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Lost in the streets

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Too real, song got me in my feels - - - (wait oops this isn’t Twitter ) speaking of Twitter, follow me krysty_luvs_u 👌🏽 - Id Rather Go BlindEtta James

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Just the MSG that’s already in there.

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‘Show me the way’

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Every year the big record companies pull out a bunch of hits & release a new Greatest Hits collection… this happens with TheBeatles & especially The Beach Boys, but right now we’re loading up tunes from the TheRollingStones recent album entitled “Honk.” We discovered a couple of things we weren’t familiar with & a new live version of “Wild Horses” so we plopped a couple of these on the air… so along with the latest KeithRichards album, we should sound kinda stonesy for a while. 👅

6 days ago

***So apparently i looked blessed in the last photo so im swapping it to demonstrate the super cool "non preggo" sleeves 😂 A shot from the photoshoot we had a few days ago with the amazing amandahumphreysphotography 😀 While Shayne and I were on tour in Melbourne we went to the southmelbournemarket to have a squiz and came across the lovely lady at leothelabel who made this top 😍 I saw it stood there with it in my arms for bloody ages walked away for 5 minutes, ran back and bought my size because AINT NO ONE TAKING THE ONLY SIZE 8 BUT ME 😂 and I'm so damn stoked i got it 🙌 Check her page out and see where she'll be at next, she has some great stuff ❤ madeinaustralia supportlocal

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Believe it or not, there's a recent JJ Cale album out there called “Stay Around.” It may not rate with his best work, but it's pretty damn good… you have to let it sink into your ribs a bit. I’m sure it will be one of those where the more you listen the more you like. Anyway we are all over it… catch it on & see what you think! (Link in bio) ⠀⠀⠀ Still remember going to JJ’s Celebration of Life at McCabesGuitarShop in L.A. a few years back & standing next to this tall familiar looking fella… then realizing I was standing next to EricClapton… nice guy. He got on stage & played along with our friend Don Preston, it was quite the night. I wish JJ was there, but now that I think of it… he was.