notebooks are a total lifesaver 😍

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Hello ! ▪ Aujourd'hui je ne travaille pas , et oui tu l'as compris Je suis en WEEKEND 👌 ▪ Mais ce n'est pas pour autant qu'il faut oublier les bonnes habitudes. ▪ Donc, depuis mon déménagement je n'ai pas fait les courses Je suis en panne d'oeufs 😢😒 ▪ J'ai improvisé alors avec mon flocons d'avoine,mon lait de soja, ma compote et mon muesli ! ▪ Bon courage pour ta journée . Moi 5h30 de route m'attendent 😘 ▪▪ bowlcake healthy sport bodygoal picture motivation goals mangersain dietetique instamoments instafood food foodporn pornfood nutrition fit fitness fitgirl recipe recette repas breakfast instagram instafit gain body training teamshape fitnessaddict likes

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मेरी कहानी फिर आज कहीं जाकर ठहर गई लगता है किसी किरदार ने अपनी जिंदगी मेरी कहानी से अलग कर ली है 💔🔥💤⚡ ❤️ For more such Poetries please Follow word_scars Follow 👉 word_scars Writer 👉 shankygupta2711 Hastags ⚡📌 life lifequotes lifelessons poetry poetrylovers photooftheday picoftheday pictureoftheday feelings thoughts emotions writer writers writersofinstagram writersofindia motivation inspiration motivational inspirational shayari shayarilovers alfaaz theboywhowrites yahyabootwala hindipoetry relationship friendship broken mohabbat

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It is good (and necessary) to take risks in whatever you do. Just make sure that they are calculated risks. —————————————————————— investing hustle personalfinance debtfreejourney wealthbuilding capitalism successdriven stockmarket successtip buildyourempire finance selfhelp learning hustling businessquote selfdevelopment selfgrowth motivation entrepreneur stocks grindmode millennials debtfree keytosuccess retirement tipoftheday passiveincome mentorship business ——————————————————————— Follow me richesandfinancialsuccess for advice from the most successful minds of our time! With their help, you too will achieve financial freedom.

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Das frühe aufstehen hat sich wieder mal gelohnt😍 Es ist immer dieser kurze Moment wo es mir wirklich schwer fällt meinen inneren Schweinehund zu überwinden so wie heute wo ich mich lieber für das warme kuschelige Bett entschieden hätte überhaupt um diese Uhrzeit 😅 aber wenn man es dann schaffst sich zu überwinden ist es einfach das beste Gefühl ❣️ Wir haben jeden Tag die Wahl das beste aus unserem Tag zu machen und dafür muss man auch mal raus aus seiner Komfortzone ☺️ Ich wünsche euch allen einen wunderschönen Tag genießt die Sonne 🌞🌞🌞🌞 sunrise morninghike comfortzone mindset hikinggirl mountains nature naturelovers hiking stayfit stayfocused moments thankful beautiful world positivevibes happy girl lovemylife bestversionofme lifestyle motivation fitness energietanken happiness startyourdayright salzburg austria

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I won’t let you forget me👹🔒

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In this video I covered: * What happens to achievers who are not sharing their mission * Simple ways to start a practice that makes you happier * What to do when someone's help is hurting you * A practice that increases my income * What to do when you see messages that throw you off your self love game Plus High Vibes Full of Love! To get Daily Videos! On gratitude, business success & living your most inspired, happy life go to the link in my profile!

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Trying to work that ass off 🤦‍♀️😅

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Good morning Friday☕️🧘🏼‍♀️

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I can tell you need some love in your life🎵 esteelauder

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🇺🇸💂🏻‍♀️🇬🇧🇬🇧 Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

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In the left photo I was insecure 😔 I felt desperate, i felt disappointed in myself. I felt ashamed. I was in a dark and sad place. I couldn’t fit in any of my clothes so i wore XL Men’s tee’s & my husbands basketball shorts. I had an entire closet full of clothes that were too small for me. I felt heavy, tired and sluggish. 😞 I dreaded getting dressed in the morning. I would eat greasy fast food on an almost daily basis and then have massive food guilt and eat just one banana the next day to make up for it 😧It was challenging for me to lift 10 pound dumbbells. I was winded using the stair stepper for even just 5 minutes. I was depressed 😔 . In the right photo I’m confident 💪🏻 I’m healthy. I’m hopeful and excited 🥳 I am proud. I feel energetic and positive. I have a section of my closet that has clothes that are too big for me now 😱My clothes are loose and i feel small and comfortable. I’m excited when i get dressed! I crave fruits, water, and veggies now. I love how i FEEL when i eat well and i have a healthy relationship with food 🥰 I let myself indulge and don’t feel one ounce of regret afterwords. I feel so badass 🔥 seeing how much my muscles are growing and how much more i can lift now. My body can handle high intensity cardio for long periods of time now and i feel amazing when I’m done. I’m happy ☀️☀️☀️ . There’s so much more to my before & afters than just the difference in my waist line and the numbers on a scale ❗️❗️❗️The differences I just explained to you mean so much more to me than any number ever can 🙌🏻 weightloss weightlosstransformation losingweight howtoloseweight weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation progressphotos progressphoto beforeandafter beforeandafters happy healthy healthylifestyle howtoloseweight fitness fitspo motivation weightlossinspiration weightlossstory workout workouts workoutideas workoutmotivation dailyworkouts followme dailyposts lanadarlingfitness

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💪🏽 HappyFlexFriday _ 🤘🏽 No podía dejar de hacer Flex en la estatua de la libertad. Lo que si deje de hacer fue comer bien y entrenar 😶 y eso tuvo sus consecuencias. _ Graves y feas pero pronto serán arreglas y también publicada, pendiente 👀 _ Nada de que preocuparse en 30 días lo arreglo Abs. NewYorkMePusoGordo

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I have color on my eyes and I’m wearing lipstick Something must not be right in the universe 😜