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Have you guys seen the Mötley Crüe movie, The Dirt, on netflix? 🤘🏽 ⠀ ⠀ ¿Han visto la película The Dirt de Mötley Crüe en netflix? 🤘🏽 ⠀ ⠀ Mötley Crüe - Live Wire

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Mais um show concluido com sucesso. Obrigado meu Deus. Forró Banho de Gato leve vc também esse show para sua cidade. Poções São João da ponte e região foi pizeiro até umas horas. Deus no comando sempre e que venha muito mais shows. 😻🙏🙌🙏🙌

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If they call you crazy for doing what you want to be remembered for in life. Than I'll be crazy with you! LetsGoWay🚀

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🗣🗣Sow The Right Seeds robmarkman genius sat down with tpain to discuss his unique experiences throughout his journey in the musicindustry. The musiclegend & autotuneking shared how he did features for the FREE in the late 2000s, only to realize that the same generosity would not be reciprocated. This is crazZzZy motivation and insight for musicartists artists entertainers producers && etc to realize what they’re worth & to charge accordingly. Free isn’t always a good thing! Free sometimes decreases the value of the very valuable thing given. Positive effects of free include: spreading awareness and gaining confidence to repackage & distribute the product or service more or differently. Did tpain take a L?!? Or did he use his collaboration to make his mark?? •••••••••••••••••••••••• Also, his will to move forward is admirable & shows creatives that they can be resilient even when they aren’t getting what they(think they) deserve. He could’ve given up, but he didn’t! It’s truly important to do everything intentionally If what you share is depending on a specific response, it may be time for a realitycheck THOUGHTS?!?

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Exactly 2 months today till I move to Melbourne 🥳🥳🥳

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ɢᴜɴ's ɴ ʀᴏsᴇs - ᴘᴀʀᴀᴅɪsᴇ ᴄɪᴛʏ

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quick moments from a business trip with noclueofficial I find the whole process of creating a super 8 look to be pretty funny. taking 4K footage and making it look like shit is just so backwards but so fun. that being said the look is so much easier (here comes my secret) when you just take out your shitty iPhone 6 and start filming. just goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to become creative; just have fun with it. song: moments - emilioquezada • • • • • losangeles_la losangeles edm noclue super8 filmmaking iphone6s sonya7sii musicartists

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Purple Rain 1984

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Do you experience hoarseness after singing?⁣ .⁣ Then, it's time to look at your vocal technique. Take time and identify the problem areas.⁣ .⁣ The truth is that singing should never hurt or end up with hoarseness. If you get hoarse after singing, then your vocal folds are not happy with the way how you sing. ⁣ .⁣ Take time to figure this out or ask for help. You have only one set of true vocal folds.⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ ⁣ ilovesinging singinglessons singinginthecar brightvoices singingvideos musicianlifestyle voicelessons singyourheartout goodvoice liveformusic bestvocals instasinging lovetosing musicartists singingislife acapella vocalcover beautifulmusic singing?? instasing vocalists dailysingoff musictomyears singsong vocalcoach musicismydrug coversongs singerslife singingcover singasong

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“Remorse” 💿💿Can you feel the vibe?💿💿 -Go check out my new beat tape on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music. -Bio for the link 💿Birthday is coming up April 1, 2000 so seeing that you guys enjoy the beat tape would be the best gift ever Thank you for the support

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I didn’t mean to ghost you for so long 💀 This must be a record. 📀 👻

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Brooklyn Park, Maryland (Baltimore, Maryland - Carpe Diem Mgmt seizeda_day proudly presents The Social Media Comedy Takeover Tour with Comedians Kerwin Claiborne kerwin_claiborne aka "Ms Keisha", "Ms Mary" and “Uncle LeRoy”, Tarion Caldwell tc_illkillya aka "Black Momma", Darren Fleet lovedarrenfleet will be heading to the Baltimore, Maryland area on Saturday, July 6, 2019 at Chesapeake Arts Center 194 Hammonds Lane Brooklyn Park, Maryland 21225. Don’t miss the biggest tour of the Summer! Come see the hottest internet comedians out. This tour is a Can’t Miss Event! Tickets sold on Contact us ontheroxent for all your booking needs bookingagency bookingagent! bookingartist comedians musicartists talent artist concerts comedyshows touring concerttouring kevinhart kerwinclaiborne kerwin darrenfleetcomedian tcillkillya beyonce tiffanyhaddish standupcomedian internet

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‼️‼️‼️CALLING ALL MUSIC ARTISTS‼️‼️‼️ LOCALLY & SURROUNDING AREAS So, as an entrepreneur, we’re always thinking of new things to do and new ways to get our names out there and promote our businesses. But while doing so, we tend to overlook other entrepreneurs and businesses due to being so caught up in trying to establish what we have going on. Not that it’s competition or a disinterest in supporting it’s Just that we’re sometimes too busy and our minds are clouded with other things All this to say, i’ve been thinking for a while and the confirmation was sent my way yesterday. so as a way to not only promote me and mine, but to also promote another all while both promoting eachother at the same time if you’ve noticed in all my videos i feature different soundtracks from several different artists so now i’m asking that ALL local and/or upcoming artists that have music and are trying to BUILD, please send me your best tracks! I will feature your tracks in any of my videos that i post each week on social media along with your links to your music! **STARTING THIS WEEK** This is a way to connect, network, brand, build, promote, and support all in ONE! Please don’t miss out on something as great as this. It starts at home and we are the HOME TEAM. It takes a village. Email or inbox me the links to your best tracks! PrevoBusinessBookings Prevo Entrepreneurs MusicArtists Branding Opportunity birminghamalabama blackbusiness Birmimgham like comment music artist Promoting Support BlackEntrepreneurs Inbox email PSA EXPLORE ExplorePage Foodie BirminghamFoodie

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The best feeling ever is when I finish a project. Because, then I can begin the next👌🏼😉 Nothing can hold me back. iammusic - What are you working on today? and thank you for passing by my music room the other day arenahproductions 📸

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Artfilm: Wachturm Bewegungsmusik (c) 2018 Regie/Kamera/Musik/Produktion: M.O. & Gitarre/Kamera: Fl.O. videoproduction photography guitar gitarre musicproduction fotografie video movie lightart lichtkunst winterlight picoftheday musikproduktion music videographer guitarplayer ostdeutsch ostdeutschland wayoftruth musicartists musicplayer videography videomaker videoproduction artists lightartist künstler photograper artfilm eastgermany moviemaker Wir bleiben im reinen und guten Gewissen gegen in der Wahrheit und Schutz des wahren Schöpfers gegen Satanisten/ Lügner, Kinderschänder, Pädomafia, Vergewaltiger, Menschenhändler, Verbrecher, Terroristen, Kunstschänder, Diebe, Drogendealer, Zuhälter, Huren/ Schlampen, geisteskranke Alkis und Drogenjunkies, Mörder/ Seelentote egal welcher Herkunft oder Religion Zudem überall auf auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht gegen Satansschlangenlügenmonster/ Vergewaltiger/ Kinderschänder/ Drogendealer/ Tierquäler/ IS Schleuser/ Stalker mit Fakeprofilen und Verunreinigungen mit Schei Mörder Mus Schellmit Geschlechtskrankheiten aus Dändorf N Reihe/ Dorfstr. wie bewiesen. Alle Aufnahmen und geistiges Eigentum von uns urheberrechtlich geschützt, da uns Satanisten/ Lügner/ Mörder belästigen, stalken, beklauen und bedrohen, nur weil wir im wahren Leben echte Leistung im Gegensatz zu dem Abschaum vom Lügentheater/Betrüger, die zum Kinderhandel/Pädomafia gehören, den Seelentod in der Hölle der Ewigkeit zu Recht bekommen wie alle wissen und im wahren Leben hinter den Kulissen nichts wert sind wie tot nur im wahren Leben wie Pädomafiahure/ rote Tod Svetl. Pogola Satanshexe/ Kinderhandel/ Prostituierte von Satanlügenbestie H.K H. Reich Zuhälter/ Kinderschänder/ Massenmörder Deep State Chemtrails/ HAARP/ EMP/ Seelentote egal welcher Herkunft oder Religion!