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2 weeks ago

So much fun On board my R8 V10 spyder power sliding on a trackday today dubaiautodrome trying to keep up with the arielatom and staying ahead of a Porsche gt3 As you will see he caught me what happened next? rs Audi motorsport racing morningdrive audir8 porsche AudiMiddleEast audime sportscar drifting carinstagram carporn r8 trackday audigramm audination myblackgarage audilover audihub carswithoutlimits audiusa powerslide dubaiautodrome dubai.drives werksmotorsport r8uae

1 month ago

Watch this space Exciting to report that it’s time to change my suspension. Opted for H&R coilovers. Supplied by motorsport_wheels and installed by Nick werksmotorsport setup and dampening now being adjusted for best performance. 😋😀👍 happycustomer v10 Audi car suspension supercar sportscar spyder bagged leagueofperformance carporn blacklist stance audi_regram audigramm audination myblackgarage audilover audihub dubaidrives audiworld carswithoutlimits racing motorsport quattro r8 audizine audisport r8uae

2 months ago

Big Thanks 🙏 to Greg and Oli dubai.drives this morning for organising a great run out. It was amazing to meet so many petrol heads It was fun, well arranged and safe despite the big group. ☕️ rawcoffeecompany was awesome too. I fell in ❤️ following the Ferrari Testarossa in my Audi R8 V10 spyder. The Ferrari has great lines and the V12 sounds amazing 😉 Good to see Nick and Stefan from werksmotorsport also. Looking forward to the next run out. dubaidrives uae mydubai carcultureae ferrari testarossa audi dubai myblackgarage petrolheads carlifestyle

6 months ago

myblackgarage with his awesome murdered out r8 from dubai loving his new grill that's totally transformed that already amazing front end into a complete beast 💯👊 🛒 Worldwide delivery available PayPal and card payments are accepted on our online store WWW.XENONZ.CO.UK ・・・ Check out my new grill from xenonzuk this is a perfect upgrade that won’t break the bank 😀 thanks guys for friendly service. Check out their other Audi upgrades 😋. 📌 v10 Audi supercar xukdubai xenonzuk r8uae leagueofperformance carporn blacklist audi_regram audigramm myblackgarage audilover audihub audiworld spyder carswithoutlimits audiusa motorsport quattro r8 audizine audisport audicarsclub audiuae london uk

7 months ago

OMG 😮The Beast has turned into a MONSTER thanks to racechip and Nik at werksmotorsport My Audi S8 now has 615 BHP and 776Nm 😋 and 😜. I’m speechless and can’t wait for the temperature in Dubai to drop The only problem that I can see I will need new tires every few months! 😂 . Audi s8 Audis8 a8 audizine rs audime carporn blacklist audi_regram audigramm s8nation luxurycar audisport audination myblackgarage audiloverr audihub carswithoutlimits audiworld audiusa audiworld supercars racechip leagueofperformance

1 year ago

As promised my Audi S8 with H&R spacers. 15mm Front and 20mm Rear. Tires 265 35 R21. I think it Looks much more aggressive and now matches the power 😋 What do you think 👍 or 👎 H&R spacers are exclusively available in Dubai only motorsport_wheels Visit them for a friendly and professional service. Audi s8 Audis8 a8 audizine rs carinstagram instacar audime carporn dubaicars blacklist audi_regram audimotorsport audigramm s8nation luxurycar audination myblackgarage highbosslife audiloverr audihub carswithoutlimits audiworld audiusa hrsprings audiworld

1 year ago

Check out the aggressive look of my RRS. 😋 All you need to do is fix H&R spacers. Front 20mm Back 25mm. Now the 20” rims look like they fit the car. Big thanks 🙏 to Motorsport Wheels (MSW) Dubai. You guys are great TOP TIP - Don’t use cheap spacers as you will get vibration with H&R spacers the car looks great and drives great! Next is the Audi S8 and TTRS. Watch this space. Rangeroversport Rangerover rrs Landrover luxury suv black cars 4x4 car hrsprings myblackgarage ksa uae dubai saudi rangeroverworld glohh blacklist classiccar dubaicars carporn luxurycar rangeroveruae landroverphotoalbum rangeroverlife hrsprings motorsport_wheels rangeroversociety rangeroverlove landroverphotos rangeroverusa