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4 hours ago

Yeep! UwU I listen to music like 24/7 Music makes me happy and I'd rather have music then being noticed and popular • • • • • • ilovemusic musicispeace musicislife

2 weeks ago

Our amazing ship clubmed2 ready to cast off Catch u later Barcelona thank you for another very special and fantastic day filled with so much fun The party continues as the boat will sail all night long towards our next destination : Ibiza where we ll be tomorrow. Stay tuned as we ll be performing twice tomorrow Nite nite everyone ⛴⛴💤💤🇫🇷🛳🛳👫🎼🎤🎸🐳🐳 clubmed2 newadventure lung livemusic musicispeace musicrules rockingtheworld keeprocking Lordsblesdings gratefulness 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

2 weeks ago

Fricken goobers making music that makes us happy 😊 can’t wait for all the cool things this summer! Show announcements coming soon

3 weeks ago

The Monday after a music filled weekend 😎🔥😎🔥😎 “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

3 weeks ago

Ever wondered what life would be without music? How much Dull?! How much colorless?! It doesn't matter what genre you like Music will get you through your bad and good time. Music is the thing that gets you everytime. There is no mention exactly when music was invented.But the most believed time was ancient greece or rome. When they marched they used to pound their spear on the ground. But that was kinda hard work. So they came up with a idea that they would pound a leather strapped on something with the march. Since then till now Music is evolving. So many genres So many artistsbut they all serve the same purpose. Peace of MIND! We emfbdofficial wish every musician/listener And whoever is with the music industry Both domestic and foreign a very happy MUSIC DAY! Let music heal you. A musical quote by a very talented guitarist of bangladesh oni_hasan Good music doesn't have any genre. And we say no music is bad. Let us know in the comments whats your favourite musical genre and whats your favourite quote on music. Join our facebook group happymusicday music rock metal jazz blues pop disco musicispeace ListenExtreme StayExtreme

3 weeks ago

SB50Bonn: Tonight we’ll have an exciting discussion about the power of socialmedia & massmobilization to take urgent action for the climate (emergency) with makedamusic, emilia_zeppelin, jeppebijker, luisaneubauer, Sarah von fridaysforfuture_bonn, claravonglasow von der klimadelegation & Roujing moderated by jeanpaulbricee. 🍀 We’re also very much looking forward to our open YouthRising meeting from 5-6pm with Luisa Neubauer in room H-1-07 Bonn unfccc intersessionals climate climateconference germany planet climateaction music massmobilization activisim youth happy sustainability joiningforces bonnlove bestofbonn bonnstagram sb50 climatechange sdg17 partnerships musicislife musicispeace