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Repost from soulsummitmusic using RepostRegramApp - Saturday May 25 Dekalb Stage 445 Albee Square West (lower level of city point) Brooklyn NY 11201 8:00pm - 2:00am Ticket Link in Bio Special Guest Dj Jihad Muhammad soulsummitmusic dekalbstage soulfulhouse afrohouse techhouse clubclassics classichouse detroithouse chicagohouse discohouse disco nujazz nusoul rnb afrobeat vinyl vinylrecord 45rpm audio brooklyn saturdaynight dancing nightclub undergroundmusic nyc memorialdayweekend dj musicheals musicismysoul

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Another weekend is in the books📚 Shout out to Chesterfield Township for inviting us to be a part of Music in Village Square, whitehorsewinery for having us for another fun Food Truck Friday, and picalilli206 for our debut performance on the patio! It was THE most beautiful weekend and we absolutely loved singing in the sunshine with you all☀️ Thank you for having us, we look forward to being back soon! 🎶 loveourjobs purebliss forevergrateful thankyoueveryone musicinthepark countrysisters singingsisters countryduo musicislife countrymusician livingourdream thankstoyou lovewhatwedo musicismysoul singingourheartsout

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I am thrilled to share some exciting news about my new album, which I am currently recording here in esplanadestudios in New Orleans, and my forthcoming Picasso Project which I will be premiering at the marylebonemusicfestival in London in June. ⠀ To watch the full video and hear a preview from my Picasso Project, click the link in my bio to take you to my facebook page ☝🏼⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ picasso picassoproject stringsection gabiswallow lizzieball westlondonmission rudolphsteiner meghancassidy marylebonesummerfayre marylebonemusicfestival marylebone marylebonelife neworleansmusic newmusicsoon judithowen musicianslife instamusician musicismysoul musicianshowcase livemusicvenue livemusiclondon femalepianist studiorecording esplanadestudios

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Music is life. 🎵 ——————————————————— Listen all my tracks on Spotify and all others platform. It’s easy ! 😎 Don’t miss my last post, Follow me : zizme ! It’s free ! 😇 ——————————————————— musiclove musicianslife musiclover musicislove musicismydrug musiciseverything musiciseverywhere music musician musicismylife musicismysoul musicisuniversal musicproducer musicproducers musicproducerslife musicproducerlife musiclife musicianlife musicianslife musicartist

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Felt cute, thought I would sing a bit, I don't know 🎶🤷‍♀️ there's still room for improvement on my vocals but way better then what they were before, least I made some progress 😊 singing singingcover singing🎤 u2 u2one vocalwarmups vocalwarmup one onebyu2 u2fan u2fanforlife music musically tunes u2lyrics u2love u2lover u2soe u2experience u2achtungbaby iliketosing iloveu2 u2band u2cover musicismymedicine musicismydrug musicismytherapy musicismysoul musicislove musicislife

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Yoga day makes me happy. 🧘🏻‍♀️ 💗 Take the time to stretch and actively recover. You’ll notice so many improvements in your body. Balance, flexibility, strength, mindfulness, less muscle and joint pain It’s working 24/7 to keep you alive. Give it some love!

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Sunday Funday Afsnis *😜 What a lovely Sundays we have every week ❤️ Cosy in the 🛋 with my amazing friends and customers Playing some melodic deep house music. ❤️ This Sunday we are back to have a crazy evening, first Michel Michelle (tryout) and after I'll will bring you some ❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎼🎼🎵🎵🎵🎧🎧 See you there 🌞 music soul funk jazz disco hiphop pornmusic passion musicismysanctuary pioneer zotveelzinin technics musicismysoul liefde passie gent afsnisbijsintjacobs afsnis horeca housemusic djgig djlife dj deephouse vinyl pioneerdj shotje

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I’m still in awe of the crowd that came out last night! I love you’s all so much! Same again soon 🤟

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EARTH HEALS🌍🌍❤ We had so much fun on "THE BREAKDOWN SHOW" with We were interviewed live by the incredible Nick Ward and even shared some original rhymes. Video link is in our bio or on our FB page: MindfulMcs earthheals livestream mentalhealth mentalhealthishealth fightthestigma endstigma the6ix selfcare selflove woundstowisdom artistsoninstagram mindfulness hiphop hiphoplife community publicspeaking peertopeersupport peersupport letstalk mentallyhealthy musicismysoul

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20 years ago today was one of the best days of my life. The countdown has whittled down to a mere few hours until this precious gem was finally in my hands. I wore my best Millennium T-shirt, wished everyone a Happy Millennium Day and basically drove everyone insane with my enthusiasm that the day had finally come. To all of you, I am not sorry because this was and still is a momentous occasion. I owe so much of who I am now and the reason I am still here to these guys. In my darkest hours, they have always been my one constant. My one safety blanket and the one thing I can always rely on. Today, I celebrate you and send my undying love from the place in my heart that no one can touch to you. Happy 20th Anniversary Millennium! musicislife musicismysoul KTBSPA BSBFanForLife BSBSavedMyLife Repost backstreetboys ・・・ Happy Millennium20 to our family all around the world… we love you more than we’ll ever be able to say. Thank you! Post your favorite memories today using Millennium20

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I always had a dream of being able to accompany myself with piano There's something magical about the sound of this instrument and just more emotional than what I can do on guitar. About a month ago my mom bought an electric piano as a gift for my lil sister bday. Guess who else used the opportunity to fulfill their dreams 😅 I used to learn piano when I was 6 years old but when I was 9, we moved to Israel and stopped the piano thing. But the passion was still there all those years I guess. How about you? What instrument are you dreaming of being able to play?

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"What's the point of getting clean? You'll wear the same old dirty jeans What's the point of being seen? Those eyes are cruel, those eyes are mean What's the point of human beings? A sharpie face on tangerines Why's it felt like Halloween since Christmas 2017? How long? How long, how long? How long 'til we sink and it's only you and me? How long, how long?" ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ vampireweekend vampireweekend fatherofthebride newrelease newalbum howlong cantwait concert musicismysoul musicismedicine

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